Marc Begins to Write Words and We Get An Afterlife Visit from David Bowie!


Marc.Oliver.ToastDiane: Okay so Marc, the big news is that you are beginning to write out words! Yay! How is that feeling for you?

Marc: Pretty crazy Diane. It doesn’t feel as I thought it would.

Diane: So you are telling me that you can remember what it was like to write as Marc but this feels different somehow? I expect that it would because you are using my body but I am not helping you write at all.

You started this about ten days ago and then it was just scribbles. I couldn’t read it really even though I knew what you were trying to say. You are learning fast!

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s all coming back to me. To answer your question, it feels like with every letter, I’m going down a tunnel and grasping the letter that I want at the end of it.

Diane: Yes it’s taking a long time for each letter to come out – about five minutes. So far, we haven’t been able to do very much. I’m keeping the questions simple so you don’t have to write more than a few words for each. You’ve told me that will change the more we practice.

Now we haven’t done a post in a while because we’ve been setting this whole thing up. It’s a pretty complicated procedure, isn’t it?

Marc: Yeah Diane, well as you and our readers know, trance challenging doesn’t happen overnight, especially when you want to do something as daring as this.

Diane: Right! It’s taken us a fair amount of time to get where we are now!

Marc: Yeah it has.

Diane: We’ve had to create a new space to work in as well for this and we’ve been doing our own healings too. Very busy time for us Marc!

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: Since you woke HC up (i.e. Marc’s human consciousness) you’ve been connecting more to the human energy that you had as Marc. This has enabled you to heal some energy that you left closer to this frequency right? (Please see our last post for more info about HC.)

Marc: Yeah Diane that’s right. I haven’t wanted to look at it until now.

Diane: I’ve gotten rid of some tag alongs by working with two of my energy parts.

So what’s up for tonight? I’ve been so excited about your penmanship that I haven’t even thought about ideas for a new post. By the by, how close, do you know, are you writing like Marc? I’ve seen a bit of your handwriting but not enough to compare. Is that something that you are even aiming for or does that not matter? I think that you mentioned it’s still early days for this?

Marc: Yeah Diane, still early days. I’m gonna try to mimic my handwriting as Marc as much as possible because it wouldn’t make much sense to try not to. But…obviously, this is a more complicated process than it used to be.

Diane: Okay so what’s on the marquee for tonight? Are we going someplace, visiting someone, writing a tome with HC? None of the above is what I’m getting. I think that someone is coming to visit us? I’m seeing Dave Bowie? Is Dave stopping by for a visit?

Marc: Yeah Diane, he’s interested in seeing our new pad and having an informal chat, if you will.

Diane: Oh wow great! I haven’t spoken to Dave in quite a long time! It will be great to catch up. I’ve been watching some music docs where people are saying how much he influenced them.

Marc: Yeah well what about me?

Diane: Well you have been on some of these programs yourself. Oh yeah…I wanted to ask you this. Lately, when you are merging with me, you bring the arms up to shoulder height. I didn’t know why but then I saw these TV programs and you did that as Marc. So are you trying to mimic Marc or is this just something that as a spirit, is helping you merge with me?

Marc: I’m mimicking Marc, Diane. Always the showman. (Marc also said that doing things that were familiar to Marc will help him connect better to human energy and help me know that it’s his energy to me.)

Diane: Great! So Dave is meeting us at our new headquarters? We normally use our studio for interviews but Dave is like family. The new location is very hush-hush and mums the word.

We are waiting for Dave to arrive. Slowly I’m seeing light energy building up across from me. Most spirits tend to just swoop in but Dave is ever the original.

Great! Here he is in one piece with a smile on his face. Marc walked over and hugged him. I’ll let them have their moment here. Oh wow so sweet. I’m getting a hug from Dave as well.

David, it’s great to see you again! I know that Marc has visited you and vice versa, but I haven’t been available.

David: We’ve all been keeping busy haven’t we Diane?

Diane: Indeed! David is telling me that he wants to congratulate Marc and myself on the progress that we’ve made.

Marc: Yeah David, so can you tell our readers what you’ve been up to?

Diane: So are you calling him David now? You used to call him Dave?

Marc: Yeah it’s a fad, Diane.

Diane: Okay! Well, Dave, you’ve told us in previous meetings about your communication project called Bowie TV and how you’ve been making the universe aware of it. Is that still going strong?

David: It is Diane, going very strong and yes I’m still promoting it. As I think that I mentioned the last time we spoke, as the interest in it is growing, I haven’t been able to cover all the aspects of it alone.

Diane: Yes I think that you said you’ve brought others on board to help out?

David: Yes that’s right. It’s become too large for me to handle on my own.

Diane: For our readers who aren’t aware of Bowie TV, can you give them a quick description of what you are trying to achieve with this?


David: Certainly. It’s a communication system that will enable those across the universe to interact in ways that they haven’t previously. To better connect us all.

Diane: In the past, you’ve gone into details like energy wavelengths and things that go over my head. Marc, you’ve been helping him out on this right? Going on some of the promotion tours?

Marc: Yeah that’s right, but I’m keeping a low profile. This is Dave’s baby.

Diane: So lending moral support?

Marc: Among other things.

Diane: So can you tell us, Dave, anything else that you’ve been up to? I know that Marc sees you quite a lot. You still hang out together I know.

David: Yes I see Marc quite a lot.

Marc: When he has time for me. A big star like he is…you know. (Dave just smiled at that.)

Diane: Marc well technically, you were a star before Dave weren’t you? I mean he was your opener, right?

Marc: Yeah and I never let him forget that.

Diane: So what’s the news out in the cosmos Dave? Anything about Earth?

David: Yes there is quite a lot of talk about Covid, the pandemic that has enveloped the earth. Much healing energy is being sent to the planet which we hope you can all feel.

Diane: Well it’s been something that not many of us have experienced in these incarnations that’s for sure. So it’s the news in the universe you are saying?

David: It’s big news, Diane.

Diane: Well Marc and I have posted about some of the reasons that it’s happening. Marc warned me something was going down about four or five months before it started. We’re going to see this through, I know, but things here won’t be the same, which is the point I guess.

David: It is the point, Diane. The earth was losing its ability for compassion. The energy was too much “me vs you” and not much “us.”

Diane: Yes that’s what I was getting as well. From what I’m reading, people are thinking about this. I’m reading articles and posts where folks are saying “maybe the person next to me isn’t that different from me if they are feeling what I’m feeling?” How does the planet’s energy look now?

David: It’s better Diane, in some ways, but it’s still struggling in others.

Diane: You are showing me the planet itself and how it is suffering due to neglect and the damage that we are doing to it. The pandemic has raised human energy but there is so much suffering still around it.

David: There is Diane and that will continue. Sorrow energy is an interesting thing. You might, if you don’t look too deeply, consider it lower frequency energy because it’s painful. But if you think about it, it isn’t. It can be part of compassion and that means that you care enough about something or someone to regret that it isn’t the same or is no longer with you in its original form. But that means that change has to happen and change is never negative. The expansion will always allow growth.

Diane: I know. I still hear people talk about both of your passings and they are so sad and regret “the loss”. What would you both say to that?

(Dave looked at Marc and Marc looked at me.)

Should I not have asked that?

Dave laughed.

David: No Diane, it’s quite alright. As you are well aware, I’m on the receiving end of that energy and I feel it very keenly.

Diane: Yes Marc has told me the same thing. That once you are back focused in spirit, it’s up to you how much you want to feel of this kind of energy or not. I know Marc has told me that he would much rather feel his fans dancing to his music and not grieving over his passing. Dave do you feel the same way or differently?

David: Well yes Diane, I feel the same way. It’s an interesting viewpoint from where I’m standing now.

Diane: Yes you are telling me it’s because you feel that you haven’t stopped doing anything. You’ve continued with what you were doing in the physical as Bowie. So if your fans might just think that you haven’t stopped but have continued, maybe their loss wouldn’t be so great?

David: Yes I’m still creating, sharing, and bringing energies together but now in a different way. In fact, in a much deeper way because from where I am now, I can reach even more than I could as Bowie.

Diane: Marc you are being quiet again. Sometimes it takes a bit to bring you forward. Do you have any questions for Dave?

Marc: Where are you headed next?

David: I’m taking some personal time and doing some traveling.

Diane: Sorry to interrupt here. Am I getting that you want to mention Dave, about what Marc and I have been talking about? Even though Marc is coming forward now as Marc Bolan, many different energies make up his persona. Did you want to say something about that as well or have I gotten that wrong?

David: Well that was a thought that I was having so you did pick that up. I’m coming to you now as Bowie much like Marc is coming as Bolan. If I came as one of my parts, say, Humphrey, who would care? Who would acknowledge it? What I’m saying to you would, I feel, be as valid.

Diane: And as interesting, I’m sure.

Marc anything else to ask Dave?

Marc: Would you consider us best mates?

David: Well yeah…I guess that I would.

Diane: You guys are so funny. Marc caught you off guard with that one! You guys adore each other so no use pretending otherwise. I’ve seen it for myself.

Okay so Dave’s time with us is up. He’s got places to be. Marc gave him a big hug and he was on his way. I got a hug as well and thanked him for stopping by. I always love seeing him!

Later on…

Diane: Marc I still don’t know much about Dave when he was here or his music. Maybe I’ll look into that later, but he feels just like family because you are both so close.

Marc just shrugged his shoulders.

I asked Marc if he wanted to write anything to our readers and this is what he wanted to say:



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