Bolan-Beaty Boogie Interview Dave Bowie Who is Back for an Afterlife Chat!

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Diane: Anything special you want to talk about today Marc?

Marc: Yeah I think so. Dave Bowie is back with us today as a special guest.

Diane: Wonderful! You were giving me hints that he might be back with us again soon.

Marc: That’s right. He wants to bring us up to date on some things that he is working on. Okay Dave…the floor is yours.

Dave: Well Marc, we’ve been gaining ground on the communication project that I spoke to you about awhile ago – Bowie TV.

Marc: How so?

Dave: Well in regards to the prototype that we are working on, we have seen some amazing advancements with the solar power necessary to help us run it.

Marc: How does that work exactly?

Dave: Well it’s going to be too involved to explain here but with the ions that are radiating off the earth’s axis – and the tilt of that same axis, we will be able to more readily communicate to those on earth that are already involved with the project.

Marc: Can you remind the readers again what Bowie TV is?

Dave: Yes it’s kind of like satellite communication but instead of it being relayed by mechanical means – i.e. an actual satellite – it is wholly reliant on gravitational force between our energies here and the earth.

Marc: How many people on earth are currently involved?

Dave: Right now, only several hundred although all are not aware of who is exactly responsible for it. The network that we currently have of interested people are tuning in to frequencies but don’t necessarily know yet whom they are speaking to.

Marc: Well then how are you going to go about educating those people who just think they’re talking to some dude on the moon? (OMG Marc makes me laugh all the time! He is actually just wanting us to know how far reaching this is right now.)

Dave: Well Marc, this is not an overnight project, which I think I mentioned in the past. It may take several decades for this to be fine tuned.

Marc: What happens in the meantime?

Dave: Well we keep working on it. The more tuned in people on earth are getting, the more they will understand where these dynamic frequences are originating. Right now, that isn’t so important. What is more important is the amount of people who are even finding this frequency.

Marc: Well what are they hearing or receiving now?

Dave: Many of the people who are communicating with ETs and spirits are already using it – building up what is already in place.

Marc: So are you trying to harness this energy to build it up and make it stronger?

Dave: Yeah like right now, energy lines of communication are all over – think of millions of lines forming grids and patterns that are like a maze. We want to take those lines and join them together so instead of having millions, there would be thousands – then hundreds. They wouldn’t be joined exactly – for instance – the information could still be separate if they chose it to be – it would just increase the effectiveness so it is like a telephone party line (this may have been called something else in Britain but that is the term I would understand so he used it) – if you remember from when we were kids.

Marc: Okay that sounds like a worthwhile project. How do people know where to find this grid?

Dave: They don’t have to worry about that as we are handling that on this side. We are working with ETs as well.

Marc: So at some point, you are hoping that this communication system will win out and enable us to telepathically communicate more easily with people on earth, ETs and anyone really?

Dave: Yes, everyone now is talking about the lines of communication opening up and this is one of the processes that will make it happen.

Marc: Okay great then Dave! Thanks for giving up an update. Anything else you want to mention while Diane has got a pen in hand?

Dave: Just let everyone know that we aren’t idle over here. We have our work to do as well. I’ve been doing some theatrical productions too. Events with mime, acting and music – kind of Phantom of the Opera meets Marcel Marceau – meets Chopin – meets Caruso. Everyone gets involved.

Marc: I’ll have to make it over to one of those, but I’ve got so much to do around here.

Dave: Yeah like what?

Marc: Well these poems don’t write themselves and I have this dog to watch over.

Diane: Okay guys none of that! Thanks Dave for coming to visit. Take care and I’m sure we’ll meet again soon!

I left them to their “discussion” as I knew when to jump ship on that one! Anyone interested in joining Dave on this project, please set your intention as such and bring along as Marc says your “positive, groovy vibes”. If you are already in contact with Dave, you are on the project by default as this is the only vibrational frequency he is communicating on. That’s why, Marc told me, he is running around like a “madman” speaking to as many people as possible. 

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 6, 2017


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