Bolan-Beaty Boogie Hop Aboard an Inter-Dimensional Ship – The Granada IV

Space Ship

Diane: So Marc, what’s up with this big ship that I know has been floating around my area recently? You seeing that too? I asked you yesterday if you could communicate with them and see if they would be up for a chit chat? Any news? Yay or Nay?

Marc: They have yayed speaking with us Diane. They are waiting for us to arrive, so are you ready to rock and roll?


(There is a ship – a large ship by you Diane. We can see if (they) want to chat.)

Diane: Yep, let’s go! Are we leaving from here?

Marc: No, I thought that we would leave from there.

Diane: Very funny Mr Bolan! LOL! Who are we going to meet Marc?

Marc: Do you want to know now or be surprised?

Diane: I’ll wait.

Marc: Take my hand Diane and we’ll boogie!

Diane: I see us floating in space, but I’m not seeing any ship. Okay…yeah, it’s cloaked for sure. Gosh, it’s beautiful out here. Just feeling this light is amazing! Marc, why does your hair look like the wind is blowing it? How are you doing that? (He is saying special effects.) Marc has been appearing as energy most of the time lately, but he’s showing human form right now.

We are getting closer to something because I can feel its energy but can’t see anything physical. I hear an “All on-board” and in a split second, we are on board. We are standing in a very wee antechamber room – about four feet square. For as large as this ship must be, I’m thinking that this is odd. Marc any ideas?

Marc: Maybe they aren’t into big crowds visiting?

Diane: Possibly huh. The door automatically opens and I see an empty hallway. No one here to greet us?

Marc: Someone is just coming Diane. They weren’t expecting us quite so soon.

Diane: I see a young woman coming around the corner smiling. Her name is Velouska. She isn’t speaking but using telepathy. She is welcoming us aboard the what’s the name of the ship? It sounds like Granada IV or VII. Okay Granada IV she is saying. She says that they were very pleased when Marc contacted them for an interview. They don’t get many humans on board.

Oh, she’s sweet! She is inviting us to take a tour of the ship with her.

I’m asking what security measures they have for visitors? I mean, I’m not asking for specifics as I’m sure those are confidential. Are they very strict? She says that the intent of the person or being who is requesting entrance is paramount (with the implication that they have bullshit meters so don’t bother to lie). She said that they wish to be discovered by as many humans as possible as this is a “meet and greet” tour to earth. One of their prime functions is to interact with as many humans as possible to expand both their and our awareness.

How many do you have onboard and how many rooms does the ship have? I’m getting that this is a fairly large one and that you don’t come around these parts very often? I’m very interested.

Velouska: Curiosity is never frowned upon here Diane. We welcome your inquisitiveness. We have over 500 crew and 700 rooms.

Diane: I’m wondering what is powering this but probably wouldn’t understand the response. I’m hearing “hydraulics” so that must fit in someplace. There are seven floors to the ship so each floor has approximately a hundred spaces/rooms. The ship has a large atrium in the centre. I’ve seen this before on the bigger ships.

Marc, where are you? He’s leaning over the atrium waving at crew members.

Velouska is telling us that there are rooms for crew members but also recreational areas like parks, theatres, shops and restaurants – even a museum. There are crew members and their families on board so that ups the numbers significantly. She is saying that some ships only allow the crew, but the Granada IV travels for long periods and doesn’t pull into space stations as often as other ships.

Marc and I have been on a few ships in our time, and most of them have a mix of crew members both physical and non-physical. I’m getting that yours is the same?

Velouska: Yes, you are correct.

Diane: Marc, do you want to ask anything?

Marc: No, you are on a roll. Go ahead.

Diane: So about getting to know humans better…does your journey here have any other purpose?

Velouska: General exploration Diane.

Diane: She says that crew members have been popping down to the planet to do research – specifically on vegetation, oceans, as well as global warming and pollution. Is anyone on the earth side patrolling your movement and have you been in contact with any humans?

Velouska: Yes, we are in contact with several humans and they are fully aware of who we are and what our mission is.

Diane: Wow yeah, we’ll probably never see that paperwork. Marc, I’m getting that you have a question at last?

Marc: Yeah, I’m interested in the entertainment aspects of the ship. Music? Films?

Diane: What are you trying to find out if they have T-Rex music on board?

Marc: No, because I’m sure that they already have it. I’m just curious if they have other entertainers…….David Bowie?

Diane: Marc you are so funny!

Marc: Okay seriously man, I am curious so our readers can find out more about what a ship like this has for entertainment.

Velouska: We are fully equipped with exercise facilities. If you are in a physical form, then there would be light or energy boxes (or even machines) that would help keep your energy and body in shape. If you are non-physical, then we would have the appropriate apparatus for healing and cleansing your energy.

Diane: What would that machine look like? She is saying it’s called a vapour box. You can tune them to whatever specific frequency you are comfortable with and program them for different cleansing/healing programs.

Well, that seems more pleasant than a treadmill for sure. She says that machines similar to those are readily available as well.

Velouska asks if we would be interested in meeting some of the crew? Marc and I give the affirmative! She takes us around the immense atrium to a door with a plaque on it. I’m not making out what it says. Marc, can you get that? He’s saying it’s “Sensor Room”. Right, so this is the team that handles the sensors and protective shields for the ship. Ooh very important I’m sure. I’m thinking that it’s surprising that she would take us here as that seems like a security breach. She reads my mind and says that we won’t see anything confidential. All ships would have a crew and rooms fitted out with this equipment although it might be difficult or nearly impossible to locate them as they are kept well hidden. Luckily we have her as our guide.

I see some individuals looking at screens but some are sitting with light energy around their heads. I’m not picking up individual features but just energy patterns for them. The screens don’t have images on them but lights only. The crew are moving the light around telepathically on the screens. Very interesting.

We leave the sensor room and go into one of the crew lounges. She said that some of them work for long hours, by choice, and it’s nice to have a place to unwind. I ask that if they have such a large crew, why would some need to work long hours? She isn’t speaking in linear time, she corrects me. She says that many of the jobs are very intense, especially the security of the ship, and they must take breaks to remain fresh and alert. We are seeing crew members playing some kind of table tennis game except they don’t have paddles or a ball – they are hitting energy light balls around. Velouska said that “Tesla invented that in his early years”.

Marc: How long are your journeys and do you have a base station or planet that you go home to?

Velouska: We do have several base stations but rarely debark onto a planet. If a crew member wishes to return to a planet, they would disembark at a base station and travel from there.

Marc: Do you change out your crew or would this be a full-time gig for most of them?
She told Marc that they are very open to what crew members wish.

Diane: Okay so on earth, I would say it’s pretty rare to find many people who are truly happy in their jobs. I think that the norm on earth would be to try and get a person to fit the job than the other way around. The needs of the company come before the needs of the employee. Are you saying that you are open to fitting the job to the person playing on their strengths and abilities?

Velouska: Yes that is paramount to us here. We, of course, have to request a certain level of expertise with every crew member so that they can handle the job. Most of our employees have already been on smaller ships before they come to us. We are, after all, on a complex and massive ship that needs an experienced crew. We do put a great deal of effort into locating flexible crew members, but we want to make sure that they feel fulfilled in their position and enjoy being aboard.

Diane: She tells us that crew members come and go, of course, and are sworn to secrecy regarding this particular vessel. Compared to other ships, they do tend to keep their crew for many years.

Marc: Can you tell us some of the positions that are filled onboard? Experts? What kind of jobs do they handle?

Velouska: We have scientists, doctors, biologists, energy readers and more.

Diane: Wait you said, energy readers? So you have team members who look at the crew’s energies, spirit energy or the energy of the ship?

Velouska: All of them plus more. We do not limit ourselves here. We are fully aware of energy in both the physical and spiritual realms and respect both equally.

Diane: She tells us that energy is everywhere. We are all energy and it behoves us to respect it, nurture and what else? Yes, enjoy its expansion. She says that there are various representatives of faiths aboard as well. She says they wouldn’t be classified as “religious”. She said that there can be a lot of pressure with some of the jobs and it’s commonplace to have crew members who wish to express their feelings.

Marc: Can we see one of the theatres or cinemas? Do you have live entertainment as well?

Diane: Okay Marc, a jukebox just popped into my head. Did you put that there?

Marc: Yeah and I want to find it.

Velouska takes us to a small room and when we walk in, wow! It looks like a diner from the US in the 1950s! There is a jukebox and images of bobbysoxers. Marc did you just think this up and wham bam it was here? What’s going on here?

Velouska says that yes, this is one of the entertainment factors aboard the ship. They aren’t fantasy rooms but used more for recreation. So if you want to be on the moon’s surface or top of the Matterhorn, you can come and create that experience for yourself. I’ve seen something like this on an Avengers episode.

So if we wanted to be at Marc’s concert at Wembley, we could be?

Marc: Well we can do that now anyway Diane.

Diane: Yeah I know, but this is pretty cool isn’t it!

Velouska leads us out and asks if there is another part of the ship that we would be interested in seeing?

Diane: Marc any ideas? You want to see what? Marc is saying that there is a famous space observatory here. You can plot just about any star system, galaxy or universe and he has wanted to see it forever.

Velouska nods her approval. She says that this is one of the most popular places on board and used not only for recreation but research. What is so unusual is that the images are not manufactured but live feeds. She said that they receive live images from multiple space stations in the galaxy. Not all of them can be seen at once but you can choose which one to see. Wow! Marc REALLY wants to see this.

Marc: Does everyone have access to this?

Velouska: They do but it’s so popular that appointments are necessary.

Diane: As we walk along the corridors, we aren’t seeing any crew members. Why is that?

Velouska says that part of that is security and part is that they respect their crews’ privacy. In the rooms that we have been shown, the crew have given their permission.

We are approaching the observatory. The doors are massive and look like the ones that Ghirberti created for the Florence baptistery.

Marc, I’ve never seen such a large room before in my life! But wait, this is an illusion somehow. No room could be this big. Velouska is smiling at me. She is saying that what is so special about this room is that it’s only a fraction of the size that it appears.
How is that possible? She says that’s their secret and they mean to keep it but please enjoy ourselves while we are here.

She left us to ourselves.

Marc, you knew about this room all the time, didn’t you? He smiles a big grin back at me.

Marc: Yeah, I’ve been waiting to get into this room for a long time.

Diane: I’m not feeling anyone else here with us Marc.

Marc: No she cleared the space for us.

Diane: Oh how nice! They are making us feel so welcome. I’m seeing closeups of planets and shooting stars. It’s amazing! I wish that I could do this justice in words.

After we linger for a bit…..

Marc: Okay Diane, time’s up.

Diane: I was thinking the same thing. We don’t want to over stay our welcome.

Velouska asked if we enjoyed the observatory. We did…very much so. She said that a crew member would be along to escort us off the ship. We said our farewells and departed.

Later on…

Diane: Wow Marc, that was another amazing trip aboard a ship! Thanks so much for making the arrangements. Have you been on that one before?

Marc: No never. I wanted to wait until we could go together.

Diane: Oh sweet! Velouska was so friendly. I didn’t describe what she looked like to the readers yet. I’ll tune into her energy again. She is very tall and slender with a long ponytail on top of her head. She has a white streak across her face and deep penetrating eyes – very knowing. She was wearing a type of spacesuit with a large billowing sash around her torso. I can feel her energy chuckling as I’m describing her as she knows I’m tuning into her energy.

So Marc, is visiting the Granada IV all that you thought it would be? We didn’t get to see too much of it, but what we saw was amazing right?

Marc: It IS an amazing ship, Diane.

Diane: I feel very fortunate that we were able to get aboard. I know that there were some other humans on board at the same time. I wonder if their stories will pop up on blogs around the globe? I hope so!

Marc, you were always into space when you were physical right?

Marc: I loved it! I loved looking at the sky, especially at night and watched what was going on. I made up a million stories in my head about who was out there and where they were heading. (Marc was showing me scenes of him as a boy looking out of the window at night. So cute.)

Diane: Well I think that’s a wrap for tonight Marc. We say thank you again to the crew of the Granada IV and wish you a safe, happy journey wherever you go from here!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 4th, 2021


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