Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet “Total Creation” – Marc’s Pick

Total Creation Painting

Diane: Okay ready Marc. Are you here?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane.

Diane: I know, just checking. So a few nights ago, I asked you if you had any ideas for our next post. You said:


(We can call upon Total Creation)

I asked “Huh”? How would we go about doing that and you replied:


(We speak to Total Creation as a guest.)

The following night, I asked if there was anything that you wanted to say to me and you wrote:



(Take care of your Total Creation Diane. You are love and light. Keep them close to your heart.)

Diane: Now I’m wondering, I know that I am part of Total Creation, but does this mean that I have a unique aspect of it for myself? You were hinting at this right?

Marc: Clever aren’t I Diane?

Diane: See you knew that I would catch that and my inquiring mind would take off.

Marc: Where did it go?

Diane: Well actually not far, because I want to see where we would go tonight. On another journey? Is Total Creation meeting us at our studio, on London Bridge or where?

By the by, Marc you were writing about this in the seventies with your “Light of Love” song weren’t you?

Marc: Yeah Diane I was. I was way before my time wasn’t I?

Diane: You are snickering, but you know it’s true and do I.

Since this is your topic Marc, I asked you to set up the best way to go about looking at Total Creation for us. In our last post, we searched for the origins of creation. When you said “Total Creation,” I thought, okay…everything that exists in spirit and the physical worlds (and everything in between) must be included so this can’t be too hard.

Marc is suggesting that I close my eyes (but they are already closed!) which of course he knows but he means to prepare myself because we’re gonna be going deep here. He is saying to hold onto his hand tight and don’t let go for anything. Okay, Marc! I’m ready!

He is telling me that we aren’t going to be traveling via our normal routes, which to tell you the truth, I’m not sure how we are doing anyway. Sometimes we go through portals or tunnels and I can see the journey along the way. At other times, we just arrive someplace. Marc is holding his hand over my forehead and says this goes deeper. This will be coming from within. So are you saying Marc, that since I am part of Total Creation, that I only have to look within myself to find it?

He says “yes” that is part of but not the whole enchilada. Where did you get that phrase? Marc is bringing more and more of his energy into my body. I keep hearing the word “whisper”. He says that most people don’t realize the power that lies behind a whisper. He tells me to call out for Total Creation in a whisper and see who or what responds.

I’m whispering to Total Creation to please come to us or please take us to where you are. I’m spiraling through a tunnel of energy, but I have no idea where it ends. Does that mean that we are going to it? Okay yes, right Marc! It isn’t a place that you can go to so we can’t be taken anywhere. Marc says to rephrase my statement. Any suggestions Marc?

Marc: It’s a state of being Diane.

Diane: So it’s a state of being and goes beyond even thinking. Right! Okay, Total Creation, please share your energy with me or show me whatever you would like us to see.

I see snowflakes falling around me. I’m seeing a scene that feels like it’s out of a 1950s black and white film with children playing in the snow back when times were considered more simple. Marc, did you set this up to be explained via movie shorts?

Marc: That sounds like me doesn’t it?

Diane: It does yes. Now I’m fighting for my life in a rowboat in a tidal wave. Is this going to be scenarios of nature?

Marc: Does that sound like me?

Diane: Well you love nature but that seems too simple for you.

Marc: I thank you.

Diane: What I think is happening here is that I’m being shown various scenes that have played out in random lives. I was just the little kid playing in the snow. I can see the wonderment in the child’s eyes as he took his first steps to go out and play. Likewise, I was the person lost at sea knowing that they had only a few minutes left to live. I’m feeling the hopelessness of the situation and the fear of death. Although part of me is in sheer panic mode, the other part becomes calm because I know that peace will soon follow. I’m washed overboard and as I’m sinking to the bottom, a feeling of tranquility ensues.

Okay, so where are we at now Marc? We are sitting on chairs in a completely white room. Where are you? Oh, there you are….on my left. I see two teenagers approaching us and they sit cross-legged on the two seats closest to Marc. Marc, so I’m getting they are aspects of Total Creation come to speak with us?

Marc: Yeah the chick is Total and the dude is Creation.

Diane: Really?

Marc: Sure why not? Ask them something.

Diane: So are you Total Creation or some kind of facsimile?

Girl: We are.

Diane: Are you showing yourself in this way so that I can communicate with you better?

Girl: Not better Diane. We just felt that this would be a more accessible approach.

Diane: Yes thank you very much. I know that I’m meant to experience you in a more ethereal way than thinking. Is that coming up later Marc? (Marc just shook his shoulders “don’t know”).

Marc, I’m getting that you want to ask them a question?

Marc: Yeah am I allowed?

Diane: Silly! Of course!

Marc: Well Diane is curious to understand just what percentage of herself is made up of you?

Diane: I am? I’m assuming that all of me is made up by them.

Marc: How can you be so sure?

Diane: Okay Marc you are saying this because I’m trying to reason this out still and you’ve already advised that won’t lead me much of anywhere. Put the human mind on hold right?

Marc: Well yeah, that’s my advice but everyone has their vibe, Diane.

Diane: The teenagers are egging me on to dig deeper here and find them in myself. I’m seeing doors open. There is door #1 opening, then door #2. Am I looking to find this behind these doors? Marc, are you looking as well?

Marc: No need. I know where they are.

Diane: Of course. They are hinting that looking down into my DNA isn’t going to help me either. But I’m assuming that Total Creation has to be part of my DNA? They are saying yes, of course, but that’s not going to be the key place to find them.

Now I’m seeing an owl leaving a cave. Why am I seeing that? I’m supposed to follow the owl. Isn’t spirit wonderful! They always help you along your path when you ask for it! Now I’m riding on the back of the owl. It’s much bigger than it first appeared. The owl has bumped me off. Ouch! I’m floating and you would think that I would be floating down, but I’m actually floating upwards!

Marc where are you?

Marc: I’m right by your side Diane.

Diane: Now we are both wrapped tightly in cocoons like babies or mummies. Is this the beginning of everything? Am I waiting for the Big Bang? Wait, I remember this. This is my soul babyhood. I’m in the soul infant ward waiting to create myself.

Hold on a second, we are going back even further than this! Can this be Marc?

Marc: It can be and it will be.

Diane: Okay Marc, so I know that you are still with me but I’m not getting anything. He is saying that I put up a little roadblock because I’m not sure where this is going. You’re right Marc, but I don’t have any fear. I’ll breathe and allow.

We appear to be sitting nowhere. I can’t see Marc but I can feel him by my side. Marc says we haven’t gone back far enough yet. So here we go…… Marc, I think that I’m going to be getting to a point soon where I won’t be able to type.

Marc: Don’t worry. We’ll find Total Creation soon.

Diane: Marc, am I going to be able to suss this out being focused on a human body? I’m tapping into my spiritual self as much as I can right now.

Marc: Let that go.

Diane: Every time I’m picturing a physical body of any kind, I tell myself to veto that. Any guidance here Marc?

Marc: Do your whispering again Diane.

Diane: I’m whispering to take me deeper to where I want to go. I’ve gotten to the point where my fingers keep coming off the keyboard. Marc helped me go deeper and I’m writing this after the fact.

I awoke to see myself inside of a sphere. The largest sphere that I could ever envision. The vastness couldn’t be felt in distance. It was spinning slowly and I saw what felt like millions of sparkling lights of all different colors that made up its surface. Marc, what are these lights?

They were too far for me to reach but Marc told me to tap on them to find out more about them. Once I did, I could see that each light was a universe and the astral planes that go along with them. I could see the layers of spirit energies as well as the physical planets. What? Can all of these be universes? Marc suggested I tap on another.
I did and saw the same things. I can’t put into words how vast this felt to me, but being in the center of it is a feeling that I will never forget. It’s hard to imagine feeling one of everything more than this!

Marc is saying that this is a way to access all the different universes but it isn’t always easy to get here. He says that once you have found your way, it isn’t so difficult the next time.

Back home:

Diane: Oh wow Marc that was amazing! It was so vast and yet so orderly! Every universe had its unique color and frequency and proudly sparkled. They were all saying to me “Hey look at me! I’m shining bright!” But none of them wanted to be singled out above another. None of them felt superior to the one next to them.

Marc, I’ve never felt anything like this before!

Marc: It’s a real trip isn’t it!

Diane: Is was! Now was that my perception of Total Creation and would someone else see it differently?

Marc: Everyone would have their vision of it Diane. But in general, it wouldn’t be that much different.

Diane: So obviously being in the center and knowing that none of the energy there felt superior to its neighbor is a human construct right. The energy at this level wouldn’t be feeling that?

Marc: No it wouldn’t Diane.

Diane: But since the earth is part of Total Creation, it has to be experiencing it on some level right?

Marc: Yeah sure right but the earth is just a small part of those lights. It wouldn’t change the energy that much.

Diane: Yes but Total Creation wants to experience everything right, so wouldn’t it feel anything the earth felt was just adding to that creation no matter what?

Marc: Yeah sure but it can’t be anything but energy.

Diane: So you are saying to me think of it as ecosystems and there is energy within each ecosystem that makes it up. Then there is an ecosystem next to the first one. They are all part of the whole. All of this energy within Total Creation will forever keep expanding. I’ve visited the concept of energy expansion and creative expansion, but I’ve never felt it like this.

Marc: Well now you have.

Diane: Now I get what you were saying Marc when you said that I am love and light and to keep them close to my heart. I’ve felt this throughout our journey today, and I’ll always know where to find them now.

© Bolan Beaty Boogie

July 9, 2021

Marc’s “Light of Love” video. It’s one of my faves of his songs. It takes a few minutes to start and no the quality isn’t great but Marc is! Enjoy!



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  1. Hi Diane maybe you might consider having someone do the typing while you just focus on talking and describing what your seeing.

    • That’s a great suggestion thanks! We work like that because it’s the way Marc prefers to do it – where his communications go through my hand chakras. He says that’s how he communicated when he was Marc via his guitar. Another medium I know said that he worked that way when he did an interview with her too. Every spirit has his or her own method. I’ve tried to just speak what he is saying onto a recording device, but he won’t participate for long. Who knows though..he might change that in the future. He is enjoying writing via my hands by himself now and we are working on speaking. He’s very eager to do that and that will be another way for him to communicate so we’re very excited.

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