Bolan-Beaty Boogie Marc Chat – Who He Was, Who He is Now and What Happens When We Pass Back to Spirit

Marc talks about his last physical life as Marc and would like to introduce who he is now. He also touches upon what happens to us when we pass back over to spirit.

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  1. Not sure why but even before I discovered mediums I was never really afraid of death and I thought it was odd going to a funeral home. But this is a nice reminder to not be afraid or worried about death. I even seem to recall sitting at a picnic table with presumably my deceased grandmother and I know I wasn’t alone but I don’t remember anything else.

    • Funeral homes can be very grim huh? Even though it’s hard for people we love to leave us, I’ve seen that they bounce back quickly to what has happened. A friend of mine just passed through tragic circumstances. I was hanging out with her in the in-between stage on the astral because she was waiting to see if she could get back into her body. At one point, I saw her walking away and I knew she was ready to move on. I said “goodbye” and she looked back with a smile and waved. She was gonna be just fine. At my Father’s funeral, he was dancing around the coffin, as he was so happy to be out of a body that hadn’t worked in years. Marc says that he would rather be where he is than in a physical body. Marc always tells me to never worry about anything. He says that energy is absolutely pointless (unless you want to be in that energy to experience something). He says find a way to work it out.

      • Yeah funeral homes can be grim but not sure how else to describe it for myself. I can definitely see a person being happy to be out of a body that doesn’t work for them though dead or alive I won’t be putting on dancing shoes anytime soon both for my own embarrassment and possibly causing ptsd for everyone else 😅

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