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Marc Outside

Diane: So Marc, I happened upon some of your poems from your Warlock of Love book. Although I think that some of the themes/words are similar to what you are doing now, do you think most of our readers will see a huge difference in style?

Marc: Well firstly, I was channeling the majority of the book from three different sources, much like you are channeling what I’m saying now, but obviously I’m the only source for you. It would be impossible for me to write the same as then because I’m not at the same vantage point as I was on earth. I do not have the human factor, so it was me then and there is me now.

The persona of Marc did not cease to be in 1977. I’ve chosen to continue on with it because it is timely for me to do so and I feel that there are still things I can learn and contribute as Marc. Also, we agreed to be doing this collaboration now so Marc had to continue. Since leaving the earth, I haven’t been lying dormant. I’ve been expanding my knowledge. I’ve visited many exotic places and planets.  Although time as you know it there doesn’t exist here, it would be improbable for someone to sound the same so many years after the fact.

Diane: What would you say to the people who say you don’t sound like Marc Bolan anymore?

Marc: Well I guess I would say that is their opinion. I am still Marc Bolan….yeah. I probably don’t sound as I did because I have moved from that life – what I’m creating now is different in ways and that is how it should be. I wrote love poems too as Marc, but a lot of the public didn’t see them because they were personal. Right now, I’m in love so that is a subject that I want to write about – what I’m feeling literally in my soul.

Diane: So you want to say that you aren’t stuck in a time warp over there?

Marc: That’s right. I have access to all my past lives and history so although I’m keeping the persona of Marc for this blog, I am technically much more than that – much more expansive. Most people would probably say that Paul McCartney doesn’t sound the same as he did forty years ago either and sure he is different – but he is still the same Paul. As Marc I was utilizing a set of parameters that I can still access, but now I have the ability to use more.

Diane: How would you respond to someone who said that you sound like you are using less now?

Marc: Well that could be what they believe and there isn’t anything to be done about that. We are not here to get people to believe it’s me or not. We are here to talk about and create what we want and send it down for the people who want to read it. Some of the fans might not be up for this and the majority are not going to accept me as I am now and that is okay. Vibrationally we are making some changes here and that really turns me on.

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January 3, 2017

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