We’re Still Here! A Bolan-Beaty Boogie Update!

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Some folks are wondering what is going on with Marc and me, so I thought I’d write a short update. I have meant to do this many times but only now feel that something is interesting enough to report. 

About this time last year, it was apparent that Marc wasn’t interested in working in the same method – i.e. my writing down our telepathic communications. If I sat down to meditate, he wasn’t very forthcoming. It was as if he was dragging his feet. I knew what he was trying to tell me. It was time for us to fully embrace trance channelling, whereas Marc speaks directly through my body. We had been working on it already for quite some time. Now we were ready to embrace it full throttle! 

I have to admit, even though Marc has said trance channelling is simple, I unintentionally set up roadblocks for myself. This meant making videos and did I want to be on camera? What if people didn’t think it sounded like Marc? Did I want to go through that again? We had many a long talk about this and what it came down to (Marc is an amazing teacher and friend!) is did I want to let hurdles stop the work and fun that we wanted to create and share together? The answer to myself was always “NO!” but that didn’t stop doubts and fear from popping up now and again. 

At first, Marc could move a finger, then an arm and gradually he started moving my mouth. He made it fun by asking me to download some of his fave tunes from the likes of Elvis and Dylan. I hadn’t really listened to Dylan before but became a firm fan. When I listened to the music, Marc would pop in and start mouthing words to songs I didn’t personally know the lyrics. It was an amazing feeling to have someone else moving parts of your body. 

Another aspect of trance channelling that threw me for a loop IS the fact that someone else is using my body. I have 100% trust in Marc and my guides, but part of me seemed be saying “Huh”? Marc said that was understandable as this is how I know myself. Even though I understand that I’m a spirit focused on a human body, I’m pretty attached to it. My body also had to get used to having Marc’s energy flowing through it. It put up a bit of a fight, but now they are fast friends. 

I also had to learn to leave expectations about how trance channelling was supposed to work at the door which was a big jump for me. I thought it was going to work like other mediums I’d seen whereby they check out completely and don’t recollect much or any of what has happened. That was my goal and when it wasn’t working like that, I got frustrated and thought I was doing it “wrong”. That doesn’t work for everyone and that isn’t the way Marc and I are doing it. The reason that I wanted it to work like that is I wanted to get completely out of the picture and allow Marc to be the star of the show. Marc told me that maybe at some point it will work like that, but he can come through fine without my going into a full, deep trance. I can hear everything that is going on but I’m too far removed to be part of the action or move my body unless I intentionally jump back into it. 

Plus I happen to be one of the most impatient people in the world. Marc kids me about it, but he admits that he was the same way when he was physical. I want whatever it is yesterday. I don’t mind practicing, but I want fast results. As Marc pointed out to me numerous times, channelling doesn’t work that way. Things happen when they are ready to happen…when the energy is ready. Some days, I would just throw up my hands and quit saying “maybe I’ll be more patient tomorrow?”

Fast forward to today….

Marc and I are extremely excited about what we are doing now. We are one of twenty teams that are working with David Bowie on an aspect of his Bowie TV communication system. If you aren’t familiar with what David is doing, you can check out one of our past posts on the subject. It’s still early days, so who knows where it will lead, but we are sending out a far reaching signal (Marc calls it the “Ping”) in the cosmos and seeing who responds. Marc calls it very “Star Trek”. So far, we haven’t gone very far out, but we just got the okay to go deeper. Nothing is too odd or strange for us and we are so excited to see what happens. 

No, I don’t know how it works and details about the technical aspects are not forthcoming. Marc calls it “hush, hush”. David isn’t giving out the info because it’s his baby. Marc is taking this very seriously and spends most of his time in meetings with the Bowie group. We are working with, among others, team leader Dmitri who works very closely with David. 

Fun right? Loads of fun. I have been making videos of recent sessions which I hope to get up on the site as soon as I learn to edit them. 

Word to the wise…if you are expecting Marc to sound the same as he did in the physical (British accent and 70s slang) yeah…you might be disappointed so join me in losing any expectations about life. He said the most important thing now is just getting the mechanics to work. He tells me that he doesn’t want to mimic Marc completely because that isn’t who he is now. He said it would be pretending to be someone he wasn’t and that doesn’t interest him. If you are curious in finding out who he is in current time and what makes him tick, then check back with us soon. We’re having a lot of fun and we want to share it with all of you! 



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  1. Iv missed hearing from you both I’m glad that you are both back Please notify me of anything that’s happening I’m very interested as iv always been a big fan of Marc

  2. Yay Diane! So great to hear from you and Marc. Did hope all was ok since it had been months since we heard from you. Looking forward to the videos and seeing where this all leads.

    • Thanks Laura! I’m wondering where it will all lead to as well! 😂 I kept meaning to do updates on the site, but then something would happen and I felt I’d gone back five steps instead of going forwards. I’ve never seen Marc this excited but he says we might take it slow to begin with and see how it all goes. So…all good.

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