Bolan-Beaty Boogie Look at Planning an Incarnation and Our Lives In-Between

Spirit Incarnations

Diane: So I have an inkling of the topic for tonight Marc and that we are going to have guests. Where is this going to take place? Our studio?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. Let’s hop over there.

As Marc is turning on the lights…..

Diane: Marc, I know that my guides Vitnik and Melecka are coming tonight because they helped me create Diane, but I’m not sure who else might be coming?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s a surprise.

Diane: It always is! Let me see how many chairs are laid out. There is one for you and four others. A full panel for sure! Okay so let’s start!

Marc: Yeah how do you want to go about that?

Diane: Huh? Well, we have to wait for the guests right?

Marc: Not really. They are going to be arriving soon.

Diane: Here are Vitnik and Melecka, my senior guides. The next guest is coming in like Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz – a gold floating orb. I wonder if he or she is going to manifest into someone or stay in that shape? It manifested into a man or some kind of a man. He’s masculine at least and looks human. He just rolled his eyes because he doesn’t appreciate being compared to a human. He is saying no offense, but he is a tad more eclectic than that. More on him later…

The next guest’s energy is coming forward. Just trying to make out male, female, or none of the above. He is showing me the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz (must be a theme for tonight) and I keep hearing the word “android”?

Well let’s just keep going Marc and I’m sure we’ll meet everyone soon.

Marc: Yeah Diane, let’s get this show on the road!

Diane: The topics for tonight are what goes into planning an incarnation and our lives in-between. Marc, do you think that’s too broad a topic for one post?

Marc: Well it’s a wide scoping area Diane, but let’s start and see how much we can get through.

Diane: So who is doing introductions tonight? Moi?

Marc: You are.

Diane: That’s what I reckoned. Well, our readers might remember my senior guides, Vitnik and Melecka from a recent post. Vitnik is with me in every incarnation and Melecka and I have just teamed up for Diane.

So about the other guests, let me see if I can get some names. I must say the masculine spirit (he keeps saying don’t call me a man) is eccentrically dressed. Let me look at this outfit. Sorry to say this, but you kind of remind me of a character from Alice and Wonderland. He just shrugged. You have a natty hat perched on your head and purple round glasses that look very 60’s. You’re wearing a black and white checked suit and the fabric has texture to it. Your shirt is dark green, orange socks, and platform shoes with rhinestones. Wowza! Can you give me more info about who you are and why you are on the panel tonight?

Your name is Ronald? Wasn’t expecting that. He says don’t call him Ron. He told me to take a closer look – his shirt isn’t dark green, it’s dark purple. He said he wouldn’t be caught wearing dark green.

For our next guest, I was seeing “android” and the “tin man”. Can I get a name please? Selestra? Okay Selestra, I know that you aren’t an android or a tin man. Can you give me another image that I would be familiar with? I’m getting “albino”. Is that PC? He is saying does that matter because he isn’t human so could humans take offense? Don’t know. Okay, it’s because your skin is completely white and you are bald. You are wearing a sash over your forehead that denotes your rank and where you come from correct? He nodded his head yes. You are wearing a silver gown with broad shoulders and several amulets.

Okay, Marc, I’ve got their names and descriptions but why are they here?

Marc: It’ll come Diane. Keep digging.

Diane: Let’s start chatting and see what comes through. Tonight we want to look at what goes into planning an incarnation and what we do in-between lives. Because I’m focused in a human body now, it feels like this life is ever so important, and it is, but I know it’s only a drop in the bucket. Any yays or nays on that?

Selestra: I would like to respond to that Diane. I would say yay to that, of course, but stress how important a physical incarnation is to a spirit. It is one of the biggest learning grounds a spirit has and planning one is of the utmost importance. It is never taken lightly.

Diane: Okay, thank you. Ronald? Any thoughts? Wait! Now I recognize Ronald. You are the spirit who crossed over my friend’s Dad when he was passing!

Ronald: One and the same Diane. One and the same…

Diane: Yes your energy matches but your suit was yellow and black not white and black although it was the same pattern and texture!

(He told me that he appreciates someone who can remember fashion details.)

You told me that you were British?

Ronald: Guilty as charged.

Diane: You didn’t know Marc as Marc Bolan did you?

Marc: No he didn’t! Ronald hasn’t been in a physical body for a long…very long time, although he likes to show himself otherwise.

Diane: Oh! So, Ronald, I think that I remember you saying that was your job – to assist people with their crossing over?

Ronald: Guilty as charged.

Diane: That makes sense now why you are here.

Now Selestra, who be you? So Vitnik and Melecka are here because they help with the preplanning stages, Ronald assists with crossing over, and Selestra, are you here to speak about our lives in-between. He nodded yes. Whew!

Marc, did you want to start with some questions or shall I?

Marc: Why don’t you start Diane, as I know that you have some already in mind.

Diane: Like Selestra said, planning a physical life can be what? All of these adjectives are popping up – daunting, exciting, pleasurable, scary. So what’s the truth? Also, in terms of human years (to help us out), what would be the average time it would take to do this?

Vitnik: Well Diane, that all depends on how much depth you want to put into it and how long you intend on staying. If you are only planning a short visit, for instance, a baby who only remains for a few days, then it won’t take very long. If you are planning a much longer stay at the opposite end of the spectrum, for instance, someone who lives to be a hundred, then obviously more planning will be involved.

Diane: So it’s up to the individual. You are showing me that there are guidelines that will need to be met. I’m seeing a spreadsheet that has key points that must be checked off. For instance, where will you be born, who are your family, are you going to be male or female (at least for earth), goals, life span, death. A subset of the family shows who your closest relations will be including partners, children and friends. How often would it occur that someone finds a life partner that they aren’t already familiar with in spirit?

Vitnik: Not very likely, but it does happen.

Diane: I know that we are going to need some reasons for wanting to incarnate. I’m seeing someone standing in front of a council with their guides and telling them what these reasons are. Maybe I’m looking at myself? Melecka is saying that yes I am.

It isn’t necessary to get approval they are pointing out, but it is hard to get bodies for everyone so you are going to have to state your case or there might be delay. These steps are so you will have the structure that you need to make your incarnation a success. They are telling me that we probably aren’t aware of just how much goes into planning a life. Marc, I think that you said that you are done with them right? Too much to do?

Marc: Yeah, it’s a lot.

Diane: And that’s one of the reasons that you’ve always chosen short lives? Not so much planning needed then?

Marc: Yeah, I’m more interested in the doing and not so much the planning. More of a spur-of-the-moment type of guy.

Diane: So how much planning did you do for Marc Bolan?

He is thinking…

Marc: Well, for me, actually a fair amount. It was all in the details, my planning. Minute details. Nothing was going to get past me in that life, at least that’s what I had planned. But then I realized that certain aspects that I felt were going to be major influences turned out to be the opposite.

Diane: Which is one of the reasons that lives can be so amazing! So are you saying that Marc turned out differently than you had planned?

Marc: Yeah he did a bit. I didn’t plan on embracing the drug culture as much as I did. I was open to whatever stimuli might help awake aspects outside of myself as an artist. So it did open up some things but shut down others.

Diane: So once you present your ideas to the Council, you can decide how much detail you want to plan right? They are likening this to a play. So yes, we are literally writing our own life plays when we do this.

Marc: Yeah some spirits do write out their life plans as books and they are massive.

Diane: Marc you are showing yours as Marc Bolan as not very thick but you must have packed a lot of details into it? I mean, look at all you created, your songs, music, poetry. You started a new form of music and fashion. You did all of this in a short amount of time! How much of this did you plan out and how much was ad-libbed?

Marc is saying that he was so in tune with his spirit self that he didn’t need to plan much of it out – at least the music and poetry. He was just pulling the information direct from spirit. He says that he is a very clear channel and that is how he prefers to work.

You would think that you are only pulling from only one energy source to be who you are now but several different energies are working with you to make up who you are. Marc had seven and I have five. I’ve isolated one whom I’m getting to know better and am anxious to meet the other four.

Marc is showing me a spirit who is planning an incarnation now and the book already looks to be about four feet thick! He is writing out everything that he wants to happen  and he is only through his teenage years! I guess there are many ways to go about this.

Marc: Yeah this guy doesn’t like to leave anything to chance.

Diane: Marc you are so funny! You are calling him a “control freak” a term I’m sure wasn’t around when you were physical. I remember someone giving me grief because I said that you were talking about some modern technology and he said “Marc Bolan wouldn’t have known about that”. I told him that it isn’t like you are still Marc Bolan from the seventies and that spirits keep up with times.

So how often do spirits veer off course to an extreme amount from their life plan and what is done to get them back on track?

Melecka: Well Diane, this can be a delicate and challenging time for a guide. Of course, the guide doesn’t go into something like this blindfolded. They know that a spirit might have something like this planned. You would need to work with a guide who has a lot of experience dealing with this kind of situation. Someone who isn’t going to be easily swayed or easy to back off.

Diane: Right so you are saying that this guide is not going to back down on what you’re originally planned? They aren’t going to stop you from doing whatever it is that you want to do, but they will see it as their job to get you back on your course.

How many spirits will say to their guides, well I’ve got the basics guidelines down, and I’m just going to wing the rest? Is that common?

Melecka: It does happen but they might be cautioned to do more work.

Diane: Like okay, I’m born, I live and then I die.

Melecka: That would be too basic. You will want to have some goals in mind for doing this work. Creating a physical life is not something that you go into easily (she said depending on what kind of body you want to come into). It’s a very important part of your soul development. You usually want to put as much detail into the planning as possible.

Marc, you had the advantage of more or less being in a human body and spirit pretty much at the same time.

Marc: Yeah and that was one of the surprises for that life. I got off track with some of the physicalness of the period but it worked out after all.

Diane: We choose our guides but I also know that we can change them at any time. I’ve fired several guides and gotten replacements.

Melecka: Yes that is something that you are free to do at all times.

Diane: That must add to the soul development right? Like when I first incarnated, I didn’t remember anything about guides, that I work with them or can change them. I keep meeting new guides all the time, although I know they’ve been with me from the beginning.

Melecka: Well Diane, yes, your awareness expands the more incarnations you create. This happens all the time. Think about an event, a thought, or a feeling that seemed very familiar to you. You could think to yourself “Yes I don’t need to meet them again or learn that again because they/it’s already familiar to me”.

Diane: So let’s move onto your job Ronald. How does it work? Do you work with a spirit from the planning stages? They know that you are the one who will help them cross over? I remember when my friend’s father was crossing, there was some delay because you needed to get the approval. You explained that souls just don’t cross over willy nilly. It’s all done in a precise manner.

Ronald: Yes Diane, that is right, most of the time. I do have an agreement with the spirit that I will be the one who will escort them back home. Sometimes, though, I will take one off the cuff. I prefer to work with someone from the beginning though.

Diane: Right and you told me that you often work with the same spirit over and over again and that you are called “handlers”. They feel comfortable with you especially knowing that you are good at what you do. I know that when my Mom passed over, she was saying that there were several men in suits in her room. So are there usually more than one of you?

Ronald: It all depends on the spirit. Sometimes they are more comfortable with more than one handler. I only work alone. In your Mother’s case, her handler was training someone else.

Diane: Well what about sudden deaths? Marc, you had a handler too right?

Marc: Yeah Diane. Everyone has a handler. I just met mine en route.

Diane: Yes you are showing me that he caught up with you midstream. I know that handlers take their work very seriously. Ronald, you are very experienced, and that basically, my friend’s Dad was very fortunate to be working with you?

Ronald: I’m one of the more experienced handlers and yes, I’m in high demand.

Diane: Well what would happen with someone who had a less experienced handler?

Ronald: Well the trip back might be a bit bumpier than you would like. It’s the timing that is important. Or you might find yourself in a queue to get through on the other side.

Diane: So there might be a line on the other side?

Ronald: There could be yes. You don’t want that to happen though, so it pays to get someone as experienced as possible.

Diane: You are saying it isn’t because of anything bad necessarily, it’s because you will be so eager to get back to loved ones in spirit. Is there anything more that you can tell us about your work? Gosh, I hope that I have a good handler. I can see that she is female and yes, she is very experienced.

Ronald: Diane, I don’t want to give the impression that there are inept handlers because there aren’t. We are all trained at what we do and take great pride in it. They are not going to allow someone to do this job without the prerequisite training. There are just some of us who are more experienced. Your ride back might be smoother, but the goal is always the same.

Diane: Okay great! Thank you!

Now Selestra, you’ve come to talk with us about our lives in-between lives. Books have been written about this and obviously, we can’t cover everything here. Now I know that there are spirits who do nothing but incarnate and then others who could care less about it right? We’ve met both kinds in our interviews haven’t we Marc.

Marc: Yeah we have Diane.

Selestra: Well what your readers may not remember is what a group effort an incarnation is. You may feel that you are alone and that no one is looking out for you but nothing could be further from the truth. It takes a vast team to help you on this journey.

Diane: So what can you tell us about our lives between lives Selestra?

Selestra: Well Diane that they are just as real and personal as the one that you are leading now. You have your family or soul group and very much like your family on earth, you share love and continue with your existence much as you do there.

Diane: Let’s say that someone doesn’t incarnate into a physical form for thousands of years. Would they lose the taste for it or might they be even more excited to try it again?

Selestra: Well it would depend on what they wanted to accomplish…what their goals were at that time. If they feel that incarnating would help them, then they might choose to do it again. If what they wanted to discover about themselves wouldn’t garner much merit in an incarnation, then they probably wouldn’t bother.

Let’s say that you wanted to be a Shakespearean scholar. The ideal would be to read as much Shakespeare as possible right? If you spend all your time training as a Nasa scientist instead, that might not help you out as much. It would be an added pleasure for sure, but might not be the appropriate approach to your goal.

Diane: Of course, we can choose to never incarnate again and there isn’t any judgment. What else might we do with ourselves then? Just continue in spirit? I know that we lead rich, full lives there.

Selestra: Yes you would. Some spirits have never incarnated and it hasn’t negatively affected them.

Diane: I’ve talked to some spirits who can’t wait to get back to earth and others who wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole!

Selestra: Yes earth can be rough as you all know very well, but it is worth it for the advancement that you will achieve. Any physical incarnation, no matter where you choose, will be a challenge and that is the point – to discover how you will grow and interact without your normal comfort zone.

Diane: So let’s say that a spirit gets their paperwork in order and presents it to the Council. They cannot be denied access to a body, normally, but what if they are missing some key points. Will advice be offered to them?

Selestra: Yes. If a spirit is planning on working with a life plan that may not cover what they say their goals are, they might be sent back to work on it more.

Diane: Okay so let’s say that you’re goal is to be considered religiously “devout” within social terms but then you decide to work as a sex worker. I’m not saying that sex workers aren’t devout but would they be asked to explain their reasoning? I mean, could it be that they are setting themselves up for more of a challenge?

Selestra: Yes there could be several paths to that outcome. The easier route would be to be born into a family who had a long lineage in some kind of religion. On the opposite end, yes if you chose the other profession, that would be a much greater challenge.

Diane: Okay Marc, well I think I’m getting tired.

Marc: Yeah I think that we should call it a night. I would like to thank our guests for coming to speak with us. We thank you for your insight and wisdom.

Diane: Very well said, Marc. Thank you!

Later on…

Diane: Gosh Marc, I could go on and on about topics like this. There is so much to uncover and questions to ask.

Marc: We spend lifetimes sorting this kind of thing out Diane. I think the main points that the panel wanted to put across are how important incarnations are to a spirit and that they aren’t entered into lightly.

Diane: Not at all! I know that it is a great honor to be able to incarnate Marc. I thank my guides all the time for assisting me and being there for me.

That’s another post done for Bolan-Beaty Boogie! I had a great time Marc. Talk soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 1, 2021


2 responses to “Bolan-Beaty Boogie Look at Planning an Incarnation and Our Lives In-Between”

  1. Thanks for this lively discussion about planning our incarnation and life between lives. I’m fascinated by the whole soul group planning that has to occur before we incarnate. I wrote in my book that there needs to be mega coordination among souls, such as a rock band, to incarnate into the same area (if they meet in their teens for instance), and which instruments they’ll play, who will be the “leader” and so on. I always wonder why people don’t find it absolutely amazing that the Beatles just happened to all be from Liverpool, and how the whole British Invasion was a huge karmic agreement for a bunch of souls to be born in Britain around WWII to bring forth music that would shake awake and potentially heal the consciousness of their generation. It seems overwhelmingly complex to me how all the pre-birth planning gets done and how every soul seems to know the perfect timing of things so that their lives can unfold as planned. Every soul must be tuned into all the other souls’ frequencies so we all get to experience what we need to for our growth and pre-birth goals to unfold..

    As for Ronald, I’m curious, when people have a near-death experience, and they sometimes feel as though they’re going through a tunnel (often alone), is there a handler around to help them in the NDE that they just don’t see them? Or, is the NDE experience unique and the soul knows it’s going back into the body, so there’s no one to escort them to the other side. I’d be interested in his take on the difference between an NDE and a crossing where the soul doesn’t come back into the body.

    And Dr. Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” books were wonderful compilations of his thousand plus clients’ experiences in the between life state. If you choose to explore this topic more with different beings, I’d be very interested to hear more! It’s such an important subject because knowing that you planned your life really helps make it a bit easier to tackle obstacles we all face and need to overcome. “Ah, yes, I wanted this to happen” offers a different perspective from, “Oh my gosh, this is terrible. Why is this happening to me?” It’s happening because we asked for it to happen!

    • Thanks for your thoughts and comments. I agree. I think it’s amazing how much planning goes into an incarnation and I’m always excited to find out more – hence this post. I’ve read the Newton books and they are a wealth of information. Loved them!
      As for NDE, Ronald said:
      Ronald: So the keyword here is “commitment”. Basically, a person who has a NDE isn’t ready to fully commit to leaving the body for good. If they were, they would cross. There could be numerous reasons why they are experiencing this.
      Diane: Could you give us a few?
      Ronald: It could be that this was part of their soul plan and the awareness that they will have after the fact is necessary for them to continue on their path. Another reason could be to share the experience with those around them.
      Diane: Where is the handler during a NDE?
      Ronald: Well the handler would be close by just in case. The handler knows even before the spirit whether or not they are going to cross at that time.
      Diane: I’m getting that the handler would stay out of sight?
      Ronald: That’s correct Diane. Most spirits just leaving a body are not going to have the awareness to know who the handler is. (He said there are always exceptions of course.) They might just feel a guiding force.
      Diane: Marc, I think that you mentioned your handler caught up with you midstream right? What did it feel like?
      Marc: Just what Ronald said. Energy alongside me that was guiding me.
      Diane: But did you know it was your handler?
      Marc: No I wasn’t aware until I fully crossed who that was, but I knew the energy was there to help and guide me. So no fear.

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