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I asked Marc what he would like our next post to be about and this is what he wrote:

Marc Universe Writing

I said okay this is your baby. You plan it and I’ll love to come along for the ride.

Diane: So Marc, you said that you wanted to delve into how the universe was created? Is that still on?

Marc: Yeah Diane. You game?

Diane: Sure Marc but how are we going to start on this adventure? Have any plans?

Marc: Yeah I have some ideas, but I thought that we might ad-lib a bit of it as well.

Diane: Fine with me. Where did you want to start? What are you showing me? Cabbage patches? Now I’m seeing one universe kissing another universe. Is that how our universe began or is that the Marc Bolan interpretation of it? Are you saying that one universe kissed another and that’s how it all began?

Marc: It’s a thought isn’t it?

Diane: It is! You are so cute Marc! I guess, truly you never know, but that’s what we want to find out. Last night, you were saying that you wanted to take this topic to the street like they used to in England during your physical time there. You told me that they used to go out into the streets and ask the general public their opinions about current events?

Marc: Yeah it could be about politics, fashion, or even music. I remember a lot of opinions being voiced about the Beatles – especially their hairstyles. Like, you know, should the “youth of today” be watching them and all that jive.

Diane: You are saying that instead of spirits and beings coming to us, you want to go out like the interviewers did before and get opinions?

Marc: I don’t like the term “beings”.

Diane: What would you prefer?

Marc: Lovelies.

Diane: Okay so where do we go to meet with lovelies?

Marc: Grab my hand Diane and I’ll take you to the first scene.

Diane: Not making out anything yet Marc, but it’s been a while since we’ve traveled. We’ve been focused on your handwriting and now speaking.

I’m seeing an amusement park from the 1930s or 40s. You know, the ones that they use in vintage British shows. “Fetes” I guess they call them usually to raise money for charities. They were often on the grounds of large estates.

Marc, I see a carousel. Are we heading towards that to do some detective work of our own?

Marc: Yeah that’s right Diane. Let’s get some energy into this!

Diane: The carousel is going but no one is on it. We approach the man who runs it. He looks tired and worn with sweat coming down his face. I notice that Marc is dressed in clothes from the period and looks, I might add, adorable in a little boy’s cap.

Marc walks up to him.

Marc: Excuse me. Do you have a few minutes so we might be able to get your opinion about something?

Man: I don’t know. What do you want my opinion about?

Marc: Creation.

The man’s eyes turned into discs. You could feel the apprehension oozing out of him.

Man: What about it?

Marc: The creation of the universe man. You got any ideas about how that may have happened?

Man: The universe? God created the universe.

The man put his head down and shook it back and forth. He didn’t bother looking up again.

Diane: Is that the response you were expecting? It seems like we might get that one a lot here.

Marc: Let’s try over here. This looks interesting!

Marc was heading towards the tea leaf readers booth. The banner over the door read “Madame Sousaka Extraordinaire”.

Marc: Come on Diane!

Diane: Wait, Marc! Look at the sign. We need a ticket to get in.

Marc: I’ll get one.

Diane: How are you going to pay for it?

Marc came back with one ticket.

Diane: How did you get that?

Marc: Ways and means Diane.

Diane: As you often say. Wait! I’m seeing you talking with the young woman who is selling tickets. You are turning on the Marc Bolan smile and charm. Is that how you got that?

Marc: I still have it when I need it.

Diane: Wait Marc. She reads tea leaves. How are we going to get her opinion about the creation of the universe?

We enter the tent and see a woman behind a tabel wearing a large turban. She is stroking a large cat on her lap.

Madame: Please come forwards and take a seat.

Marc handed her the ticket.

Madame: This will only allow one of you to get a reading?

Marc: Yeah that’s fine. Do me.

Diane: Gee thanks, Marc!

She poured tea in a delicate cup with blue cornflowers and told Marc to drink it slowly. She told him to ask his question to the leaves and the spirit world would answer. Marc gulped the tea down and returned the cup. She looked at the tea leaves inside the cup intently.

Madame: Very interesting! I don’t see this very often!

Marc: Don’t see what? Don’t see what?

Madame: I see a long path that leads as far as the eye can see. It goes over hills and through valleys. The sun shines on part of it as does the moon. This path holds the information that you seek.

Diane: So I’m getting that you are calling this “The Valley of Answers”?

She nodded yes.

Madame: Exit the tent and head towards your left. You’ll see a raven that will guide you on your path. Listen to its sweet melody.

Marc and I just looked at each other. Madame put her head down and continued to pet her purring cat.

Diane: Well this is turning into quite the treasure hunt Marc and you know how much we love them!

We exited the tent and headed left. What was odd is that time around us had stood still. All the people at the fete were frozen in whatever they were doing. We couldn’t hear a sound except for the cawing of a bird.

Diane: That must be our raven tour guide, Marc.

Marc: Yeah let’s catch up with it.

The raven flew from one tree to the next until it brought us to a cave. We had gotten fairly deep into the forest by now. It lifted its beak several times as if to say “Go in there”. Marc threw a coin out of his pocket which the bird picked up and flew away.

Diane: You are prepared aren’t you?

Marc: Come on let’s go in.

Diane: Oh gosh you know me and caves! It feels like Alice and Wonderland as the cave appears to be getting smaller the more we go in. Marc, I don’t think we are going to fit through the exit.

Marc: Diane how tall are you?

Diane: Okay I get your point. We are both small even if we were in physical bodies which we aren’t. I get what you are saying – have belief and you can do anything.

Once we got through the other side, we saw it! A beautiful valley like nothing on earth! The colors were very bright – pinks, blues, greens, and yellows. I saw something flying in the sky. It was a lion with wings and had a banner trailing behind it.

Diane: Marc, can you make that out?

Marc took a vintage periscope as a pirate might use out of his pocket.

Diane: Where are you getting all of this stuff from?

Marc: Yeah I’m just making out what it says. “Walk towards the candle”. Where is that?

Diane: There it is!

At the end of the path, sat a lone-lit candle on a table. It was covered with a handblown dome.

Diane: Look, Marc! There’s a note inside the dome!

The note had four large pink hearts on it.

Diane: What does that mean Marc?

Marc: It means that love is all around us.

Marc looked around to see if there was anything that would help us further.

Marc: Look over there!

Diane: What? Where?

Marc started running into a field of tall grass. I couldn’t see what he was running towards. Then I saw it! It was a very large ancient book. It was open but so tall we couldn’t see into the pages.

Marc: Come on Diane. Help me get on top of it.

Diane: Well I want to see too Marc!

Marc: Okay help me and then I’ll help you.

When we got to the top of the book, the energy started moving like a dizzy scene in a film.

Marc: I’ve heard about these books Diane. They can take you wherever you want to go. But you don’t have long to ask it once it has shown itself.

Diane: Well okay then. Ask it to show us what we’re looking for now!

Marc closed his eyes and I could see him mouthing words. All of a sudden, we were sucked into the pages of the book. It felt like we were on a roller coaster ride or heading down rapids.

We ended up on the floor of what looked to be some kind of control room. On the top half of the room were video screens showing scenes changing so fast, I couldn’t make them out completely.

Diane: Where are we, Marc?

Marc: I’m not sure quite yet Diane.

Diane: What? I don’t see a door to get out Marc.

Marc: We just got here. You want to leave already?

Diane: Well no, but just saying. I’m hearing voices. It sounds like the dialogue that you would hear over a BBC documentary. Kind of deadpan.

Marc: Sssh.

Diane: Why?

Marc: I’m listening for it.

Diane: For what?

Marc: The bell.

Diane: The bell for what?

Marc: Diane this is a “stepping portal” that will lead us closer to where we want to go. Hold my hand. The bell is coming up soon. Once I hear it, I’ll know what to do. Okay….now!

We woke up to find ourselves lying flat on our backs in a completely white room.

Marc: This feels kind of funny doesn’t it?

Diane: Well it’s more restful than the last room.

When we sat up, we saw two bubble helmets. You know, the kind that used to be worn for deep-sea diving.

Diane: I think that we are supposed to put them on.

Marc: You put yours on first.

Diane: No way! You put yours on first. Okay, let’s put them on together and don’t fake put yours on and then leave me hanging. I know you too well Marc.

Marc handed me one, smiled and we put them on together. He told me to make sure that I kept a firm hold on his hand.

Diane: I feel light-headed Marc!

Marc squeezed my hand tightly to let me know that I was okay. Then I saw swirling lights that were changing to different colors. I ask Marc telepathically what was going on with him?

Marc: I’m seeing crazy shit! Not even Telegram Sam had anything this potent!

Diane: What? I’m not seeing anything.

Marc told me to open up and ditch any fear. He said not to worry if I wasn’t seeing what he was. Being partially focused in a human body, I might get the condensed version. He said don’t fret because what he was seeing couldn’t be put into words anyway. He sent me feelings and images instead.

He said that he was feeling part of every person, spirit, plant, word, ocean, fish, grain of sand on earth, and every other planet in the universe. If the planet had only rocks and sand, he felt part of that. He was in a crater than on top of a mountain. He was in darkness and then felt a foot from the sun.

Diane: Marc I get what you are saying! We ALL created the universe. Every one of us had a part in it. There might be scientific terms and explanations but when it comes down to it, we did it. We had the will to be physical and needed a place to play that out. We all made that happen together.

I’m seeing a row of matches that stretch into infinity. One match lights up and because it’s so close to the next one, that one also sparks. Each match will light the one next to it.
It’s so wonderful to see this Marc!

Marc said that’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it will always be. He said that this is the origin of the inner spark within us. If you don’t feel that you have one, look closer because it’s there. This is the love that links us together. The first initial spark that lit us all.

We took off our helmets and I looked at Marc. He was grinning from ear to ear.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 19, 2021


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