Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Interview with Prince


So tonight, Marc was in a rush that I get through my meditations, although I kept exclaiming to him “But why the rush? There isn’t time over there!”

Marc: I still don’t want to keep him waiting around. Time like you have isn’t possible here, but he doesn’t like to shift his focus.

We step away from our usual location, and I can only see blackness around without any depth of field. Prince walks forward in a purple knee-length coat. He gave me this visual only for a few seconds, then quickly switched back into his true state. I could feel his energy all around me.

Marc: Okay….let’s get this show on the road because he is anxious to get back to his work. Diane, I told you that I was trying to get him.

Diane: Marc…maybe introductions are in order – not that our guest really needs one.

Marc: No he doesn’t, but you are right. Prince….thanks so much for coming to the Bolan-Beaty Boogie Show! Have you met Diane?

Diane: Well…I did see you in the physical once. I found myself standing next to you in a hotel bar. You had been hanging out there, for a while, with the women in your band.

Prince: Now that you say that, yes..I can look back and see when that occurred. Well it’s nice to meet you again. Marc has told me about you and what you are doing here.

Diane: Thank you. It’s my pleasure! About a week ago, we were able to see just a snippet of the work that you are doing now. It was fascinating. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

Marc: Diane, why don’t you explain to our readers what we were shown?

Diane: Okay…well I saw Prince who was conducting swirls of light energy – and not just a few but many – all going in different directions. From what I was able to gather, each was an instrument or sound. Prince, is that right? Can you elaborate?

Prince: You got it right. That is the way that I create. It’s the way I heard music when I was in the physical. But here, I can freely use all my senses and it is much more powerful.

Diane: It’s as if you were conducting a symphony!

Prince. I am actually. Each light that you saw was a layer of the composition – much like the different tracks laid out on a musical recording.

Diane: So the swirls that I saw, are they compositions of your own or are they spirit musicians helping you out?

Prince: It is all my composition using my own energy.

Marc: So you are creating and laying down the tracks yourself?

Prince: Yes…I am.

Diane: I’m also being told that you are a “mega creator” – for lack of a better term. That it’s truly your calling. Also, that the music you are making now will be accessed in your next physical incarnation. Whereas some spirit musicians send their music out into the cosmos, you prefer to save it for when you are ready to use it again. Do you wait for a physical incarnation or do you share it in the spirit realm?

Prince: I tend to wait for a physical incarnation before I expose it.

Marc: So the music that you made as Prince was actually composed while you were in spirit and then you pulled it from there? I often felt that I did that as Marc.

Prince: It all depends. The majority….yes…had already been composed, but I did create some of it while in the physical.

Diane: Prince..I don’t know much about you personally, but I am familiar with some of your music, of course. Are you willing to share anything about that incarnation with us? I think that were a fairly private person right?

Prince: I did like to keep my privacy and didn’t really trust people very much. I came from a rough background were I saw a lot of abuse. I struggled and saw people I loved being hurt. It left me not able to trust people on a very deep level. I didn’t have much faith in humanity, at times, as a child.

Marc: How did you find fame?

Prince: It wasn’t what I expected it to be. Like you Marc, I dreamt of getting away from my ordinary life and finding fame. When I did, the creative force within me felt satisfied, but it was also lonely. When you become famous, it’s really tough to be around people again. You don’t trust the ones who come up to you. I got paranoid that all people wanted from me was my money or just wanted to know me because of who I was. I felt that it was easier to be an introvert most of the time.

Marc: Since you’ve passed back over, what have you been up to? I’ve heard about you here and there, but this is the first time we’ve met.

Prince: Composing.

Diane: That’s what I was getting last week. You are constantly working. So how would you describe yourself?

Prince: A multi-dimensional artist who finds fulfillment in mastering all aspects of creative endeavors.

Marc: Wow! That’s a mouthful!

Diane: So do you create with music only or do you use other means of expressing yourself?

He showed me his being expanding as large as a mountain range.

Diane: Can you explain please what you are showing me?

Prince: Prince, of course, was just an avatar of who I really am. My spirit self is widely expansive – much wider than you would normally consider. I create through multiple dimensions and have the capacity to suspend myself in these dimensions.

Diane: Marc…I’m not sure I got that right. Can you please rephrase what he said for me?

Marc: Okay he said that he is proficient at creating multi-dimensionally at the same time. He has many layers to himself where he is simultaneously creating throughout all of them.

Diane: Is that unusual?

Marc: Well….it would take a spirit of some experience to do what he is showing me.

Diane: Yeah…I don’t think that I’ve seen that before.

Marc: Okay it okay to call you that or would you prefer something else?

Prince: I feel removed from that fractal, but for the purpose here, that is fine.

Diane: So Prince, like I mentioned before, I didn’t know much about you, but you are appearing to be different from what I remember now that you are back home. You shed that persona quickly, is that what you are saying?

Prince: Yes. When I returned, I found it very easy to adapt to the spirit realm and do not look back into that recent past life very often.

Marc: So you’ve moved on from Prince, it that correct?

Prince: It is.

Marc: You’ve had many incarnations obviously, although our readers love and are familiar with that one. Can you share anything about other lives you’ve had?

Prince: For instance?

Marc: Well…whatever you’d like to tell us. Okay then let me ask something else. Can you tell us why you came to speak with us today?

Prince: Well as you said, there are still many fans who are saddened that I left. I wanted to come and connect with them again. I get many requests to speak and a lot of energy is sent to me asking why did I leave….such sadness.

Diane: Marc has told me that he gets the same energy.

Marc: Yes…yes I do.

Prince: So I wanted to take this opportunity to speak with you to let them know that the spirit who was Prince is still very much whole, alive and still creating. They will be hearing from me in their future incarnations.

Marc: No doubt. That will be something for us all to look forward to. So you’re not sharing any music right now anywhere?

Prince: No….nothing.

He showed me a large bank vault with a closed-door.

Marc: Any plans on when you will be in the physical again and will it be earth?

Prince: Yes…it will be earth again, but I haven’t decided when exactly. There are still experiences and challenges that I want to overcome and earth will be the best place for me to accomplish this.

Diane: Marc…do you have any other questions?

Marc: Yes…do you have anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Prince: I feel the love that you send me and it is something that I cherish. I do wish that I had spent a little more time with you but upon my return, I understood the reasons for why I departed when I did. It was appropriate for that time and who I am. I haven’t any regrets for my passing when I did. I have left a large body of work as Prince that I hope will inspire future generations and give pleasure to all who hear it. When I leave here now, I will go back to my love – and that is creating. Although I might not share some of what I am doing – for instance – the music, I do have other aspects of myself that do expand and share all my creative endeavors.

Marc: What other things are you creating?

Prince: I expand through consciousness. I do not limit myself in any aspect of creative expansion. If there is a beautiful flower on a mountain, I will create another one. I have been painters, shamans, healers and doctors in past lives. I expand to share and share to expand.

Marc: So although you often tend to create via what would be artistic fields, you’re saying that you are interested in any means of creative expansion and will try it?

Prince: Yes…that is who I am.

Marc: Okay, well I think it’s time to wrap this up. We thank you Prince for coming to see us and share with us. I did want to let you say any last words….

Prince: I would like to end…yes…with saying to my fans that although sorrow over my passing is understandable and sincerely felt, please use what I gave to the world as inspiration for your own expansion…your own creative endeavors. Look upon me, if you will, as an example of what you can achieve. I had nothing when I started, but I grew to be internationally known and toured the world. I had an incredible experience. It was a rocky road, at times, that’s for sure. You can achieve anything if you truly set your mind, heart and soul to it. Don’t let others dissuade you from expressing yourself. Don’t feel that if others don’t like what you are doing, that you are wrong. Sometimes it takes people longer to catch onto new styles or ways of thinking. If you don’t look like other people or choose to express yourself differently, be strong in your conviction that you are being true to yourself. If you deter from your course to please others, what you reach will not be as fulfilling for you.

He was showing two identical people here. So he was saying that you will always feel that part of you is separate from the whole.

Marc: Okay…I think that’s it. Thank you again Prince for the visit. Diane…that’s a wrap!

Later on Marc and I talk:

Diane: Gosh Marc…he was really interesting. I don’t think that I’ve spoken to a spirit quite like him before.

Marc: He is a unique fella, that’s for sure.

Diane: So I’m not sure that I was understanding everything he was saying about his multi-dimensional selves except that he has a lot of them – more than most spirits.

Marc: He has to in order to do as much creating as he wants.

Diane: Yeah I got the sense that he has his fave ways of creating, but he isn’t really particular necessarily in the means as long as he is creating.

Marc: That’s the priority of a lot of spirits. I can be the same way.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 13, 2018

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