Working with Marc, Channeling Spirit, Letting go of Expectations and Facts

Diane explains how she began to work with Marc and the hurdles she faced with channeling a public person. Also, we discuss information for anyone interested in channeling spirit, such as don’t give up if the going gets tough! You can do it! If you are unhappy about a reading from spirit that you received, maybe some of the insights we offer will help with closure. Spirit wants to connect to us, but they may not do it in the ways we most expect.

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  1. Jus watched this video earlier, many thanks people who knew Marc want to query and ask questions..met him many times & a bunch of us stood outside his office and flats. We absolutely adored him. I remember being impressed at how much some people who worked for him also loved him. I’m sure looking back he knew he had to work fast as his life wouldn’t be long in this incarnation, all makes perfect sense! Thank you

  2. He does talk to me a lot about knowing that he didn’t have much time and that he couldn’t let anyone or anything get in his way. He has said that not everyone ended up loving him because he burned bridges and people got hurt. While I’m writing this, he is showing me how he meets up with friends once they pass over to spirit. Usually, there is a hierachy of who greets you when you pass. Marc is showing himself waving his arms and trying to get to the front row to get their attention. He said they have a chat, everything is talked over and usually laughs ensue. He truly is adorable! So I think what he wants to share with us is even if you have disagreements or fall out with people, don’t think it can’t be mended because it can even if it isn’t in the physical. Spirit can hear you so tell them what you want to say now!

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