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This site is dedicated to afterlife communication with Marc Bolan, from the British band T Rex – channeled via a spirit medium Diane Beaty – which began in November 2015. Although Marc passed from his physical life in 1977, he would like to tell us why he has come back now and to pass along messages from where he currently resides.

We have all had many lifetimes as different people throughout time and Marc is no exception. We know that spirit energy cannot die but continues to grow throughout the ages. Although he loved his life as a rock star, Marc would like to share with us who he is now and what he is creating. These posts may sound different than what you expect – but who knows, you may be delightfully surprised by what you read!

Marc has requested that this information be made available to whoever would like to read it.

Diane is a graduate of the Aesclepion Clairvoyant Program (Clairvoyant counseling and Spiritual healing), Jamie Butler’s Approaching Trance Channeling series and various other classes and workshops devoted to self awareness, energy work, meditation, healing and feeling groovy.

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