Bolan-Beaty Boogie Contemplate the Afterlife and Talk about Spirit Communication

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Marc and I meet up at “Marc’s Hill” – a quiet place that looks much like the coast of England. I asked Marc questions about what it is like in the afterlife and he gives us advice about communicating with loved ones who have passed over.

Diane: So why did you create Marc’s Hill?

Marc: Because I love to feel the wind. To be alone and contemplate existence. I think about all the lives I’ve had. I must say they are vast and interesting!

Diane: Do you think about those experiences and how they have made you who you are now?

Marc: Yes in a way. I think about all the personalities I met and how we helped each other….learned from each other.

Diane: Are you in contact with many of them now?

Marc: Not too many (other than Dave Bowie). After my lives have been completed, I have fond memories but the others move onto other adventures or lives in the physical. You get caught up in that as your focus shifts.

Marc gave me a scenario to illustrate his point. He said it’s similar to when you leave school or a job. You’ve brushed past people and they have added to your story (he is showing me an open book), but then you move on and focus on new situations. He says it’s the same over there as well.

Marc: I just wanted to tell our readers that existence here doesn’t have to be that different from a physical life on earth if you don’t want it to be. You have free will to create or do nothing – it’s up to you.

Diane: I think that you also wanted to point out that you have the ability to be focused in past lives if you want to be? What about future lives?

Marc: Oh yes, you can look at those. I really don’t tend to though. I won’t be doing any physical lives soon – definitely not a human on earth again.

Diane: Anything else you would like to tell our readers about being over there versus here?

Marc: They will be surprised to remember how light it feels once you are out of a human body. I prefer it and you do as well.

Diane: Let’s say you are over there and want to communicate with someone on earth. How do you do that? Maybe it’s a good idea to plan some of the signals you want to use now with people who are into that and would understand?

Marc: That would help for sure. You just try to get their attention – pop something into their head about a moment you shared together….make sure a favorite song gets played.

Diane: How about moving physical items? How easy is that?

Marc: Well….for me…I don’t do that….that isn’t my thing and my energy is too light (he doesn’t focus attention on earth). Other spirits, they focus a lot of their attention on earth and contacting those they have left behind. It helps if whomever you are trying to contact is open to this kind of communication.

Diane: So are you suggesting that it’s a good idea to set up signals with people ahead of time…assuming they believe it’s possible?

Marc: Yes….there is the belief factor that people dismiss. You can talk with Uncle Mike now and say “If you hear Blue Suede Shoes, you’ll know I probably sent it”. You’d be surprised how closely we are all connected. People think there is a huge gulf between our two vibrations but there isn’t really.

Diane: Yes many people go through so much grief when those they love pass over and I think if maybe they can be still and just listen or feel a communication from them, it might give them peace or closure.

Marc: Yes assuming whomever you are contacting wants to be contacted. Most of the time, of course, they do.

Diane: So are you saying to not doubt the information or feelings you are getting? I think many of us tend to write it off as imagination.

Marc: Yeah not going to lead to a build up of energy. It’s like any kind of structure – energy thoughts and feelings. It helps to have the building blocks to make it stronger – even if you might have some doubts at the beginning. Change your thought to something like “Uncle Mike loved roses and I keep smelling roses. I believe he is contacting me and wants to say hi”. It doesn’t have to be a message that’s going to feel like a lightening bolt. It can be very subtle.

Diane: What about when we want to communicate with spirits?

Marc: Ask your Spirit Self and/or your guides to take you to the energy of the spirit you want to connect to.

He is showing me the grid of energy that David Bowie showed me before that has interconnecting lines that join us all. I can hear the ring of an old-fashioned telephone. RING! RING! Hello!

Diane: So Marc, can you explain to me how spirits can manipulate lights or get music played?

He closed his eyes and then opened them and then just said slowly “thought”.

Diane: So your thought energy makes it so?

Marc: Yes, I see it as so and it happens in your 3D world.

Diane: Can all spirits do this?

Marc: It depends on your growth. I’m familiar with earth so it’s easy for me. You are at a slower vibration than where I’m at, so I have to adapt for that.

He was showing me it’s like dropping a black pearl into a river. It starts off moving fast but once it hits the water it slows down, then the current (his intention) takes it to where it will end up. He said that the thought of what he wants to send me has to leave before I can get it and has to be slowed down for my vibration here.

Diane: Gosh…that seems kind of complicated.

Marc: Not really if you are standing where I am. Don’t forget that you have all this knowledge yourself. It’s just that right now, you don’t need it and what you don’t need on a day-to-day basis usually gets forgotten – while in a human body.

Diane: Sometimes I feel limited in what I can do being a human. But most of the time, I realize it’s a wonderful experience.

Marc: Yes…it IS a wonderful experience. You tend to want to rush through activities and only see outcomes.

Diane: I know.

Marc: Savor every minute you have down there Diane, because in reality, it isn’t that long.

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May 18, 2017

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