Afterlife Chat Between Marc and David Bowie!

Here’s a wonderful afterlife chat between Marc and David Bowie talking about their friendship when they were physical and what they are both up to now!

3 responses to “Afterlife Chat Between Marc and David Bowie!”

  1. Oh God that was hilarious there little teasing each other I think even after I’m done this life I’ll still follow you and Marc as it’s always a fun time.

    • It’s always fun when they get together I agree! They tease each other even although you could never separate them. David absolutely adores Marc. I’m sure they’ve done the sibling rivalry in many past lives. Sure! Maybe Marc and I will see you on a passing cloud in spirit.

  2. This was great, i can picture them as they were in life teasing each other about who was better. Thank you Diane, Marc and David for everything you bring us from the other side.

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