Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet Theodorus and Discuss Accessing Your Higher Vibration (A Chat)


Marc recently introduced me to Theodorus, a light energy being whom he calls a “wizard”, “alchemist” and “master of energy manipulation”. He said that he has taught him many “tricks of the trade” and that both Marc and myself have worked with him in the many past lives we have shared together. He appears as an older man with white hair, black robe and sits in an dark room surrounded by books and solar system models.

Diane: Theodorus, can you tell me more about yourself?

Theodorus: I was a Greek mathematician when I was last on earth many years ago – around 5 BC.

Diane: Not much is known about you?

Theodorus: Much was known about me when I was upon the earth, but many records have been destroyed due to fire and natural disasters.

Diane: How many times have you been on earth?

Theodorus: I have only had three incarnations on the earth planet.

Diane: Why have you come to talk with us now?

Theodorus: Because Marc has requested it. We have worked together throughout the ages and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Marc: So we are trying to get Diane to more freely leave her body and raise her consciousness at a higher vibration. How can she go about that?

Theodorus: It is not always an easy thing to do but it can be learned. Right now, she is vibrating back and forth – going too much in and out and that is causing her frustration. She must remove any kind of frustration in her energy in order to access these higher realms.

Diane: How do I do that?

Theodorus: Know that since you are a spiritual being first and a physical second, that this is common place for you. It is not something you are learning again. It is something that you already know. Access that part of yourself that knows this to be the truth.

Diane: Can you give me and our readers examples on how to go about doing this?

Theodorus: Yes. You are letting your brain interfere. You must work from your heart and higher chakras to access the vibrational levels that you seek. Close down the human brain as it will try and reason that something like this is foreign to you. It will alert the body that something is in error. Trust yourself and remember who you really are. Once you feel safe, it will become much easier for you. See an energy line – choose whatever color you wish – but blue is very soothing – starting from your heart chakra going up through the crown to your higher self.  Visualize yourself in a safe place at the vibration that you wish to be. Ask your guides to help or a family member who has already passed over. Do not rush yourself. All will be achieved at the correct time. If you do not feel your vibration rising, do not become frustrated. It will come in time. Try to see a landscape or a physical place. If you can’t, imagine clouds or a neutral environment. Once you become more familiar with your surroundings, you can start seeing more details. Marc has already been working with you on this has he not? If you weren’t already at a higher vibration, you would not be able to speak with me now.

Diane: Yes and we’ve been making great progress.

Theodorus: Good. Remember it is already something in which you are familiar. Do your grounding and meditations then see what wonderful realms you can access. Take Marc along with you as he loves to travel.

Diane: Oh believe me….I do. He goes everywhere I go. Any other advice?

Theodorus: Yes listen to yourself. Accessing your higher self is something all of you can do. Set your intention to tap into this part of yourself. It is there waiting to hear from you. Be calm and know that you are loved and protected. If for some reason you feel any fear, look at what is causing the fear at that point in time and ask for more information. Whether it be an image, feeling or telepathic communication. Once you have access to what is the root cause of the fear, it will dissipate. That isn’t to say that you can’t bring it back, but the next time, since you will already be familiar with the feeling or image, you will more readily be able to knock it out of your space and move on. Soon it will stop popping up.

Diane: Are you considered light energy? You are not an ET or incarnate at this time?

Theodorus: You are correct. I am a non-physical energy form.

Diane: Thank you Theodorus, this is very helpful.

Theodorus: Yes…it is an honor to help assist you in your journey to reach your higher vibrations.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 23, 2016



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