Bolan-Beaty Boogie Celebrate Six Years Together on the Astral – Come Join Us!

Party BalloonsDiane: Before I begin our story for tonight, here’s a quick update on where Marc and I are at with our trance channelling. Marc is repeating the same frequency words and then moving on to singing (a lullaby he said from his life as Marc) and body movements. The ‘words” are not anything I recognize, but I don’t have to. They are personal to him. What’s funny is that when we are practicing, he will repeat the same thing for about twenty minutes and I can hear it all, but once I’m out of trance, ask me to repeat it, and I can’t remember it. That’s when you can truly tell that this information isn’t coming from yourself.

Also, Marc is steering me to communicate by basically ditching words. He is suggesting that it’s time for me to rely more on other forms of communication namely emotions and feelings. He says that everything that we do now could be expressed that way. In the trance channelling class that I’m taking now with Jamie Butler, that was one of our homework assignments. She set us the challenge to not communicate via spoken words for twenty-four hours and I did it! She said that we could use written words but Marc is asking me to take that one step further to communicate with him at a higher frequency without any words at all. Marc says don’t get him wrong. He understands how important words are to humans. They meant the world to him as that is how he expressed himself to the world via his poetry and lyrics.

So if you feel up to it, try it for twenty-four hours and see what you experience. It’s a trip for sure!

Marc, we’ve been working on the trance channelling now for so long, I hope that I can still type out what I’m getting? I hope that I haven’t forgotten how. Are you there Marc?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane, I’m here. It hasn’t been that long since we’ve done this considering all the years we’ve already spent doing it.

Diane: Yeah I know but it feels pretty funny after all. I can’t seem to get comfy. I’ll start typing whatever is going on okay?

Marc: Yeah okay.

Diane: Are we leaving from our new mod pad?

Marc: Yeah let’s leave from here.

Diane: Are Lucan, Lisa and Phillip going to come? (Lucan and Lisa are helping me with the trance channelling and Phillip is my Gatekeeper.)

Marc: Yeah man they can if they feel like it?

Diane: I think they are wondering if that would be cool cause it’s a celebration of our six years together? It’s fine with me if everyone wants to come, but I’ll leave that up to you. They are saying that they might peek in but they won’t travel directly with us.

Marc, I’m ready. Which direction are we going?

Marc: Up Diane. We are going up.

Diane: Marc grabbed hold of my whole astral body. It felt like we shot right up into orbit. Wow! We are going faster than the speed of sound he is telling me. Really? It’s completely black out but I can see flashes of white light sparking on our sides. I wonder if it’s because we are just travelling so fast?

Marc: It takes a lot of momentum to get where we are going, Diane. If you hesitate or move too slowly, you’ll never make it.

Diane: I feel like we are slowing down a bit now Marc?

Marc: Yeah we are coming into the outskirts and they don’t like it if you speed through.

Diane: Who doesn’t?

Marc: Not telling.

Diane: Marc where are we setting down? I’m in that hazy half place when we land somewhere new.

Marc: Take your time Diane.

Diane: Well I can see you standing right in front of me Marc. You are motioning me to follow you. Wait! Why did your concerts at Wembley just pop into my head?

Marc: I don’t know. Why did they?

Diane: Are we going there? I mean, yeah that would be great of course, but that would seem like an odd place for you to bring us.

Marc: Well my concerts at Wembley were big celebrations so…

Diane: Are we were going to take sneak peeks at some of Marc Bolan life highlights?
But wait, that would seem odd too because you don’t talk about your life as Marc Bolan that often unless I ask you about it or if you are telling a story to share something.

Marc: Yeah that’s about it, Diane.

Diane: Upon my right, I’m seeing a large gold round energy ball and it’s resonating a sound like a gong. Is it announcing our arrival, Marc?

Marc: Could be Diane.

Diane. Right, we haven’t done this in a while and I forgot that you keep mum about what is going to happen. (Marc just smiled.)

Marc continues to hold my hand and so far, it’s like I’m walking with a face mask on because everything just seems like it’s in shadows. I’m sensing that there is going to be some kind of doorway up ahead soon. Now we are climbing up a ladder. There is a wooden trap door but I can’t get it open!

Marc: You have to say the magic words, Diane.

Diane: What are those “Open says moi”? “Six years love and light”? Okay, that did it. So it didn’t matter what I said as long as it came from the heart is what Marc tells me. Sweet! Marc all I see is bright light? Where are we?

Marc: Can you use other senses, Diane? Try and feel where you are.

Diane: I feel warmth and the feeling like we are with munchkins? I bend down and see some gold coins on the grass. I have to take a look at them closely because I’m being told that the image on them will help me determine where we are. All I see are the profiles of both Marc and myself. So are we in our own Wizard of Oz land or something?

Marc: Yeah that isn’t too far away Diane.

Diane: We are walking on a path, but no, it doesn’t look yellow or brick and someone is up ahead. Marc is introducing us. He’s saying this is the Major of where? Oh here!
Yeah, but where is here? He is a very jolly looking chap for sure with a prominent stomach and he has what looks like a Victorian watch fob in his waistcoat. He is very decked out for sure. High tea suit? Obviously, this is a special occasion.

What’s this? It looks like one of those rope ladders that you cross suspicious waterways in the jungle? I’m supposed to cross that?

Marc: It’s the only way to get to the other side Diane. Feet marching!

Diane: Well since I know that nothing can happen to me in the astral, here I go. I’m supposed to look down I’m being told. It looks like pink cotton candy and not water underneath us.

We make it to the other side and we start walking up a hill. OMG. When I come to the top of it, it looks like there are about a million figures on the other side sitting at tables in a vast beautiful valley. What is this Marc?

Marc: It’s our party, Diane!

Diane: What!! I’m getting that many of the spirits we’ve known in our past lives and everyone we know in spirit have come to join us today! Oh wow, Marc. This must have taken a lot to plan! How did you get everyone here?

Marc is showing me that he sent a large, prehistoric looking bird with invitations and it dropped them to everyone on the guest list. He is saying that he would have loved to have had this feathered friend in his life as Marc.

Marc: Don’t you want to join everyone, Diane?

Diane: Well yes sure! I can’t wait to see who we are going to meet! Maybe some famous faces?

Marc: Could be. We’ve known a lot of them.

Diane: That’s true. Oh wow! There are brightly coloured streamers on the table cloths and balloons. Marc is saying that there is an 18th-century, Wild West, Tudor, and futuristic areas. So our party is decorated in all the periods that we’ve visited in our blog or lived in the physical? Where is London for you, Marc?

Marc: It’s over there.

Diane: I can see figures getting on a double-decker bus. Where are they going?

Marc: Well this is like a theme park in a way Diane. (Marc loves theme parks!) They can go wherever they want!

Diane: I’m seeing ancient Egypt now! So Marc are these like holograms? I’m getting that it’s been set up so that our guests can change the theme of the rooms?

Marc: Well Diane, they could do that here anyway, but we’ve asked them to pick from several options in keeping with the theme of the party which is the celebration of our last six years.

Diane: I want to see who is here with us. It looks like millions of figures but can that be? I’m going to walk up to someone here. Oh my gosh, it’s Dave Bowie! Oh wow! Marc, Dave is here! I’m so excited. He is telling me that he wouldn’t have missed this for the world. That means so much to us. Now I’m trying to pick out who is with Dave. Okay, his lady friend who I’ve met before. I’m sorry! I know that I got your name on a previous visit. There is an older man next to Dave. Can I ask who he is? He is representing like he is a mentor or father type figure to Dave. I know that I know him very well. He is smiling at me and saying that it’s okay if I’m not recalling him now. He said that when I get back in spirit, he’ll tease me about this. Dave and his friends are going to venture around the party and say they’ll see us later. Marc where should we go?

Marc: It’s your party too Diane, go wherever you like!

Diane: Gosh so what’s interesting is that everyone looks like they are energy masses which they are I guess, we all are until I get closer to them and then they reveal a more human shape. They are doing this to help me out. A little girl has just run up to me and has given me a posey of violets. So sweet. What’s your name? Daisy? That’s odd. Marc, you had her do that, didn’t you? Marc is always giving me flowers because he loves them and knows I do as well.

As we are walking, I see the edge of a lake. What are you saying, Marc? Something about this party is being held in the same atmosphere but at a much higher frequency over the gardens of Versailles? Wait did I get that right? Can you give me that again? Yeah, that’s what I’m getting. Like if you were standing in the gardens of Versailles and upped the frequency of your location to a mega amount, then you would be where we are now.
So here we are at a lake, and there are swan boats all over the lake with spirit figures riding in them! There is an island in the centre with a version of King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein castle in it. Sweet Marc. That was always my fave castle as a child. King Ludwig had swan boats there and we have interviewed him on the blog. I know that people still remember your first number one song “Ride a White Swan”. I listened to that today actually! Can we go somewhere else, Marc?

Marc: I’m all yours!

Diane: Sweet! Let’s mingle Marc. What is this? I see a little boy about seven or eight next to me. Who are you?

Boy: I’m Billy.

Diane: Oh Billy, do I know you?

Billy: Yeah but not in this form.

Diane: Oh then why are you appearing in that form then?

Billy: Because I felt like it.

Diane: Huh? He ran off. Marc is leading me to the left. An older man gets up and he is smiling. This is someone very special to Marc so I must know him. Oh gosh. I want to remember him but when I try too hard, it tends to go blank. They are saying take my time and that I can remember….just read his energy. It’s all there. He has a large bouquet for me too! Oh my, this is a special day for me. This is to show me that we are close in spirit – very close. Are you a guide? He is snaking his head no. Marc is saying something. What is it, Marc? Do I remember what? Do I remember the time when he was what? I have to take a few deep breaths here.

I think that he is a teacher for Marc and me. Like he was one of the spirits who taught us what we are doing now. The older man is nodding yes. I can see Marc and me and we look like kids, even though this is spirit so we aren’t, but the man is handing us tablets that play wonderful scenes of possibilities. Marc, he is one of our teachers? Marc is nodding yes rapidly.

Oh wow! I recognize his energy now and it’s so familiar. I’m getting a name like Thaddeus. He is saying that he is so pleased that Marc and I are working together and using the instructions that he taught us.

Marc says that we have time to meet one more guest. And who did I want that to be?

Marc, I don’t know who is here although in a way I guess I do? I can’t think Marc. Marc says that he is going to take me to the banqueting table then. It’s long and very large like the ones you’d see in ancient castles. When we arrive, everyone stands up and raises their glasses and cheers. I just can’t believe that everyone has come to celebrate with us! Amazing! They start singing a song of cheer for Marc and me and they wish us all the best. Everyone is smiling and so happy. I’m seeing some interesting outfits at the table. One looks like a monk, one is an interdimensional being which a very large bald head, one looks like an 18th-century Russian lady.

So Marc are they appearing as they want or are they reshaping themselves so I will know them?

Marc: It’s a little of both Diane. We have to head back now Diane.

Diane: What? Marc tells me that I can come back tonight on the astral when I’m asleep as the party will surely still be going on.

We arrive back at our mod pad – our usual hangout now.

Diane: Marc that is an amazing party! Thank you so much for organizing it for me. I hope that everyone is having the time of their lives!

Marc: They are Diane don’t worry. You’ll join us later when you are asleep.

Diane: I would love that. I wish that I could have stayed and met more guests, but I am getting tired. I hope no one thinks that I didn’t want to meet with them all? (At some point, my physical body says enough of being at a higher frequency. It does take a lot of energy that needs to be built back up.)

Marc: They understand Diane.

Diane: Yes I’m sensing all my connections to each one of them and their energies as a whole. These are the spirits who have been with us through thick and thin and shared our physical and astral lives.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right.

Diane: And what I’m getting is that every person on earth has the same marvellous group of spirits as well. So if anyone reading this wants to go have a party with their loved ones and friends in spirit, nothing is stopping you. You don’t have to see them. Just set the intention to have your party on the astral and invite all your close friends, and family.

So Marc what are you saying? If anyone wants to try this on their own, ask for the loving white light of protection from your fave God, Jesus, Father, Mother, Universal Source (whoever feels comfortable for you to call upon) to come around you. Then start sending out invitations. Marc is saying that if you aren’t sure how to go about it or feel uncomfortable, ask your guides to assist you. Tell them that you want to plan a party with your friends on the astral and ask them to send out the invites and arrange it. Marc, we have party guides who help with these kinds of events right?

Marc: If you say so, Diane.

Diane: Stop teasing me! Marc is laughing and is saying, of course, we can have any kind of guides that we want. He says to set the intent and then ask your guides to set it up. He is saying don’t be disappointed if you don’t feel anything right away. It may happen in spurts or their energies may come all at once. They don’t want to alarm you, so it may only feel like a trickle but friends in spirit will come party with you.

And remember, don’t disregard any signs that may show up. If a bird flies by and you feel “Oh my! That bird feels like Uncle Mike!”, open up to that! If you aren’t used to interacting with spirits, they will send you signs in any number of different ways. Lose any expectations about receiving information in a certain way. Let those go out the window!

Marc, you told me a few weeks ago that you were planning something special for our anniversary, and you certainly did! Thank you so much for my lovely party. It means so much to me. We’ve had a great six years together and I can’t wait to find out what is coming up for us in the next year!

I keep hearing Princes’ lyrics “…party like it’s 1999”. Oh, shoot – Prince must have been at the party. After a bit, I look around my space in the astral and my other trance channelling guides are gone, as is Marc, so I guess they did pop off to the party. I’m just hoping that I still have some guides on duty? Hello? Hello? Hello? Aww, some of my guides pop in and say, of course, they are still with me.

So for anyone out there who might be having a not so great day…you know, maybe having thoughts that no one cares about you, you are alone, am I truly contributing to my surroundings….take heart. All of us…every single person reading this, has friends, guides and teachers in spirit egging us on to reach our goals in this physical life. And you know what else….share our love and one more thing…have fun! That’s what this is all about so get out there!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

October 30, 2021

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  1. That was a wonderful party to hear about! I love the idea that we all can have our own spirit party with our loved ones and friends on the other side. I like to think of incarnate and discarnate spirits as soul groups, and talk to them all of the time. But, a party would be so much fun, I’ll have to try that. Thanks for sharing your special anniversary with us!

    • I love that our spirit friends are so supportive of what we want to achieve in these physical lives! They feel that we are so brave for tackling these lives, so we should pat ourselves on the back!

  2. I wanted to know if Marc has seen June his ex wife who passed sometime after him? They parted under sad circumstances but that I guess was what he needed to do to learn and grow. she never removed her wedding ring & they never divorced. They had met up she says in an interview several months before he passed…sounds like they had a very deep love even after all those years

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