Bolan-Beaty Boogie Talk About Manifestation (A Chat)

Marc Happy

Diane: So Marc, how is Dave (Bowie) doing?

Marc: Keeping really busy. He is working hard over here. Harder than I ever saw him work when I was on earth with him.

Diane: Why is that do you think?

Marc: Because the cause – what he is working on – is for the good of us all. It’s so in tune with who he is. I really admire that. (Bowie is working on a communication system to help connect the spirit world and galaxy.)

Marc and I have been visiting a magical forest that he has created (more on that later) but I ask him:

Diane: Marc, can you describe the reason for creating this wonderful forest?

Marc: Sure…it’s serene and peaceful. I can come here to feel calm and contemplate. It’s a realm that I’m fully in tune with.

Diane: Is this kind of atmosphere something that you would have liked as Marc?

Marc: Yes. I had an active, inquisitive mind – and fantasy was a big part of that. It’s not really make-believe either because these kind of places exist. They may not be on your physical level. As Marc, people often looked at me like I was crazy when I said “I’m going to be the most famous person in Britain” – but I knew it would happen.

Diane: That’s interesting. Most people would think “I wish that I was famous” but it probably never happens. What made it different for you?

Marc: Well tenacity for one. I just knew it was my destiny. If I had thought “I think I’ll probably be famous one day” – yeah…big chance that it would have never manifested. (He told me that he was the perfect example of “The Law of Attraction”.)

Diane: So any advice Marc on how we can do what you did. Really get what we desire?

Marc: Well, it helped that I did have the fame thing planned that time around. But you know, I could have listened to everyone around me – well most of them didn’t even say anything back to me – they just ignored me. If I’d accepted their negative or indifferent energy about myself, then sure, I could have talked myself out of it and become a dustman. I just couldn’t accept that. Plus as I’ve mentioned before, I was very hip (in tune) to my spiritual side – so I knew that was the path I had chosen.

I guess I would suggest that people start listening to themselves about who they are and what they want. Writing it down helps. (He says he knows that sounds like every spiritual/self-help book you’ve ever read. But he said it does help make your desires more real – having them on paper. They aren’t so easy to brush off. Plus it actually forces you to think about it. He said it’s surprising how many people don’t even know what they want and just allow things to happen to them.) Just put down ambitions that normally you might think were way out there. Ask yourself….what have I come here to do – what’s gonna rock my boat this time? If negative or defeatist energy starts popping up – the “no-you-can’t”- stop and ask where that is coming from? Is it you? Does it feel like someone else’s energy? You would be surprised how many people talk themselves out of a path they’ve chosen because they’ve accepted society’s or another person’s opinion. Sometimes you still get there, of course, but you might take a few detours. You are there man for the experience – whatever happens – don’t sweat it. This is just advice that I can offer based on my own experiences.

Diane: It helped that you had the adorable vibe going on there as Marc.

Marc: I did kind of – didn’t I?

Diane: So what did you do with the energy that would come your way – when these people thought you were out there?

(He showed me that most of the time, that energy would come towards him and it’s as if he had a protective shield up and it would just ricochet off him. He’s sending me a “bing” noise as it bounces off.)

Diane: How did you develop that?

Marc: Many lifetimes (incarnations) of practice. I built that up. You see, if I was going to achieve my goal as Marc – becoming famous to reach as many people as possible – I needed to have that structure in place. I’m an old soul remember – probably a newbie wouldn’t be able to pull off what I did. (He doesn’t mean new in the sense of how old a soul is. He means in terms of soul development.) I had the confidence on a soul level, so it was  just remembering that when the time came – and never forgetting. I hardly ever backed down on anything I really wanted or believed in as Marc. That didn’t always make me popular, but that was fine with me. Small price to pay for the life I had.

Diane: Yeah, rock and roll legend isn’t too shabby.

Marc: No. What I love is how many people are still being inspired by what I did. Probably more so now – so many years after I’ve been gone physically.

Diane: How much of that can you see from where you are?

Marc: I could see it all if I choose to, but I don’t dig down on an individual level very often. It’s more a collective energy that I can focus on.

Diane: So many people are still mourning your passing so young. Would that energy be there as well?

Marc: Sure it’s there, but I don’t choose to focus on that at all. If I look at anything, it’s the energy where people are inspired by my music and use it to further their own artistic endeavors. That’s what this is all about right? Creating….expanding…enjoying this ride you’re on.

Diane: So are you saying that if someone wants to connect to you now, be upbeat huh? LOL

Marc: Well that will definitely get my attention more that’s for sure. As Marc, I was usually an upbeat guy so that hasn’t changed. I like to laugh, tease and do silly stuff. That’s the energy I like to be in. And creating of course, that’s what I consider to be the highest vibe of all because it can’t help but be shared with everyone and everything. People forget just what powerful creators they are and how much they can achieve.

Diane: Thanks Marc for sharing! Love you!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 5, 2017

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