Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Alcatraz Prison


Diane: Wow, Marc we haven’t done a post in so long! I hope that I remember how to go about it

Marc: You will Diane.

Diane: A lot has been happening for us right Marc?

Marc: Yeah that’s right Diane

Diane: The big news is that you are speaking and singing in English now during our trance channelling sessions! You have been speaking a spirit language mostly up until now. What did you say to me about English Marc?

Marc: I told you that English isn’t my first language.

Diane: I know it’s true. You also told me that you’re enjoying feeling “groovy” in a body. I love that! I’ve been learning so much about channelling especially to let go of expectations that I might have. For instance, I always had an idea of how we were going to go about this but that turns out to be not necessarily the best method for us. Before I was thinking that I would check out altogether but now I’m fully conscious but in an altered state of awareness. I can hear everything that you say but I’m working to stay in present time and calm that mind that is always, apparently in over drive.

Marc: Well Diane, there were many different ways that we planned to do this in spirit, but yeah, this one seems to work best for us.

Diane: So you’ve told me that we’ll start here and see where this goes. Marc talked me through an exercise where I found a quiet safe place in the mountains where I’ve met two new spirit friends, a raven and an owl. They help keep me company so my mind doesn’t wander back to what Marc is doing. I get so excited about how this works and what Marc is going to say next that it kicks him out or makes it more difficult for him to bring his energy through fully.

Marc: Yeah Diane, two energies in one brain can work, of course, but we’re trying to get you there but not there – at least for now.

Diane: You said that we need to get to the point where it’s second nature for me where I don’t give what is happening a second thought. You likened it to your music. You showed me when you were on the stage at Wembley. You said that when you performed in concert, you weren’t thinking about what you were doing. You were singing and playing your tunes and it had at that point become automatic for you.

Marc: Yeah and what else did I say?

Diane: You said that took a lot of practice for you to be able to do that.

Marc: That’s right.

Diane: We’ve put a lot of practice into our channelling and it’s had its ups and downs but we’ve never given up.

Marc: Yeah giving up Diane isn’t in either of our vocabularies.

Diane Nope. Okay so onto our topic for tonight. A few weeks ago, I visited Alcatraz penitentiary. I’ve been there several times, but not for many, many years – way before I started working with my current team of guides and Marc. Last time, I ran into a man from New Jersey who was in for tax evasion, a German murderer who worked in the kitchen and a rather nasty serial killer who wanted to lure me into the cell area with him. This time, I made the intention that I would only be opening up to helping any spirits who may want to cross over.

I’ve been through a few historical places where the spirit vibe has been so strong, it was hard for me to carry on with the tour. One was in a jail in the Midwest where I walked into a room and couldn’t move one inch in front of me, and the other was in a castle in Ireland. Since you can’t stop a tour that you are on, and many of these places you can’t get through without being on one, I have to do my spirit work after the fact.

Basement Stairs

(Stairs that lead to the basement area where they used to keep prisoners. Our tour guide had to alert someone via walkie talkie that we were heading down there as apparently it is very much still off limits.)

This time, I took a “Behind the Scenes” tour that had access to places that are usually off-limits to the public like the laundry, the chapel, the hospital, the prison guard rec room and the gun platform where the guards covered the entire cell block.

When I was in the rec room, I noticed two young-looking spirit men waiting by the door trying to get my attention. I wasn’t sure if they were prisoners or what at that time. When we left, they followed but stopped when I reached the hallway that led to the hospital. I don’t know why they wouldn’t enter there but their job was to get my attention and that they had done.

I started getting communications from another spirit who I knew to be their “boss”. I got that he was someone who had a physical life in the crime world, and wondered if it might be Al Capone as he was at Alcatraz. But that was tossed out when he sent me a visual. He was, how should I say, plump with red hair and had a very friendly smile. I got that his name was something like Kelly and he wanted to find out if I would be interested in helping some spirits cross over. When I asked him if he was Capone in another form, he said “No I was more powerful than Capone and smarter. They never caught me”.


(The basement area – one of the oldest parts of the prison where prisoners were kept in solitary.)

A few weeks have passed since then, so Team, are we ready to find out what our job will be? (They all yell “Yes!” with their arms moving in the air!)

Okay Nat, you’re the expert on the team with crossing over spirits, have you got Kelly with you? (If any readers don’t remember Nat, he was a soldier in the Civil War, who introduced himself to me as “Corporal Nat Ferguson” and eventually, I was able to find his military records.

Nat: I have Diane.

Diane: Oh great. Yes, I see him behind you. Is he going to come closer?

Nat: He said that he is comfortable where he’s at and doesn’t need to come any further.

Diane: Okay fine. Now he showed me when I was at the prison, images that looked like the outlines of eyes with blue, rust and gold streaks in them. I was told that these were groups of spirits who have put themselves under his care. He told me that he wanted to reach out to us because he knows how we have helped other spirits cross over and thought that we would be able to help. Do I still have that correct? Kelly nodded yes. Can I ask again, what name do you want to go by? He said that Kelly will be fine. Nat do you want to take over here or what?

Alcatraz SpiritsNat: Well Diane, you’re doing fine but let me just get something in place.

Diane: Kelly is saying that he wouldn’t trust just anyone with this because the spirits who are with him are very dear to him. Aww, that is very nice to hear. Now can I confirm that the spirits with him are all spirits who were once on Alcatraz at some point? He is nodding yes and no. Now I’m still seeing the two separate “pods” Kelly is calling them. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything like that before. Can you tell me why they are showing themselves like this? I’m getting that they don’t want to be either separated or show themselves as individuals? Is that it?

Tunnel(The tunnel to the laundry)

Kelly is saying that some of them felt like outsiders in their physical lives. They didn’t feel “normal” or like other people.  In Alcatraz and other prisons, that was a common belief within the inmates. Some of them went into lives of crimes very early and others are telling me that it was the only way that they felt they could make it through those lives. Some wouldn’t have had it any other way and they enjoyed it. Some are saying that they liked the notoriety of being famous.

Okay, so Nat what is our first step here? Kelly?

Nat: Well Kelly is calling forwards the spirits who are ready to move on.

Diane: Yes now I can see them. They are glowing white and they are showing human figures. They are standing side by side. I can see them shifting back and forth and a few of them are trying to make sure that their lines are very straight. There is an energy cord connecting all of them where handcuffs and chains may have been. That is very interesting. I know this isn’t a punishment and they have chosen this. I think they want to show me their solidarity and that it’s all or nothing with them right?

Nat: Yes Diane that is right. One is not going to leave without the one standing next to them.

Diane: Well can I ask why they haven’t decided to go sooner? Kelly is saying that they’ve been waiting for a team whom they could trust to help them cross over. Now, Kelly, I’m getting that you are someone they trust and understand where they are coming from. You had guys like them working for you right? He nods “yes”. So when you got to spirit, you wanted to help spirits from that background pass over. You’ve had these spirits under your protection is that right? He nods affirmatively again. So I’m seeing that your role is as protector and not to help them cross correct?

Kelly: That is correct. I’m here as a keeper but not the kind that contains them.

Diane: Wait I’m sorry can you repeat that, please? He is speaking with his mouth and I’m not sure if it’s easier for him to just speak telepathically?

Nat: I’ll ask. He says it doesn’t matter to him whichever way works for you


(The laundry where a few films have been made.)

Diane: Let’s try again Kelly. He said that yes, his role is to be there for them but it isn’t to cross them over. He says it’s because they need him to be where they are even though technically he isn’t.

So wait a second. Does someone want to come forward out of the line and speak? Am I getting that? I see a young man step out of line with determination, but the energy chains are still around his wrists. He says he is Sebastian. Okay hello. We are very pleased to meet you. Nat, they aren’t afraid, are they? His energy seems a bit uncomfortable.

Nat: Well I think they do have some apprehension Diane, but you would have to ask them about that.

Diane: Okay Sebastian what would you like to say? We are listening. He looked over at Kelly who shook his head up and down as if to say “go ahead, now is your chance”.

Sebastian is going to speak telepathically because he isn’t moving his mouth. He is telling me how unhappy they’ve been in this existence. He said it’s as if they haven’t left prison. I ask him why they are bound together? He says because they don’t feel that they have the strength to exist alone. He is saying that one is holding the other one up. They have spent the years since they left prison together because they couldn’t have stood it any other way. He is saying that yes many of them killed people or robbed them and the ones in this group have all felt remorse. They ask those who they harmed to forgive them.

Hospital Hallway

(The hallway in the hospital where Kelly’s messengers wouldn’t enter)

He said that when he first passed from the physical, he used to tell himself that it wasn’t his fault. He was born an orphan and was abused throughout his childhood. No one loved him and he had given up hope of ever feeling like part of the world. He says that after he left his body and had time to reflect, which is what he needed, he understood that a life of crime was taking the easy way out at least for him. He is saying that he had choices and no one was to blame but himself. That was a very special realization for him because he spent his whole incarnation feeling like the victim. He felt that it was him against the world. The world had been cruel to him and anyone who crossed him got what he or she deserved.

He wants to come forward now to say to anyone who  may be reading this that if this is your viewpoint, to please reconsider. No one but you is making your decisions and yes, there are consequences for whatever you choose to do. (He doesn’t mean this in the sense of punishment. He says that you will have to reckon with yourself sooner or later.) He said that he felt comfortable in a life of crime and spent it with others who felt the same way. Then he stepped back into the line and said  “That’s all that I wanted to say”.

Thank you Sebastian for sharing your thoughts with us. I can see that it wasn’t easy for you to do that. Kelly is walking close to them and I’m not sure what he is saying to them?

Hospital Room

(The hospital)

Nat: I think that he is asking them if they are ready and are they sure that this is what they want to do.

Diane: I think that you are right because I see them shaking their heads up and down. Okay, Nat are we ready with this?

Nat: Yes Diane, everything is set up. They are expected.

Diane: Oh gosh my head is tingling so strongly. This always happens when spirits are crossing over. Okay right here is the light coming. I see the men turn to face it and they start walking! Yay! I’m trying to make out how many are going. It looks like about twenty or so but I can’t tell for sure. I’m so excited for them!


(The gun port where guards were locked in for the day.)

The light tunnel closed up and Kelly held his hands to his heart and said “My work here is done” and disappeared.

Oh wow, that was so brilliant! I know that Kelly has other spirits with him that aren’t ready to cross yet though right?

Nat: Yes that’s right, so he’ll go back to be with them.

Diane: Now you’ve told me before Nat that sometimes spirits feel more comfortable being assisted by someone who is in the physical right? So I know that Kelly wanted us to help his friends because he knows that we have a history and wouldn’t judge them for what they have done.

Nat: That’s right Diane. No judgment here.

Diane: I know that you worked so hard behind the scenes here Nat to get everything ready for their crossing and I want to say thank you so much.

Nat: It’s my work, Diane.

Cells Hallway

(Part of the main cellblock)

Diane: I know and I love being part of it. Now can we get any news about what is going on over there now Nat?

Nat: Let me tune in and ask. Okay one of them tried to run back but Sebastian went after him and led him towards the light.

Diane: Sebastian seems like a really strong spirit. I can see many of them running towards spirits waiting for them on the other side. They all separated and when I see them running, the energy chains fall off! Isn’t that wonderful! Once they crossed they broke that bond because they no longer needed the support. I can see the energy from the chains transmuted back into their new lives. I’m seeing them go off with their spirit families and guides. When they were with us, they were one mass. Nat, I know that each spirit will be given any assistance they need to heal from that incarnation and experience.

Nat: That’s right Diane. Many of their spirit groups have been waiting patiently for their return and were ready for them, so they are in good hands.


Diane: Well thank you so much everyone for helping! I’m so excited for them and I thank Kelly for getting my attention at Alcatraz. I can feel the shift in their energies now and it’s truly the difference between night and day.

Later on…

Marc, I know that you tend to stay out of the picture when we assist spirits crossing over but you are always front and centre.

Marc: Yeah man, I’m happy for them.

Diane: Oh so am I! Well, I guess we’ll say goodnight for now Marc and we’ll post about the trance channelling when we have something new to report. Our goal is to still get a video up and running.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 27, 2022


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  1. Awesome work Diane! I’ve been helping souls who were put in a black box get freed (including myself) and it’s very rewarding work.
    I also wanted to mention that I’ve been researching ravens and owls lately for my spirit work, and so I find that a great synchronicity that they are helping you too. Glad you have time to post again. Looking forward to what you and Marc come up with next.

    • Thank you! The raven distracts me by playing with marbles and the owl flies towards the moon. Sounds like a nursery rhyme! They are wonderful! I would be interested in finding out more about this black box. How do souls get there and what is the reason? How are you helping to free them? I’m assuming they are putting themselves there directly or indirectly?

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