Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Beings Who Have Never Directly Interacted With A Human in “Oblong Repository” – Marc’s Pick


About a week ago, Marc wrote out that we would be accessing energies that had never had direct contact with a human although humans connect with them. This intrigued me but I couldn’t get anything more out of him. One night, he told me that he had been visiting them to ensure that I could communicate with them and all was good.

Diane: Okay Marc, where are we going to start with this new adventure? You gave me a hint about what you had planned in your writings. Since then, I’ve been seeing a tan oblong shape floating about once in a while. It feels masculine but at the same time, my mind wants to take over and say, “huh”? Why would something like this have a gender? I’m reserving any opinions about that for now.

Marc: Good idea.

Diane: Marc, where are we going tonight?

Marc: Diane, yeah, this one is going to be a bit tricky to maneuver, because this energy moves about constantly and likes to hide.

Diane: You are showing me a maze that twists and turns and goes down and then comes back up again. I think this is going to prove to be quite the journey for us. I’m sensing down energy (not in a negative way) Marc?

Marc: No Diane, it’s very UP energy!

Diane: Right! You are just saying that it’s more complicated than other trips we’ve taken. You’ve mapped out the route already though right? I know that you’ve been going back and forth in discussions with this energy for the past week.

Marc: Yeah but what’s tricky about this energy is that its location keeps changing and you almost have to outmaneuver it.

Diane: This is new Marc. I don’t think that we’ve ever dealt with something like this. Should we give our readers any hints about who we will be looking for? I guess I can’t because I don’t know either! All I know is that this energy hasn’t officially communicated directly with a human before. Is that correct? The “directly” part of that feels important.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s correct.

Diane: Where do we start? I know that we’ve used treasure maps in the past to help us along the journey. This feels a bit too complex for that?

Marc: Yeah Diane…it is. We could use a map for part of the route, then then we have to be sly for the rest and take our chances.

Diane: I like a challenge, Marc. I’m going to start with a few deep breaths. I’m sensing that we are going to get some assistance for this right Marc?

Marc: Yeah if they show up!

Diane: Marc is telling me that we need to stick close together for this one because we might need to head in another direction fast….and he means FAST! Okay Marc I’m ready!

Now, this has been happening a lot lately where my eyes come together very tightly and won’t relax. I’m not sure what that means yet, but it’s happening now. I think it has to do with accessing deeper, new connections.

Marc, I feel like we are just floating about. He says we are in a “holding pattern”. My heart starts beating faster. We must be on the run!

Oh wow! This is great! We are in what looks like the inside of a kaleidoscope tunnel! The walls are turning and the colors are incredible! What kind of portal is this Marc?

Marc: This is from the psychedelic era, Diane. A lot of the older hippies like to pass through here.

Diane: Funny! You were part of that scene yourself.

Marc: Well partially. I was physical then, right, but I never quite fit in with the hippies.

Diane: Well they seemed to love you!

OMG, we are spiraling up, or is it down an energy tornado!

Marc: This is where it can get tricky Diane so hold on!

Diane: Now everything is pitch black Marc. Is this space? Wait up ahead, I can see a very large tan oblong object floating up ahead. That trip didn’t seem that bad Marc?

Marc: We were lucky Diane. Very lucky.

Diane: Lucky right! You planned it so well Marc that’s why. Take the credit. I know how much research you’ve done for this journey. Let’s head towards it!

Marc: Wait, Diane! You can’t just come up alongside it! You can’t approach it like that.

Diane: Then how can we communicate with it?

Marc: Stay where we are and I’ll send along a “hiya”.

Diane: Did you get a response?

Marc: Not yet.

Diane: What’s up? Is it shy or maybe protecting itself?

Marc: This energy? It wouldn’t need to protect itself from us.

Diane: Yes I’m getting that it could shoot us out of orbit in a second if it wanted to. Marc, is this some kind of ship?

Marc: I was waiting for you to ask that Diane. You’ll have to find out. Okay, we have the go-ahead to approach it but slowly.

Diane: Why slowly? It knows who we are right?

Marc: It’s showing our respect, Diane.

Diane: Oh okay Marc. The ways of space I guess. Is this space? Oh wow! From a distance, it looked like a solid tan mass. When you get closer, I can see the brown is actually a mesh and underneath various lights are moving all over. What the hell is this Marc?

Marc: Not telling.

Diane: Well…do we go inside or just communicate telepathically?

Marc: It’s sending out an envoy now Diane.

Diane: Okay then, this has to be some kind of ship?

Marc: Never assume Diane.

Diane: I see two lights approaching us Marc. Can you communicate with them?

Marc: Diane, you can communicate with them. Stop being so lazy.

Diane: LOL! You are right Marc. I’m only getting “You can approach. Follow us”.

Marc: That’s all that they said.

Diane: Wait, Marc, they’ve taken us to a place that doesn’t have a door! How are we going to get in?

Marc: Diane, if there was a visible door, everyone would be able to see it and it would be “backstage passes” for everyone.

Diane: And that wouldn’t be a good idea because……?

Marc: Because this energy’s reputation relies on discretion.

Diane: Now we are each being given a box and when I opened up my box, there was a key in it. These are our passes to enter. Should I show my key to these lights?

Marc: No they know that you have it. This was just a way for you to visualize that we have been granted access.

Diane: We have to transport ourselves via our power is what I’m being told. This energy will not help us. You have to have the means to be able to get where you are on your own. Interesting…..

Okay Marc I’m feeling no sense of place now. You are still here right?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. I wouldn’t run out on you now…or ever in fact.

Diane: I know! It feels like we are just hanging out in the belly of whatever this is. Oh gosh, I feel like my claustrophobia is going to take over so have to breathe and get more neutral.

It’s saying that it is ready to answer our questions. Do we have some prepared Marc? Wait yes I have some. Who are you and what kind of energy are you please?

I keep seeing “molecular construction” but haven’t a clue what is meant by that. Is it implying some kind of physicality?

Marc: Can you confirm your structure with us? Are you physical?

Diane: I get what you mean Marc. It’s saying that it is a form of physicality. It can’t be 3D though right Marc?

Marc: Oh no. It isn’t 3D Diane.

Diane: What kind of energy are you, please? Can you please describe yourself to someone who doesn’t have a science background? I’ve got an Art History degree if that helps (knowing that I was grasping at straws there).

Oblong Energy: We are an energy form that transcends the mere physical.

Diane: Yes? Please go on. I’m very interested to hear more.

Oblong Energy: Our governing body will speak with you.

Diane: Oh! So you are a race or community?

Oblong Energy: That is correct.

Diane: I’m seeing…how many figures coming forward…seven! I can see their identical outlines, but they are grey inside. Hello! Thank you for coming to speak with Marc and me. Can I ask who you are, please? Marc can you help out here? All I’m getting back from them is a nod.

Marc: Yeah sure.

Diane: I can see Marc communicating with them, but I can’t make out what he is saying. What’s up with that? Marc is telling me to give myself a few minutes to tune into their “vibes”. I think that I’m getting a little flustered here so Marc is just saying to chill out and relax. He suggests that I ask them about how they haven’t communicated directly with a human before.

I asked them if they could explain why that is because that is fascinating to me. They tell me that it isn’t that humans don’t connect with them, because they do and often. It’s merely that they do not reciprocate because that isn’t necessary for them. They say that when humans tap into them, more than likely, they haven’t a clue that they are doing it.

They are saying that their energy is very specific for what they are doing…for who they are. So are you some kind of repository for thoughts?

Marc: You’re getting closer Diane.

Diane: Okay so what I’ve been given now is that I’m seeing David Bowie and he is accessing energy that they held for his songs! So are you some kind of storage area for artists to access their creations? An energy hard drive, if you will?

Marc: That’s about as close as you’re going to get yeah Diane.

Diane: What? Really? So this is like a vault or bank of what? Thoughts? No not just thoughts but information or energy creations that humans can access once they incarnate. Why wouldn’t they just access what they need from spirit? Okay, so I’m seeing “protection”, “eavesdroppers”. There are no eavesdroppers here. They are likening themselves to Fort Knox to give me an example.

They are saying that “no one enters” without permission and “no one leaves”. Oops! But they are very nice. I’m starting to relax a bit and hope we get an exit visa at some point.

They are saying that you don’t have to be humans to deposit whatever here. They safeguard what you wish to store with them. More often than not, it’s some kind of energy (well it’s all energy) but I’m asking if they take any 3D physical objects? They said that they could but they wouldn’t normally be given something like that. They are describing themselves as a “safety deposit” box albeit an elaborate one for sure.

Marc, it didn’t seem that difficult for us to get here?

Marc: It could have been Diane.

Diane: Marc, do they have a name?

Marc: They aren’t going to share that Diane. They are cloaked so the ones who want to find them will have a tough time.

Diane: So we were able to find them because you prearranged this and they agreed?

Marc: Yeah, that’s right.

Diane: Why would someone want to break into their vaults?

Marc: Any number of reasons Diane.

Diane: Gosh! Well, I would like to ask them a few more questions, if I may. They are nodding yes.

So is there a limit to the amount of energy that you can store here? Are you limitless?
They are saying that certain criteria must be met before they will undertake a charge for someone. They are showing me a very long list so they must be strict. There isn’t a way to fabricate yourself to them. They have a stellar reputation for what they do and are considered the best. Yes, we understand that everything here is private, but can you give us any information about the kind of energy that you guard?

They are saying that it is immaterial to them what is stored there. The creator or owner must be sincere and it has to belong to them truthfully.

Does it have to have any specific merit to it? Like you wouldn’t store a toothpick or rock here? They are saying that they do not judge the merit of anything. That is up to the individual who is storing it.

They say that they are trying to put across to me that yes, they do work at very high frequencies – so they do not delve into stolen or low-frequency ideals. They deal with a certain kind of clientele as is their right.

Okay Marc, so I’m getting that they aren’t necessarily what humans might term “snobs”. They are very loyal, sincere, and deeply devoted to what they do and they know that energies can trust them. They are proud of their reputation. They consider what they do a sacred trust and they only deal with energies who hold what they want to deposit with them in the same light. Many precious energies are here, I’m guessing.

Marc, it looks like they are disbanding.

Marc: Yeah, Diane, they are. That’s all the time that we are going to have with them.

Diane: We were shot right back out of there in a nanosecond.

Back home…

Diane: Wow Marc, that was amazing! I think that we’ve seen storage boxes in Spirit where energies can hold information about current and past physical lives. I’ve run across a few people who have had theirs broken into or accessed. I guess if you go with the Oblong Energy, that wouldn’t happen?

Marc: Never.

Diane: So it would make sense that David Bowie entrusted them with his songs. We have to ask him about that next time we talk with him. David must have given his permission then for us to access that information about him right?

Marc: Yeah, Diane, he did for you to get a clearer understanding of who they are.

Diane: That is very generous of David. Thank you, David, wherever you are! I know he is listening in on this because I can feel his energy with us.

So for the Oblong Repository, it must be a bit nerve-racking, knowing that you can’t sit still and have to keep your guard up at all times?

Marc: They’re used to it, Diane. They are the ultimate pros at what they do.

Diane: You know, I try to not have any expectations about what we are going to do, but I have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming.

Marc: Good then I played my part well!

Diane: You did! So my next question. They talked about different levels of protection in this kind of place. How would you know that you should go with them or another repository? They seemed to stress that they didn’t care what you stored with them but it had to have a certain degree of meaning connected with it?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. They don’t make any kind of judgments. If you want them to hold something for you, you must hold it in high regard in whatever way that means to you.

Diane: Yeah Marc but what am I trying to say here?

Marc: I think that what you are trying to get at is how do they decide what they take on and what they won’t? No one knows the answer to that Diane.

Diane: Well they said that they have criteria that they do share, but I guess they don’t always give their reason for not accepting whatever it is that you want to safe keep?

Marc: No they don’t.

Diane: The process must be that you go to them and tell them what you want them to keep and they tell you yay or nay? I’m seeing that it’s a very involved process though and most energies would probably not have direct contact with the governing body that we just spoke to right? They don’t explain their decisions either. If they say no, they mean no and they won’t change their minds.

Marc: That’s it in a nutshell.

Diane: So it’s quite an honor to have them work with you.

Marc: Yeah, it can be considered that Diane.

Diane: Right and I’m getting that it doesn’t have anything to do with wealth – at least not what many on earth would consider wealth. It’s the intent and passion that you hold for whatever it is that you want them to hold dear?

Marc: Yeah Diane. That pretty much sums it up.

Diane: Well thank you Marc for setting up another amazing adventure for us! It was a one of a kind trip.

(Marc mentioned that David doesn’t store anything with them now so we are free to mention his story in our post. It was his pull that got us the access to these beings and we thank him very much. Marc also said that the Oblong Repository does not seek out or elicit anyone to come to them. You have to find them.)

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 24, 2021

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