Bolan-Beaty Boogie on “What Role Do You Play in Your Soul Group”?

Seers Are TruthDiane: Marc, so here we are at our studio! Lights are out and it feels lonely here as we haven’t visited in a while. It misses us! We’ve been busy with your new handwriting that we spoke about in our last post right? Can we talk about that for a bit?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane.

Diane: How would you say it is different than what we’ve been doing which would probably be termed more along the lines of “automatic writing”? So right now, we have conversations and I type about as fast as we are talking.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. We’ve been working under those guidelines for a while now. The new “Marc” way for me to communicate is bypassing your consciousness as much as possible and using my own to manipulate your body.

Diane: It’s so interesting for me! I don’t even have to move my arm or fingers any more. I don’t know what you are going to write. Sometimes I get a glimpse of it right before you write it out. So yes, much different than what we’ve been doing.

I thought that in our last post, you said that you were going to mimic Marc’s handwriting as much as possible but that doesn’t appear to be happening? You are sticking to this “font”.

Marc: Yeah I changed my mind on that Diane. At first, I thought that I would mimic Marc but that isn’t who I am now.

Diane: You told me that you are mixing a bit of Marc, an incarnation from the 18th century (because he had mega handwriting), and who you are now.

Marc: Yeah it’s reminiscent of who I’ve been, but it’s more who I am now.

Diane: In just a few weeks, your writing has become so much better and it’s getting faster.

Marc, so I asked you what topic you wanted to cover for our next post and you said “roles within soul groups”. Why did you want to talk about that?

But before we get into that, Marc wanted me to ask our readers a question:

If someone asked you, “What is your role within your soul group” does a word come into your mind right away? 

We would love to hear any answers that you want to share in the comment section!

Marc: Yeah, man, everyone who is reading this will, on a soul level, be familiar with the roles we are going to discuss and may hold one themselves. Another reason is just to say “Hey! You’ve all got exciting and fulfilling lives to come back to once you leave the physical bones”.

Diane: Right! I asked if you could gather some guests who hold the four positions we are going to discuss. Were you able to find some spirits who wanted to chat?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. They are coming as we speak.

Diane: So how do you want to work this? The guests arrive and then I suss out what role they play?

Marc: That sounds like a plan.

Diane: I’m excited to meet them!

Marc: Here they come now.

Diane: Wow so the first guest is arriving in a chariot dressed like a Roman soldier. What a dramatic entrance! “Did I hear the horns playing?” he is asking me? Yes, I did!

Who is next? This spirit feels female. She looks like she is under the ice. Can that be Marc? Wait Marc is saying that she is updating her image for me. Okay, I see her walking into the studio. She is very tall, slender with brown hair wrapped in coils on the side of her head. She is wearing a white Grecian gown.

The next guest if you please. This one is male and very tall but big. Very big! He has a long staff. At first, I thought it was a spear but he corrected me. He is twirling the staff around his body but I’m not sure why. I believe it is to display his expertise in his role.

Okay, our last guest is a female who is appearing mature. She has laurel leaves around her head. When I looked that up, it said laurel wreaths were worn around the head as signs of victory in pursuits of sports, music, and poetry, the realms of the god Apollo. She may hold some awards that may be outside of our topic.

They are telling me that they have all arrived with their respective symbols which will help me discern which role they play in their soul tribe. Marc so maybe this will be a good time to talk about the roles that you’ve told me about already?

First, we have the “Seers”. Marc, you told me that we are both Seers in our group. You wrote, “Seers are truth”. They align and balance energy within the group and help raise the overall frequency.

Marc: Seers send out the searchers.

Diane: Who are searchers?

Marc: Searchers are tracers.

Diane: Who are tracers?

Marc: Tracers are like scouts and they go in search of those in the cosmos who request their help.

Diane: You said that the Seers are responsible for sending the searchers/tracers out who respond to SOS energy calls. I asked why would someone respond to these signals and you said “Because they might just be sad”. So sweet. You also said that all soul groups send out these SOS signals so energies can get help?

Marc: Yeah that’s right Diane.

Diane: Afterwards, I just happened to look up a definition for “Seer” and I think this is close to what you are telling us even though they meant someone in a physical body:

“A Seer is one who sees with spiritual eyes. He or she perceives the meaning of that which seems obscure, therefore he or she is an interpreter and clarifier of eternal truth.”

I’m sensing that Spirit #3 – the man with the staff is the Seer in this group so let’s start with him. He has what appears to be a Viking helmet on. He is saying it isn’t a Viking helmet. The Vikings took it from him. Okay! Marc, I can’t imagine us in these garbs?

Marc: We aren’t. Everyone will deck themselves out in their fashion mode of choice.

Diane: First off Sir, can we get a name for you? Tordar? Thank you for coming. Marc mentioned that Seers divide the energy within a group. Did I get that right? Can you tell us more about that?

Tordar: A more adept term might be that Seers help “regulate” the energy within the group. Energy frequencies within a soul group are monitored to an extreme extent and are very well guarded and protected.

Diane: Tordar is saying that you can also use the word “tribe” instead of “group”. There will be frequency variations and levels that are deemed acceptable within the group. Well, I’m assuming that it wouldn’t be a problem if the frequency was raised right?

Tordar: That will be naturally occurring within a group (usually).

Diane: You are saying that it isn’t always up and down but also side by side. Marc told me that “Seers are truth”. Can you elaborate on that?

Tordar: Seers are the watchful eyes – protectors. Nothing gets past their awareness so they have to be adept at reading energy.

Diane: I asked him if he could show me an image of this. I’m seeing lights of the Searchers that the Seer has sent out. There might be hundreds to thousands of them out there. The Seers have to be aware of all of them. Gosh, Marc! I’m amazed that we are pulling this off somewhere!

Marc told me that by doing our trance channeling work now, it is helping to raise the frequency of our group. Yay!

Peacekeepers 1

Okay, our next role is that of “Peacekeeper”. They forge bonds with other soul groups and purify the energy that is sent between them. The spirit with the chariot is raising his hand. Your name please? Xerxes? Can you tell us more about your role?

He said to think of the Silk Road of merchants that used to be on the planet. They traveled long distances and met many along the road. He is saying he is the PR spirit of the tribe. He arranges if souls outside of the group want to visit. I asked him about purifying energy?

He said that means that he would make sure that any changes due to outside sources are approved and that all energy is returned to what the members feel is comfortable when visitors have left. Anything else?

Peacekeeper#2Marc: Diane, I think that you should move it along because your energy levels are dropping.

Diane: Right! Let’s move to the tall lady wearing an armband. You are holding tablets so you must be the “Bearer” that Marc told me about? He said that the Bearers are the tribe’s Historian and that unlike other roles in the group, you are elected by your peers. You keep track of all incarnations and the history of each tribe member. Marc told me that you are very busy because souls are “always making more!” Can I get your name please? Nadina?

Nadina: What Marc told you was correct. I am the historian of my group and my task is a very sacred and complex one. The history of each tribe is unique and it needs to be kept private.

Diane: You are saying that you can get together with other Bearers and discuss perhaps percentages of who is doing what but you never get out specific details about anyone. She is showing me calculations, so very detailed records are kept. She is saying that it is easy to access certain history for yourself, but if you want detailed and complete histories, then most souls prefer to seek her out. She says that it can be quite the puzzle and is showing me a vast family tree that extends forever. She says that as she has been nominated for this post, it is a great honor.

Can you change the role that you have within your tribe?

Nadina: Yes you can and are encouraged to do so. It behooves each member to take on all the roles when they are ready.

Diane: She is saying that soul tribes support expansion for their members and will help you gain the experience that you need to take on any role that you wish. Everyone in a soul group has a role. She is telling me that some of the roles, like her own, require a certain amount of maturity as she is trusted with very private information.

Thank you, Nadina. Okay next is the lady with the laurel leaves. I see that you are holding a gold spinning ball of energy. You must be the “Caregiver” that Marc told me about. He said that you nourish newly awakened souls and “cuddle” souls in pain. Can I ask your name please? Beatrice. Can you tell us more about the golden ball that you are holding?

CaretakersShe is pulling apart the ball into two halves and I see a tree growing within it. She says it’s a symbol of regeneration, rebirth, the giving of life force, and the expansion of the universe. So although all souls were created at the same time, obviously some may not have wanted to wake up until now?

Beatrice: Yes that is true. We also tend to souls that have decided to withdraw or sleep.

Diane: Can you give us some reasons for that?

Beatrice: Every soul will have its reason and we take each one on an individual basis. Examples could be that they had a traumatic incarnation and decide to rest and heal before returning to the group.

Diane: Marc and I have talked about soul spas before. Would you be part of that?

Beatrice: I work in conjunction with the soul spas. The soul would come to me after their work in the spa to renew themselves and make sure they are fully healed.

Diane: Like rest and recuperation after an operation or physical therapy. You would make sure that they are healing and ready to return to their lives?

Beatrice: Yes that is an important part of my work.

Diane: Thank you. So there can be many, many souls within a tribe. Would multiple souls also hold your positions or do each one of you cover the entire group? They say that for large groups, they would probably be divided into sections. Each section would have either one or multiples of each role within them. They said the exception would be the Bearer role. There would only be one Bearer within a tribe or section of a Tribe. It all depends on the Tribe and what their needs are. There are councils set up that help to make these decisions. All within the group are welcome to participate.

Marc: Okay Diane, I think that’s about it for now.

Diane: I think that you are right Marc. Thank you all for coming and sharing your roles with us! It’s been wonderful and very insightful.

Marc thank you for telling me about the roles and gathering the guests for this evening.

Marc: As always, my pleasure Diane.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

May 28, 2021





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  1. I heard that myself and other fans of my favorite band were drawn together due to “Group Soul Reincarnation” during my spiritual awakening. So this is a very interesting perspective of the souls that help us on the physical plane. Thanks for sharing this info!

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