Marc Speaks with Jamie Butler! Yay!

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Just a quick update of what is happening here at the Bolan-Beaty Boogie camp! Marc and I haven’t been doing as many posts as we would like as we are spending most of our time practicing our channeling.

As you may remember, I recently started taking a trance channeling course with Jamie Butler. For those who aren’t familiar with Jamie, check her out. She is the medium who put Channeling Erik on the map. Her energy is so amazing and she is such an incredible teacher!

Marc and I share some of her philosophies (we think) – namely that we can all communicate with our guides and loved ones in spirit. There isn’t anything difficult about it (unless you want to make it so) and it’s a great way to get to know who you are both as a human and spirit. Yeah it might take a bit (okay maybe a lot of) self discovery, intent and time, but it is so much fun and it will change your life!

Last week in class, we were discussing the various styles of trance channeling. Marc and I are doing both the “automatic writing” and “shared space” (where one allows spirit to move your body and speak but the channeler can still access his or her own thoughts). Right now, Marc is doing Light Language and singing.

My goal is “Full Incorporation” where I completely leave my body and allow Marc to deliver messages. I know that Marc is aware of this and Jamie said “Diane, he totally knows about it! Absolutely! He is all in! You have said it like apparently dozens of time. Totally in! You’ll love it!” That just made my week, let me tell you! I love it when other mediums speak with Marc especially one I admire as much as Jamie!

Marc said that she is very easy to communicate with and he is willing to speak with her whenever he can. Yay!

In other news, I’m going to be doing a bit of traveling to places that have a reputation of being haunted. If there is a grounded spirit at a location, I work with my lead guide Corporal Nat Ferguson (he was a Civil War soldier back in the day) on helping any spirit who wishes to transition back to spirit. One of the locations we’ll be visiting is the SS Hornet – a docked WWII aircraft carrier that picked up the Apollo 11 and 12 teams in the Pacific after splashdown.

I haven’t been there in a few years, but last time, both my sister and I heard a deep sigh several inches from us. At that time, only an eighteen year old crew man was willing to talk with me. What I discovered from that trip, is that the spirits there are not necessarily eager to speak with humans. Marc told me that there are a few who are willing to cross back to spirit now, so we are going to do our best to find them and see if we can help.

So check back in with Marc and Diane in a few weeks as we’re sure to have some stories to tell!

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August 23, 2021


2 responses to “Marc Speaks with Jamie Butler! Yay!”

  1. Aloha 🌴🌺🌈💙💚 Diane & Marc! Mahalo for everything you share with us- each session raises my vibes and enriches my imagination for all that is.
    Wanted to share a funny coincidence with you both- Prime Video has a show called Spirited, its about a British rock star from the 70’s who is a ghost and the only person who can communicate with him is a woman!! Well perhaps you’re blog was read by a writer! Anyhow i enjoy the show and i think if you 2 throughout each episode.

    • Thanks so much Judy for your wonderful words to us! We love sharing our experiences so it makes our day to read that others enjoy them too. I haven’t seen the show that you are speaking about, but it sounds very similar doesn’t it? I love that Marc got a chance to speak with Jamie. That was so much fun for us and Marc is waiting for the next opportunity. I hope that you and your dogs are doing well in Hawaii! ❤️🥰👻🎉

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