Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart

Bacall & Bogart

So here is our last interview with classic Hollywood couples. Hope you enjoy!

Diane: Marc, anyone want to speak with us tonight?

Marc: Are you ready? I can bring them forward now. Come closer so Diane can sense your energy.

(I see Lauren Bacall on my left and Humphrey Bogart on my right. They have been around for a few days, but their energy hasn’t been very strong. Lauren Bacall was gesturing with her hands and saying “Woo Woo” and laughing. She was being funny and pretending like she was a ghost to scare me.)

Lauren: I don’t know Marc. Diane seems a little apprehensive.

Marc: No, she’s just trying to get familiar with you.

Diane: You know I can understand what you are saying! (I say with a smile.)

Lauren: She hears us!

Marc: Yes of course.

Diane: Okay Marc, introductions please. I think we can go ahead now.

Marc: Please let me introduce Miss Lauren Bacall and Mr. Humphrey Bogart!

Diane: Marc, can you please ask Mr Bogart to come in stronger and closer? He’s a bit fuzzy.

(Humphrey steps forward. It looked like he was standing in the dark much like his detective persona in the movies, and then steps out into the light to catch the villain!)

Diane: Ah….there you are. Marc, can you please start with some questions while I continue writing. I’ll chime in with something if it comes to me.

Marc: Right! So firstly, what would you like to be called?

Lauren: Betty please. That’s my name.

Humphrey: Humphrey is fine with me.

Marc: So Betty, you seemed a bit surprised that Diane could understand you. Have you spoken to anyone on earth since you passed over?

Betty: My interaction with those in the physical has been limited to normal “ghost” type activities. You know, sending perfume, touching someone’s face & hair….that kind of thing. We don’t get the chance to speak one to one like this very often. (She obviously knows that it’s possible to talk with people here, but like she says, she isn’t that familiar with doing it.)

Marc: So was that the appeal for you both coming forward?

Betty: It was. We wanted to be able to connect to earth and do our part to build up the lines of communication.

Marc: So Humphrey, you are quiet. Anything you would like to add to what Betty has said?

Humphrey: No, I pretty much go along with what makes her happy. She really wanted to do this.

Marc: Betty, what was the transition over for you like?

Betty: Well I put up quite a fight. I didn’t really want to pass over. I wasn’t a quitter. I didn’t want to leave my kids and grandkids – but I was looking forward to being with Bogie again.

Marc: Did you adapt easily once you were back?

Betty: It took me awhile. That was quite a big life as Lauren Bacall – the movie and theatre star, wife and mother! I had a marvellous life!

Marc: What about you Humphrey? How was the transition for you?

Humphrey: A blessing. I was so physically beaten down by that point. My body wasn’t really inhabitable, so I didn’t have a choice.

Marc: Were you angry at leaving early?

Humphrey: Yes and no. It’s what I had planned, of course. And although my life with Lauren was planned as well, I could have chosen to take another route. I think my decision (before he was in the physical), to leave early was based on the other path that I could have chosen. Once Betty actually came into my life, it triggered off all the bells I was expecting and there was no going back.

Marc: Well you know, we don’t want to get too personal, but do you mind if I ask you about how you did get together? I understand it wasn’t the easiest of routes, but since you brought it up first?

Humphrey: No it wasn’t. We had to go through a lot to be together. It was worse for Betty because I couldn’t make up my mind about leaving my wife. (He says he made it up, but it was more of how to get out of his marriage without feeling guilty.) We had an addictive relationship and it was part of my journey to break away from obsessive, destructive patterns. Once I joined up with Betty, it was a blessing.

Betty: It did take a while. I felt like I was being pulled in one direction than another.

Marc: You didn’t have much time together. Was it enough?

Betty: Not for me!

Humphrey: Not for me either.

Marc: Okay well how about your lives that time as movie stars? How was that for you?

Betty: That was a little bit of a surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting that. I started out as a model and that sent me to Hollywood and the rest is history!

Humphrey: I enjoyed being an actor. I was very guarded with my feelings and not able to express them easily. Most actors are the same.

Marc: So acting didn’t help bring them out?

Humphrey: It didn’t because it’s an existence not based on reality. After all, you are playing make-believe all the time. Back then, the studios worked us to death. The actors today think they have it rough! Most wouldn’t survive what we went through.

Marc: Why did you continue then?

Humphrey: Well because it was a glamorous life and the recognition for what you do is pleasurable. Not everyone is a famous actor, and it does make you feel special. Of course, I worked really hard and finally ended up with some juicy parts.

Marc: Betty, did you enjoy being a film actor?

Betty: I did but I liked my later theatre career better. I got to the age where Hollywood didn’t have any interest in me, so I had to look elsewhere. Not even today do mature women get interesting parts. It doesn’t make money.

Marc: Would you have liked another profession?

Betty: As Bogie said, we did enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle. We had our close friends, but we really weren’t party people, especially once our children came along. What we enjoyed most was being a family and entertaining our friends.

Marc: Can you think of anything in those incarnations that you would haven done differently?

Betty: I would have liked more time with Bogie.

Humphrey: I would have like more time with Betty.

(She also said that she wished their children had been able to spend more time with their Father.)

Marc: Humphrey, you didn’t really do theatre much, is that correct?

Humphrey: No, being under contract to a studio didn’t give me the time nor the option to try other forms of acting. I was from the old school. Then there was this thing about my height. If I did any live acting, it would have been apparent that physically, I wasn’t the macho, tough guy that I played in films.

Marc: Do you miss anything about the physical?

Betty: I miss having the daily contact with my family. I did love having a career as a strong, independent woman. I liked knowing that I could support my family financially (after Bogie passed over). Believe me, being an actor back then gave you some financial freedom, but I was never what you would consider extremely wealthy – not really. I loved fashion too. I miss that.

Humphrey: I enjoyed being Humphrey. I needed that incarnation to work out the interdependence/addictive lifestyles that I had been carrying from past lives.

Marc: So are either of you incarnate now?

Betty: No, not now. I want to wait until my family has joined me again.

Humphrey: No. It takes a fair amount of planning. I agree with Betty. We’re waiting until those in our soul group who are currently in physical bodies join us again. We like to come down as often as possible together.

Betty: What about you Marc? Any plans for yourself?

Marc: Never again! (not on earth at least)

Marc: So you are together in spirit?

Betty: Oh yes. Like Bogie said, we are a very close soul group.

Marc: We just spoke with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton who have a different viewpoint.

Betty: Ah…..the drama! We did have our ups and downs getting together (like them) because there was another person involved (Humphrey’s wife). But once that was overcome, we were very happy together. Bogie had a life before me that was very chaotic, so he was relieved to have a happy, stable life without the emotional drama.

Humphrey: It WAS a relief for me, yes. The last years of my life were very happy. I wouldn’t have changed them for anything.

Marc: So what are you both up to now in spirit?

Betty: Well….you may not believe this, but Humphrey is a gardener!

Marc: Really?

Betty: Yes he gardens. It’s so peaceful for him and he is interested in the creation of plants and works on developing new species.

Marc: Plants for here or earth?

Humphrey: Well they are created here first and then get sent down. Of course, anything that I’m doing now won’t be seen there for a while.

Diane: Is that by choice or just how “Mother Nature” works?

Humphrey: That is by choice. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my plants. I’ve had many previous incarnations in the science field.

Marc: Okay Betty….what are you up to?

Betty: I like communication.

Marc: How so?

Betty: I am the communicator or liaison for our soul group. I’m in charge of keeping us together and making sure lines of communication are always open. Sometimes, those still in the physical know that spiritually, they should be checking in with me. I just send reminders.

Marc: Kind of like a soul group coordinator?

Betty: Kind of yes.

Humphrey: Betty was always the one who kept the family running smoothly and organized our lives for us. She was marvelous at it and we were so grateful.

Betty: Yes, I really enjoyed keeping the family together. I would make sure that we had a lot of family time.

Marc: Anything else that you would like to say to our readers about your “past lives” or who you are now?

Betty: Well I would say….have fun with your lives. My work was important to me, so do what you can to be proud of that. I was also so proud of my family. It wasn’t easy having both and making it work. I would say that if you find yourself overwhelmed or struggling to keep both of them going, just take a step back and know that it can work if you want it to. Getting away together as a family is important. Even though we had public lives and were famous, we never put on airs – especially within the family.

Humphrey: Well I’m saying this after the fact, but if you have an addictive personality and know that your life isn’t going in a positive direction, know that you have the inner strength to change that. I could have chosen to let Betty go and drink myself to oblivion, but I pulled on my inner core and somehow found the strength to overcome that. What a relief because now I will never feel the need to go through that again in another incarnation.

Betty: You could change your opinion about that.

Humphrey: I could…..but I doubt it.

Marc: Okay…well thank you so much for coming to speak with us!

Diane: Yes thank you both! What a pleasure it’s been talking with you.

Betty: We enjoyed it! Bogie doesn’t get out of the garden much! (She said with a smile.)

Diane: Okay Marc, they are gone!

Marc: They are indeed Diane!

Diane: I would never that thought that Humphrey Bogart would be a gardener in spirit, but then I guess I never thought about it. (They were showing me images of Humphrey pollinating flowers with a feather (which I’m sure is just an image that they wanted to give me to explain what he does) and said that he is considered a “Master” gardener. He showed me a beautiful red/purple flower with a chartreuse center. I think he called it “Mephisto’s Bloom”!!) They were so different from Liz and Richard!

Marc: Yes it depends on what, as a spirit, you want to accomplish each time and what path you choose.

Diane: Well both couples had similar scenarios as they were in the public eye and caused scandals. Betty and Humphrey seem so at peace together and Liz and Richard are like electric sparks playing off each other!

Marc: It’s all about the vibe you want to experience and whom you want to play it out with.

Diane: Well thank you for bringing them forward. They have lovely energies. Betty was so strong and Humphrey seemed more introverted but very serene with his own company. He really loves those plants!

Marc: He does! Okay so this is another wrap! Signing off from here!

(I sensed that there was a contradiction with Humphrey in the spirit world vs physical. He is so peaceful now but I didn’t get the impression from him that was something that he enjoyed very often in the physical as Humphrey.)

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

September 8, 2017

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