Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Peter O’Toole and David Lean

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I was very surprised when Peter O’Toole AND David Lean came to chat with Marc and myself all of a sudden. Of course, Peter is very well-known for his acting and antics. David started making films in Britain in the 1940s and won two Best Director Oscars for The Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia.

Marc: Okay Diane, ready to do this? Our guests are here.

Diane: Yeah. They came in really quickly!

Marc: Well they’ve been here waiting, while you were doing other work.

Diane: Okay Marc…introductions please.

Marc: Ladies and Gentleman…Sir David Lean and Mr. Peter O’Toole!

(Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!)

Diane: Marc, that’s the second time I’ve heard that clapping after introductions. Are there other spirits with you?

Marc: That’s a tape recording Diane.

Diane: Haha. Very funny Marc. Okay I see Sir Lean to your left and Peter to your right.

Marc: That’s right.

Diane: It looks like you are all on a 1970s talk show.

Marc: Well I guess we could have been right?

Diane: Okay Marc….take it away.

Marc: So first, we usually start out by asking our guests what they would like to be called?

David: David is fine with me.

Peter: Peter will do for me.

Marc: So you were both interested to come speak with us today. Care to elaborate?

(David is keeping in character as a more serious person than Peter – not a lot of laughs – very focused….very intelligent…hard-working and no-nonsense. He gives me images of not always saying much, but there was always a lot going on in his mind. I could hear the wheels turning!)

David: Yes Diane, that’s right. That was a large part of my character as David. I wasn’t often care free. I didn’t grow up in a care free atmosphere (he was born in 1908 in Surrey, England) . When I was a child, you didn’t have much fun. You studied. You had discipline. You respected your elders and you worked. I believe that attitude continued throughout my adult life as well. I didn’t waste time. Being a director, I had little time to waste on movies because it wasn’t my money. I was working for someone else and I had to make them happy.

Marc: Peter….anything you would like to say?

Peter: I want to see if she can come up with my personality?

Diane: Oh gosh….fun and games huh? Okay so I see you ….you’re showing me yourself as someone with a great sense of humor, again very intelligent, very cunning. Someone who could suss out a situation really fast. I think you used that to your advantage while in the theatre and films. Someone who didn’t take himself too seriously, but took your work seriously. In the early days, I’m seeing a hell raiser, but later on in life, a shell of your former self.

Peter: That’s pretty good isn’t it David?

David: Yes…I’d say it is.

Marc: So the reason you wanted to come speak with us?

David: Peter suggested it.

Peter: I had a very brief connection to Diane once…we’d met so when I saw that she was doing these interviews, I thought it might be interesting. Marc also thought she would enjoy interviewing us as she is a fan of both of our works.

Diane: I think we have a past life together somewhere right?

Peter: Yes, that’s right. Finland in the 1500s.

Diane: Gosh that sounds kind of grim.

Marc: You were both very close in the physical on earth while making Lawrence of Arabia (I do my homework). What qualities did you admire in each other?

Peter: David taught me all I really knew about film making on that shoot. It went on forever, so there was a fair amount of time to learn from him. He taught me lighting and how to best set up a scene…camera angles. I watched him like a hawk. I admired his intensity, his bravura, his quick intelligence. He was very well read and we enjoyed discussing literature. We had some great conversations.

Diane: Yes you are showing me this while sitting in tents in the desert.

Marc: David?

David: O’Toole was a wild guy! I’m not saying he didn’t take his profession seriously because he did, but life sometimes got in the way of clear thinking. He was Irish to the core. He was very keen to learn the film business and he was a quick learner. We really got to know each other well and I always considered him a great friend.

Marc: Do you see much of each other here?

Peter: Not so much. His has his work and I have mine.

Diane: Can we ask about the work that you are doing now?

Peter: I’m continuing with writing – my scribbles. I wrote a few books before I left and they were fairly well received. I’m doing mostly fiction but might dabble in a play.

David: Light and the play of it versus dark always fascinated me. I am still an artist here. I make films now but they are in a different format obviously. They aren’t physical films. What I do here is more abstract. What one would term more film noir I guess.

Diane: So no more epics?

David: No. I think I got over them but never say never.

Diane: So how do movies work over there? You are showing me that they look pretty much the same as here?

David: It’s based on energy matter. It’s a specific energy form that is used. Just as Marc can create the atmosphere we are in now, spirits can create tangible items here as well. Vibrationally they are just at a higher frequency than earth.

Marc: Peter…do you do any acting?

Peter: I’m heading a small theatre troupe over here actually. I’d like to direct my own script. I wanted to do more directing on earth, but I wasn’t really given the chance. There are just a few of us – Elsa Lanchester and Alec Guinness to name a few. Larry Olivier is threatening to stop by. He always intimidated me.

Marc: So it sounds like you’re both keeping busy!

David: Yes I’ve been doing some black and white photography too. Interesting after so many years of directing epic color films. I’m interested in the nuances between dark and light. My early movies were black and white of course.

Diane: Yes, I remember watching Great Expectations when I was about seven. I remember thinking to myself that whoever made this was a genius. I think it’s the first time I ever thought about who was making the movie – the wizard behind the curtain. I love that movie!

David: Thank you very much.

Marc: So let’s get into some of the woo-woo stuff. How was the transition over for you both?

David: A relief for me. I’d gone quite a few rounds and I was pretty tired. I still had some personal stuff to work out, which I’m working on from here. I wish that I had been less hard on myself and others. I expected everyone to put into my work – at least close to what I was doing. I worked with some of the best there was and I kept them on each movie if I could. I think I would have liked to have had a gentler side to me. Emotionally I was closed off to many things. Again, a lot of that stemmed from my childhood. You were expected to buck up and not show any emotion.

Peter: I had been plagued with many health issues…well since day one and I survived longer than I or most people thought I would. Yeah, I still have some personal things to clear up as well. I had some regrets, but I’ll continue to work out the kinks in another incarnation.

Marc: Any plans in that direction?

David: Right now no, but I’m sure I’ll probably give it another go. When film has advanced more on earth, I’d be interested in working with new processes. Of course, the new processes are being generated here first and then sent down. It will be interesting to relearn them again in the physical.

Peter: Nothing on the horizon. I’m wanting for my team to return here.

Marc: If you choose to incarnate on earth again, where will you go? Any preferences?

David: Well I guess I haven’t thought it through to that extent yet. Maybe India?

Peter: I was born in Ireland and it was my favorite place as Peter. It is the country of my soul so I would choose that again if I can.

Marc: Is the afterlife what you thought it would be?

David: I don’t think I really gave it much thought to tell you the truth.

Peter. I did. I guess I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up! I was a naughty boy a lot of the time, but I made it to the good side, that’s for sure!

Marc: Okay, well we’re getting to the end of our time here, so if either of you have a message you’d like to say to our readers, now’s the time!

Peter: Try to get along better down there!

David: Thank you…no message.

Marc: I would like to thank our guests for coming to speak with us and everyone down on earth have a great day!

Diane: Thanks Marc! Thank you Peter and David for coming to chat with us. Take care! Marc….I just see you now.

Marc: That’s right…they’ve gone.

Diane: I was kind of surprised when they showed up yesterday.

Marc: Really? Yeah I guess they thought it would be fun. So many spirits are wanting to reconnect you know.

Diane: Yes I know. What are you going to do now Marc?

Marc: I’m going to take Spirit (his dog) for a walk and then go visit Dave (Bowie). He’s making some new music that he wants to get my opinion on.

Diane: Great then…talk with you soon!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

November 11, 2017

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  1. “Marc: That’s a tape recording Diane.” .. This made me laugh out loud.
    Wonder what David’s new music sounds like. Just listened to Nine Inch Nails rendition of “I can’t Give It All Away.”
    Blessings, Diane!

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