Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit the Ancient, the Wise and the Groovy

WilliamDiane: Marc, are you here? The one true Mark Feld? The one true Marc Bolan?

Marc: Yeah sure I’m here Diane. Where else would I be?

Diane:  It’s been a bit of a challenge getting Marc to do a blog post again as he is focused almost solely on our trance channeling. While I was doing my “sa ta na ma” mantra (I’m on a forty day challenge from Jamie Butler), I got the title for this post “Bolan-Beaty Boogie visit the Ancient, the Wise and the Fun”. How does that sound? Is fun right? Okay, so Marc, you are saying “groovy”. I thought “fun” was wrong. Marc, so I saw us speaking with a guru type entity, so I’ll see if that happens. No expectations. We are starting here at our mod pad in the astral right Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s the best jumping-off point.

Diane: There are good vibes here. Okay so where to Marc? Wait what’s that? A road map?

Marc: Yeah I’ve already set our course, Diane, if you don’t mind.

Diane: Rather Marc! How do we start tonight?

Marc: The best way Diane. Take my hand and I’ll lead you to the land of boogie.

Diane: You’ve never said that before!

Marc: Yeah but I’ve thought it before.

Diane: Let’s away! When we start to travel in the astral, some of it seems the same but then oftentimes, it’s different. Does that have anything to do with us or where we are going?

Marc: Both Diane. It depends on the path that I’ve chosen and if it’s available when we take off.

Diane: Why wouldn’t it be?

Marc: There could be many reasons. I like to take the road less travelled, so we don’t usually run into any difficulties.

Diane:  Let’s see which route we’re on tonight. It feels like we’re in a space ship or have I been watching too much Doctor Who? Marc, you’ve taken us places in your rocket. Are we on it again?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it was getting dusty and wanted a spin around the universe, so I said we’d take it out.

Diane: Great! It’s a very clear sky tonight Marc. I see some space debris floating about. It’s a mess out here isn’t it? Where are the dust people when you need them? It feels like the rocket is going slowly Marc. What’s up with that? Are we low on petrol?

Marc: I’m slowing down a bit because there is some congestion up ahead.

Diane: I don’t see anything in our way.

Marc: It’s a big starship Diane.

Diane: Oh you’re saying it has its shield up so I can’t see it. Can you?

Marc: Yeah I can see the outline.

Diane: I can feel the energy of it and it’s massive you are right. Wait but wouldn’t it be moving fast?

Marc: This is a busy time warp intersection, Diane. Think of it as what you would call a four-way stop. Everyone has to wait their turn.

Diane: Like planes on the runway?

Marc: If you prefer. Okay, we can go!

Diane: We are picking up speed now Marc. Yay! Going through a cave-like tunnel now Marc. I’m not fond of tunnels you know.

Marc: Yeah I know.

Diane: It looks lighter up there? How can that be?

Marc: New galaxy.

Diane: What?

Marc: It’s the cross over from one galaxy to the next.

Diane: Oh! So are you going to tell me where we are going? Marc just shook his head no. That’s what I thought. He wants me to stop talking for a bit because he’s coming in for a landing and needs to keep his wits.

Marc: Disembark!

Diane: We’re here? Okay now, give me a minute. It always takes me a bit to acclimate to a new setting.

Marc: Are you ready yet?

Diane: No I can’t see anything!

Marc: Well hold my hand and maybe it’ll come to you.

Diane: You in a hurry?

Marc: Well I do have meetings set up for us but …

Diane: Oh sorry! Marc is just kidding me, of course. He would never rush me. Especially since there is no time here. He says things like that to help me get it together.

Up ahead I see walls of prisms – all shapes and colours. Interesting. It looks like they are made of glass but when we start walking through them, they feel like rubber or soft material. That’s bizarre!

Marc: Come on Diane. I’ve got you.

Diane: Sorry for hesitating but that felt very odd.

Marc: It’s normal here.

Diane: Where is here?

Marc: Tranimiss 7.

Diane:  Did I get that right? It sounded like you were saying “Tranimiss 7”.

Marc: That’s pretty close Diane.

Diane: Is it Tranimiss or Tradimiss.

Marc: Tradimiss is closer.

Diane: Okay, so the sky here looks to be a hazy light blue with some fog. Like I can’t see ten feet in front of us? Pollution?

Marc: No clear off your eyeballs Diane.

Diane:  Marc is saying I need to tune in and focus more. Okay much better. We’re approaching a hut up ahead. There is a sign by the door. What’s that say? Guru N? Is that a name?

Marc: Come on in Diane. He’s waiting for us.

Diane: Oh wow! Amazing. There is a powerful incense in here and I can hear bells chiming and ringing. Are they announcing visitors?

Guru N: Come forward.

Diane: Just trying to make out what he looks like. Is he three dimensional looking or two or what? So his energy is inside of what looks like a big block of what? Ice?

Marc: It’s diamond, Diane. A form of diamond.

Diane: Okay so Marc is saying this isn’t three 3D, but wait – am I getting this right? It’s the energy of a substance like a diamond, but it’s the form that it would take here. So I can see the Guru’s movement like the prisms we walked through earlier. The inside of this diamond box has facets and when he speaks or moves, I see the colours in the facets changing.

Marc: Got it all now?

Diane: I think so. Marc, can you tell me about Guru N?

Marc: Yeah he’s the wise first, ancient second and groovy all the time.

Diane: Right! Can he respond to us? Is he here? I mean inside the block of diamond?

Marc: He is here but not technically in the block of diamond.

Marc went up to the block and bowed his head and did prayer hands. This helps put your energy in neutral and shows your respect. He is motioning me to do the same. It’s also a way of presenting yourself, he is saying, that shows that you come in peace and are open to receiving.

Marc: Go ahead, Diane. Ask him something.

Diane: Well yes…Guru N. I am pleased to meet you. Can you tell me more about yourself? I’m interested to see how you communicate. Are you a single life form, a group or a community?

He says that he is a group of energies that present themselves as a single entity. Okay, thank you. Is this your home? Is this where you always are? He says that he can be wherever he is but can always be found here.

You have “guru” as a title. Can I ask what you teach or do you follow a specific text? He is saying that he follows the ancient text of “Or”? Something like that. Oh, I’ve never heard of that. Was that ever taught on earth? Never. Can you explain what this ancient text is or the beliefs that it holds? I saw the facets turn all different colours very fast. Marc, I’m not getting his response.

Marc: Yeah it’s coming at you fast Diane. See if you can slow it down a bit.

Diane: I can slow his communication down?

Marc: Yeah ask him to slow it down a bit for you.

Diane: I’m getting this in images, not words. I’m seeing a large book and the pages are turning quickly. Symbols that I’m not familiar with are going into the book. They look ancient. The book is filling up with these symbols. He is saying that the symbols mean nothing unless someone will treasure them and believe in their wisdom. He says that these teachings are not forced upon anyone. He says that in fact, they wouldn’t work if they were. Freedom of heart and soul is key to their belief system. He is showing me a body lifting and being raised to a high frequency. They feel most comfy at these higher frequencies. They don’t go below a certain threshold. Marc, can you get what some of their beliefs are? I’m very curious?

Marc: Yeah I’ll ask him. He says love is the most important aspect of their lives.

Diane: This is deep within their very core. They know no hate or persecution. Do you have a specific work that you do? I keep hearing “to be uplifted, to glow, to expand our awareness in peace”. I think they like their solitude right, Marc?

Marc: Yeah they keep to themselves.

Diane: So can anyone join them or would it be hard to get in? They feel like a monastery, but they aren’t religious – at least not what would be considered one on earth. I’m getting that it might not be easy for everyone to join them because you would have to be very very dedicated in your beliefs and “heartfelt treasures” he is saying. So if you aren’t in their community, is this the only place that you can communicate with them?

Marc shook his head yes.

Marc: Diane, we gotta run. We should take our bows and thank you.

Diane: Wow Marc, they were interesting. I’m getting that they are a bit of a mystery right? Like no one truly knows what they are about.

Marc: They are mysterious Diane, that’s why I thought you would like to meet them.

Diane: Okay where to next Marc? Do we get back on the rocket? No, Marc is saying to hold his hand and we can astral project to the next location as it isn’t far from where we are now.

Are we in a canoe on a river in a jungle?

Marc: Yeah crazy isn’t it.

Diane: How did we end up here?

Marc: It’s on the map, Diane.

Diane: Well it looks like a jungle you would see on earth but there is something funky about the sky. It’s orange!

Marc: Yeah pretty.

Diane: And wait! There is a haze or pockets of white haze floating all over. Now, this isn’t my focus. This is real. Marc is saying that it isn’t haze. It’s a life form.

I see someone up ahead waving us over. I don’t actually “see” them. I just sense their energy.

Marc and I get out of the canoe. I can sense the energy that we are following but I’m not seeing it like I would with human eyes. Whoever it is, they seem kind of frantic. I’m picking up smaller life forms on our path and they are very curious. I think that I’ll be sensing all this energy here. It feels like I’m walking through a jungle with my eyes blindfolded, which means that I have to rely upon other senses.

We’ve stopped. Marc, can you see what is around us?

Marc: Well yeah Diane, but I don’t rely on human eyes anymore.

Diane: Right, of course. So we are surrounded by a presence and there appears to be a lot of them. Marc is luckily still holding my hand. What happens now, Marc?

Marc: Give it a second.

Diane: Oh wow! I’m feeling this amazing light energy covering us. It’s coming from all around us. Marc is saying these are healing what? Healing energies! Wow! It feels like I’m holding about a million crystals in my hands. I’m seeing very thin sheets of paper and each piece is carefully getting water misted on it. “Soul layers” is what I’m hearing. So, Marc, this is a spa for cleansing soul layers? Marc nods. Marc is saying that these entities are renowned for their very ancient healings (way before anything was around on earth) and how minute their detail is. They have to be so learned because they are handling sacred energies – our souls. Marc said it took him a long time to get this appointment. I bet! It takes me a month to get a massage on earth. So Marc is telling me that they treat every soul and its various incarnations individually.

So what are they healing Marc? Whatever we need or do we meet with them ahead of time? He said that it is arranged but they give recommendations. They are done.

Amazing! We were bounced out of there fast. Where are we now? Okay, we are sitting on a sandy beach. Is this earth Marc?

Marc: No not yet Diane.

Diane: Well they were amazing! How wonderful to get that healing from them. What did they look like Marc? Did they have figures?

Marc: No Diane, they are colours of energy.

Diane: Wow I’m amazed! Marc anywhere else? Wait who is that? It looks like a very large tortoise coming our way. Marc nodded yes. It is standing right by us. Who are you? William? William the tortoise? He is saying yes. Well pleased to meet you, William. Marc, you know him? I can tell because the energy lines between you are merging and they are very pure and old.

Marc: Yeah I’ve known William for a long time.

Diane: Well then I must know him too. This isn’t the first time I’m meeting him is it?

Marc: No you are remeeting him, Diane.

Diane: Oh wonderful. Yes! I can tell now. I have a long and old connection with William too. How are you? He says that he is fine and it’s interesting to meet me in this particular incarnation.

Marc: Diane is getting tired, William.

Diane: I am, but I don’t want to leave William yet. Please tell me more about yourself and how we know each other? I get the feeling that we do many things together in spirit? Do you always take the shape of a tortoise?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane, because that’s what he is.

Diane: A very old one and yes very wise and the ultimate in groovy. He is saying that he likes to think of himself as a philosopher. Yes, I can remember that we have discussions about theories and events and bounce ideas off each other. So we have had very interesting conversations with William haven’t we Marc?

Marc nodded yes again.

Marc: William, it’s time for me to take Diane back. I’ll meet up with you later.

Diane: I saw William turn and walk away…slowly. Thank you for coming, William! I’m so excited to meet you again!

Back at our mod pad…

Diane: Oh wow Marc! Thank you so much for taking me on this trip! That was crazy about William because I know his energy so well. I can feel him in my heart. I think that he is a really good friend of ours right?

Marc: Yeah he is Diane.

Diane: I think that you have known him longer than me. Is that true? Like he was your friend and you introduced us? I can tune into William now that I remember who is! I will love that!

Marc: Yeah Diane, he will enjoy that too.

Diane:  I can see us on the beach having deep conversations with him.

Marc: William is a deep thinker.

Diane: I’m getting flashbacks to times when some of what he said just flew over my head type thing. He has opened me up to many different ideas. Such an old soul. Lovely.

Later on, I found myself thinking about why does William present himself as a tortoise and was that to benefit the title of our blog? Marc said that is truly who he is though. I wondered what I show myself as in spirit? Do I look like the physical Diane or a coloured energy mass like the healers?

What I do know is that meeting William again was a trigger for me and that he is going to be playing an important part in my life from now on. It’s such a wonderful feeling to meet someone whom you have temporarily forgotten. It will be fun to discover why he has come now and what, if anything, I will be discovering now that he is here.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 20, 2021

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