Bolan-Beaty Boogie Board the USS Hornet to Speak with its Lingering Spirits


Celebrations are in order as it has been six years since Marc introduced himself to me. Yay! I remember it so clearly. For two weeks, all I heard was “Listen to T-Rex! Listen to T-Rex”! Finally, I gave in, and here we are….six years later. At first, I wasn’t sure how long Marc would stick around because I wasn’t aware of our spirit connections at the time. He says he’s here to stay (until I’m back with him in spirit), and now I joke that he couldn’t get rid of me if he tried. 

In our last post, we visited the USS Hornet – a US Navy ship launched in 1940. It was decommissioned in 1970 and is berthed in Alameda, California. I met several spirits there but was told that a return visit would be in order. I think that the spirits wanted some reassurance that I was serious about connecting to them. Doing this work always involves a bit of trust on both sides. I set out on my visit with no expectations of what the spirits would do or say. I just wanted to be there for them to listen to their stories if they wanted to share. 

And the story goes…..

Diane: Okay so I’m calling forward Marc, of course, and my guide Nat who helps with earthbound spirits. Our readers may remember Nat, who was a Civil War soldier. Nat introduced himself to me one day when I was out walking. He told me he was Corporal Nat Ferguson and was a soldier in the Civil War. What’s great is that I was able to find his records. If you are interested in hearing about Nat and our first meetings, see our posts from September 6th, 2018 and September 12th.

Okay, so I have with me here Marc and Nat where are you?

Nat: I’m right here Diane. Running late a bit.

Diane: No worries Nat. How have you been?

Nat: Excellent Diane. Very excellent.

Diane: Wonderful!

Marc are Lucan and Lisa staying as well? Lucan and Lisa have been assisting me with the trance channelling that Marc and I are doing. Marc is talking up a storm at this point, but it isn’t English. He told me that he is expressing himself and that those in spirit can understand what he is saying. Also, this energy is precursor energy to work with my human brain so that he can manipulate speech and body movement. The spirit language is at a higher frequency than English, so he will be working his way there as soon as possible.


Diane: Thanks, everyone for coming. You all know that I went back to the USS Hornet today to see if any spirits are interested in speaking with us for whatever reasons they might have. On my last visit, Nat, you told me that it was going to take another one to probably get any of the spirits who I met on my first visit to trust me enough to speak with me. We are just here to support these spirits in any way that we can. We don’t know at this point, at least I don’t, whether or not they would like our help in crossing over to spirit. That’s correct right Nat?

Nat: Yes Diane, that is correct. (He smiled.)

Diane: Now Nat, when I went back to the ship today, four spirits were there but their energies seemed a bit weaker and not as willing to engage with me as before. I picked up Edward, John, Steven and Phillip. Are they with you now Nat? I just wondered if their energies were more mellow because, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get back to the ship as fast I wanted. 

Nat: No Diane, that isn’t the reason. They just went back further than they were previously.

Diane: Did they give up on me?

Nat: No Diane, they knew that you had every intention of coming back. You just have to give them breathing room.

Diane: Yes I get it. The first couple of times I went to the ship, which was years ago, I only had a young man of about nineteen speak with me. I could tell that there were other spirits aboard, but they kept to themselves. I felt at the time, that these spirits were very closely knit. They were joined by branches of the military when they were physical and they still felt honour bound by those bonds. In other words, don’t let any information leak out and stick together. 

Nat: That’s right Diane. I remember how strong those bonds can be from my time as a Civil War soldier. They are very hard to let go of even in times of stress and sorrow.


Diane. Indeed. so Nat, are the spirits with you? If not, do you know where they are? Are they willing to speak with us?

Nat: I’m just seeing about that Diane. I have a few who are coming closer to me but some are staying back and are unsure.

Diane: Yes I can see one coming forwards. He is young with short light brown hair. May I ask who you are? Okay, this is Steven. He is motioning the others to follow him. Nat, do they not feel safe?

Nat: It isn’t so much a matter of safety but curiosity. They haven’t spoken to anyone outside of their group deeply since they left their physical bodies.

Diane: Right Nat. When I was aboard the ship today, I think that what mattered the most to them was knowing that someone cared about them. And we do! 

So here are two more spirits. Here is John. Okay, thank you. It’s interesting, I don’t think that in all the photos I saw on the ship today of crew members, that I saw an African American soldier?

John: I wasn’t on this ship and joined the military much later than the others here. We were a rarity, that’s for sure. Life aboard ships wasn’t easy for me at all. They needed someone to clean up after them and that’s where I came in.

Diane: Is someone else coming forward? Yes, I see someone else. Is this Edward? He waved his hand “Hello”. I think he is shy. I’m hearing the song “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and getting “farmer’s son”…and “Kansas”. Okay, Edward. Should we call you Edward or Ted?

Edward: I go by Edward.


Diane: So is Phillip going to join us? Now the three of you have been on the left staircase and Phillip has been on the right. I was getting that it was because you were enlisted and he was an officer. Not high in the ranks but above your positions? They are nodding up and down. I also got that you don’t mingle with Phil at all. Is that our choice or because of his rank?

SpiritSpot(Staircase where I met Steven, Edward and John)

Steven: You would have to ask him that. He is the one who doesn’t want to be around us. He is cool and stays his distance.

Diane: Okay I will ask him. I can feel his energy but he isn’t stepping forward enough where I can converse with him. Nat, did you want to check in on him and see where he is at? If he wants to join us or not? I can see the three looking in Phil’s direction. He is slowly materializing. He is in officer’s uniform and the other three salute him.

Yes, Philip, you are welcome to join us if you would like. He is hesitating. I think part of it is that he’s kept himself so far removed from the other three that he doesn’t know if they want to converse with him at all. I’m not getting that there is much love loss between the group and Phil.

Nat, what might be the best way to start here?

Nat: Well I think some introductions would be a good idea.

Diane: As we do introductions, the guys start taking seats and sitting in a circle. Phil is still standing back. Well, I guess he will join us when he’s ready – if at all.

Nat: Diane, they are curious why we want to see them.

Diane: Oh! Well, Nat and I…Marc where are you?

Marc: Observing Diane. (Marc usually takes that role when we speak with earthbound spirits as Nat is the expert here.)

Diane: Well we wanted to meet you and see if there was anything that you wanted to share with us or anything that we could do for you?


Phillip: See! That’s what I was saying to you guys. They want us out of this space!

Nat and I just looked at each other.

Nat: That isn’t our intention at all Philip. We are merely here to see if we can help you or if you are interested in speaking to us about anything. 

John: Yeah, I’ve heard about this. It’s called a Support group right? 

Nat: We would like to offer yes, whatever support that we can give you.

Philip: I don’t want any part of this.

Steven: He’s always in a bad mood. Ignore him.

Diane: Well Philip, you are still welcome to join us if you like. Would you be more comfortable sitting in the circle with us? He just mumbled something under his breath.

Nat is telling me telepathically and only me that he likes to pull rank. He feels that asking for help of any kind portrays you as weak and soldiers aren’t weak. They don’t ask for help. I think that he has a bit of an issue with me as well being a woman. Men don’t depend on women. Real men don’t rely upon women. It’s the other way around.

Okay well, let’s keep going, Nat. Now I’m getting that you are all from different periods? Who was here the first? Steven, you are raising your hand. What period were you in the service? He is saying WWII. He’s talking about fighting against “them Japanese”. ‘We got a few of them” he is saying. Okay, Edward?

Edward: I came aboard a little later than Steven but we got to be best friends. He was transferred.

Steven: “Transferred” you fool! I was blown up! He thinks that it upsets me to say it out loud. I’ve told you that I’ve come to terms with it.

Diane: John I think that you already told us that you were later right? I’m getting 1960s?

John: Yeah later than Steven and Edward. 

Diane: Now did you all die in service or have you come back to be with each other? No, wait I’m getting that Steven and Edward did indeed became very close in the short amount of time that there were together on the ship right? They are nodding. I’m not getting the reason that John is on board. Philip is just in the back walking around in circles.

So would anyone like to talk about anything in particular? We’re here to listen.

Steven: Yes we were wondering why you’ve come? We’ve seen you on the ship twice and were surprised that you could see us. How can you do that when everyone else passes us by?

Diane: Okay Nat, would you please explain that to them. I think it would be faster and easier coming from you. While Nat is speaking to them, I check in on Philip. 

Philip: Don’t come too close to me.


(The photo says “USS Hornet at anchor at Eniwetok Atoll, August 26, 1944. VADM Marc Mitscher aboard to honor Ship and crew for their vital role in the conquest of the Marianas. He conferred over 200 awards for gallantry in action.”)

Diane: Okay I’m sorry Philip. I don’t want to upset you.

Philip: You could never upset me.

Diane: Well Philip, you’re showing yourself to me so there must be a reason for that? I think that you keep to yourself and don’t join with the others. That must get kind of lonely?

He didn’t answer. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Diane: Well we’re over here if you want to join us. When I got back, the guys seem a little more relaxed after Nat’s explanation. I hope that they feel more trusting of the situation.

You guys know that Nat was a soldier in the Civil Ware right? John lit up with this.

John: You were what? Way back then? They let Black soldiers fight in the Civil War?

(A movie of the sickbay. On my last visit, I saw a man Giuseppe on the operating table, but he wasn’t responding to me. There are some interesting vibes here for sure.)

Nat: They did, but of course, I was from Canada and was fighting to liberate the slaves in the south.

John: That’s way cool dude!

Steven: We’ve been talking and Nat has been telling us that there are ways that we can get off this ship?

Diane: Yes there are if you are ready.

Philip: Don’t listen to them! 

Diane: I’m saying this to Nat only that Philip is angry because he knows that these three are ready to jump ship literally. I think he’s going to be left on his own.

The group is showing me that there are other spirits aboard the ship. They stay way back so even they wouldn’t be in contact with them. They are showing me that there are some who literally look and act like ghosts. They roam around walking through walls like they are sleepwalking, which I guess in a way they are. 

Steven: Yeah, we don’t interfere with them. We’ve tried to talk with them a few times but they don’t respond. They’re ghosts, but we aren’t.

Diane: So what do you guys think about maybe moving off the ship and going somewhere else?

Steven: Yeah but where?

Diane: I don’t know….maybe back home to see your families and loved ones? Once I said “loved ones”, Steven popped up a photo of his “sweetheart” in my mind. He said that they used to love jitterbugging at military dances. You met her where?


Steven: In Baltimore. He said that she would join him when he was on leave. She would try to join him wherever the ship docked but the war was on and it wasn’t always easy.

Diane: So yeah, you could see if you could find her. What was her name?

Steven: Kim, Kimberley was her birth name. But I called her Kim.

Diane: Steven is bowing his head. Edward is telling me that Steven knows how hurt she was when he died. 

They are asking what would they need to do and what would the process be for them to move off the ship?

Nat: It’s easy. Just have the will to want to do it?

They looked back and forth like it couldn’t be that easy!

Nat: It IS just that easy. Can I ask you, if it isn’t too personal, why you haven’t moved on already?

Diane: Okay so Edward came to get Steven but he wouldn’t leave the ship. They were best mates and Edward decided to stay with him. John, I’m still not getting anything personal about John, so he must want to keep that private and I respect that. They are saying now that if they go, can they all three go together?

I’m asking Nat via our private communication frequency if he thinks that they are ready?

Nat: Oh yeah, Diane, they are ready. Very ready. They are hesitating a bit because even though they’ve never seen eye to eye with Philip, they know that if he doesn’t leave with them, he’ll be even more desperate than he is.

Diane: Oh gosh. Well, Philip doesn’t seem too willing to do what the others want to do but I can tell that he doesn’t want to be left here alone.


Nat: No he doesn’t.

Diane: Do you think that if the others start to leave, that he will follow?

Nat: Well, I believe, that at this point, we have to try it. I don’t want to risk the others staying put because Philip doesn’t want to leave.

Diane: But do you think that they will go without him?

Steven got up and walked over the Philip. I don’t know what he is saying to him, but I’m assuming that he is updating him on how the others feel. I just see Philip shaking his head no back and forth. Steven’s arms are like “Why not”? What have you got here? Any place has to be better than this right? I felt that Steven let rank be put aside at this point. He was just talking person to person. 

Nat: There is a good opening happening soon Diane, I would like to get them in. 

Okay guys this is your chance now! We can get you through soon but we have to get some “Yays” down on paper! 

Nat started rounding everyone up. Nat went over to Philip. Steven said he couldn’t reason with him.

Diane: I can tell that Philip is frightened, but he would never admit it in front of the guys. I think this is also a class issue. Philip was from a well to do family and the others weren’t. And he is saying that he had a college education.

VintPhoto#5(The Hornet under Kamikaze attack.)

Nat tells him that there isn’t much time to think about things like that.

The other guys start lining up. 

Diane: Nat, anything you can say to reassure that they will be fine?

Nat went over to speak with them. Steven and Edward want a promise that they will still be together wherever they are going. Nat says that is up to them. No one would stop them from being together anywhere. The three are now holding hands.

Oh gosh. I feel so much for them. They are being so brave even though they are so scared. They truly don’t have any idea what they are stepping into. It would be the same as if you and I were about to do the same thing.

I can see a gold light coming towards us but it is very small. It enlarges very quickly and becomes a tunnel. He tells them to get ready to walk into the tunnel when he gives them the signal.

Nat: Okay now!

Diane: They’re going, Nat! 

Nat: Yes! They’ve gone. They are back. Boy, there are going to be some parties there tonight! 

Diane: My whole body is tingling Nat and I’m crying! That was so wonderful to see them walking to that light. Oh gosh! Wait! I didn’t see Philip with them! He didn’t go did he, Nat?

Nat: No Diane, he didn’t.


Diane: Well I guess he will leave when he is ready, but I’m not sure if he understands how lonely he might be on the ship. I know that he didn’t mingle with them, but I can see him eavesdropping on their conversations. He never felt that they were equal to him and he had to keep up that separation. But all along, I think that he wanted to be part of their group.

Nat: He made his decision Diane. We’ll keep looking after him so don’t worry. 

Diane: Oh great Nat. Would you please do that?

Nat: We will. He won’t be alone. He has never truly been alone. He has family on the other side and guides who have been trying to coax him back over but he won’t leave the ship.

Diane: Do we know why? Did he say anything to you about that?

Nat: Well we know why, but no, he didn’t say anything to me about that. 

Diane: Right since he didn’t want to share it, it isn’t our place to either.

Thanks so much, Nat for organizing the journey back for Steven, Edward and John. I know that they will be so happy back in spirit with everyone. Nat is saying to me that even though they felt that they would stick together like glue once they got back, soon, they will remember their lives in spirit. 

But I see them keeping in touch. 

Okay great! Thanks again to everyone who helped tonight. We wish Steven, Edward and John much happiness in their lives back home. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to assist them. They were shaking when the light was approaching so my heart goes out to them. Job well done I say! 

I wanted to make a movie to show the vast flight deck and started walking but it was just so large! A nice windy day on San Francisco Bay! That woke me up for sure! 

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 9th, 2021

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  1. Phillip sounds like a prima Donna I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt a little salty around him Diane. This is another reason why I’d love to try being a medium in a life st some point.

    • There’s no time like the present! Anyone can open up to being a medium. It takes work, but it’s so rewarding! I’m there to help the spirits to the best of my ability and patience is key with spirits like Philip. Usually, earthbound spirits aren’t very happy because it isn’t a very pleasant place to be. They can change that whenever they want, but sometimes they just need to know someone cares about them just like all of us. I think he truly wanted to open up to us. He is still dealing with hurt and frustrations from his last physical life. He isn’t ready to trust yet. Since he was communicating with us, I think he will in time. I’ll check back on him the next time I’m on the ship.

      • Oh definitely Diane but I’m sure this life was planned by you and Marc but I will hopefully work on developing a similar life plan for another point in time.

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