Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Percy Fitzwilliam and Receive a Gift from Spirit

Marc and I travel to see our new friend Percy Fitzwilliam for a second visit, and I’m very surprised to receive a gift from Spirit!

Diane: Marc, should we start right away – before I fall asleep?

Marc: Sure Diane! Just let me get our tickets.

Diane: Tickets! Marc, you are being silly.

Marc: You can’t go see Mr P without train tickets!

Diane: Silly!

I hold Marc’s hand and off we go! All I see at first is cream mist with a hint of grey. Between the patches of fog below, I can make out glimpses of a city. We land at night after a heavy rain. The pavement glistens with moisture.

Marc motions me to follow him. We walk up a small flight of stairs and again, see the lone lit candle in the window.

Marc: Let’s hope he is here.

Diane: Didn’t he know we were coming?

Marc: Well I sent the message, but you never know…..

Marc pulls a bell cord that clinks flatly. He then knocks on the door….

Marc: I don’t guess he is here.

Diane: Aww Marc…but we’ve come all this way to see him! Isn’t the candle in the window an indication that he is home?

Soon we hear footsteps slowly coming down the hall and the barrage of locks being undone.

Diane: Marc…if he is a spirit, why does he need all these locks?

Marc: It’s a form of shielding energy.

Percy: Well! Well! If it isn’t my young friends calling on me again! This is a wonderful delight! Please wipe your feet on the mat. I must say…it is a pleasure to have company. I had all but given up that anyone would visit me tonight!

Again, we walk down the dark corridor. This time, I try to ascertain if there are rooms off the hallway. I see doors on both sides, but they are all closed.

Percy: Watch your step here (as we venture through the thoroughfare). The pavement tends to be slick after rain. Can I offer you any refreshment after your journey?

Marc: No….we are fine.

Percy: Please be seated and tell me about your reason for coming to see me.

Percy had an inquisitive expression on his face. It’s as if his only concern at that moment was to listen to us (even though I’m sure he already knew why we were there.)

Marc: Well Mr P, Diane wanted to come back as she is still very curious about you and the services that you offer.

Percy: Well my dear young lady, I am at your disposal. Just let me get a pad of paper, an ink well and pen so that I can write this down.

Diane (taking Marc off to one side): Do we have questions ready? I just really wanted to discover more about what he does.

Marc: Okay Mr P, let’s say that we don’t have specific questions yet..

Percy looked up from his searching….

Marc: But we did want to talk with you more. Diane, I think you may find that what Percy offers is rather unique.

Diane: Oh? Well yes..If someone could explain to me again just what you do offer Mr. Fitzwilliam?

Percy: I offer insight to the unknown, a view to the world, the galaxy if you will….that one may not have been privy to before. I offer explanations to questions left unanswered, to find confidence where before there was none, where one can find a sense of peace and calm which remains forever like a single sheet of white paper falling on a dusty floor.

Diane: Well! How do spirits or your clients find you?

He held up his finger as if looking for a breeze and said:

Percy: They whisper “come to me hope”….”come to me self”.

Diane: So your clients come to you to find our more about themselves?

Percy: In a sense…yes.

Diane: Are you a guide, a teacher or both?

Percy: I am a seer.

Diane: A seer of what?

Percy: Of that which is sought!

Marc: I think it might be okay for us now to put forward a small inquiry – is it not Mr P?

Percy: It would be an honor for me to assist.

Diane: Marc, should it be something personal or a global question?

Marc: Whichever you prefer.

Diane: Okay…hold on..I’m thinking Marc. Do you have anything to ask in the meantime?

Marc: I was just wondering if Mr P could give our readers an example of something that he has done in the past? That might be a good place to start?

Percy: Well…normally my work is highly confidential, but I guess I could offer an example if no names are mentioned. Back when I was a much younger man, a lady dressed all in black came to inquire about a locket that she carried with her. Try as she might, she could never get it open. She hadn’t any recollection of where the locket came from, but one day, found it in her purse.

I held it in my hand and instantly, a wave of pain grabbed me – yet there was also a sense of grandeur. The locket told me that there was a secret and finding out that secret would be the only thing that would open it. The lady got very excited and pleaded with me to uncover what the secret was…..was it a phrase, a word, a prayer? Did it want her to make a promise to behave in a certain way? She said that she had thought of every conceivable way to open the locket and please could I help her? She said that she knew that it held knowledge that would benefit her, if she could only know what that was.

I held onto the locket even more firmly and whispered quietly “Unlock your heart and the locket with show you love”. The lady turned her head to one side and started crying into a lace handkerchief.

Lady: How could the locket know what is in my heart?

Percy: It is not the locket that holds these powers…but you.

Lady: How do you mean?

Percy: I see in your past a broken heart.

Lady: Yes…that is so. I lost my husband several years ago. Since then, I rarely go out and have no interest in what used to give me pleasure – my friends, parties and the theatre. Are you saying that my husband’s spirit is speaking from the locket – telling me this?

Percy: Your husband sees your grief but no…he is not the one speaking from the locket.

Lady: Then who is?

Percy: The only one who can control any aspect of you and your heart is yourself.

Lady: So are you saying that I sent the locket?

Percy: Yes. You found a way for it to materialize in your world in order for you to see that grief is real but no one, including your late husband expects you to grieve for the rest of your life.

Lady: But I know of no other way to feel anymore!

Percy: I can see you as a young woman before your marriage. You are at a dance and the belle of the ball with many suitors. You are self-confident – not only in your beauty but that intellectually, you could hold your own with any in the room. You were part of the world then.

Lady: Yes…I remember that…but the memories are very dim.

Percy handed the locket back to her.

Lady: Why are you giving it back to me. Is that all?

Percy: In your heart now, there is only loneliness and grief. When you can find a way to release that to the world and let go, the locket will open and you will find the treasure that you seek – the love for yourself that you lost when your husband left you. His death brought fear to a heart that was once brimming with love and wisdom. Take the locket and let it help lead you back into the world that wants you to join it again. Look for the courage to go out and find that young woman who was so eager to begin life.

Lady: But how do I find that courage?

Percy: Remember and look deep within yourself. Take it one step at a time.

The lady looked at the locket and smiled knowingly. She slipped it back into her purse and pulled the drawstring closed. She turned around and walked out.

Diane: What a lovely story! So she really had everything within herself. She just needed to find that again?

Percy: Well put!

I found out later that the locket is actually a tool of my own design that Marc has been keeping for me until I was ready to use it. As a medium, I’ve trained to remain neutral when doing readings for other people. It isn’t so easy when I want to look at my own energy. We all have fears and blocks up for memories and emotions that have been painful to us in the this life and past lives. Lately, I’ve been asking Spirit to assist me with breaking down these barriers, so that I can transmute these energies into positive vibrations. As always, Spirit answered my request.

For the past several days, I’ve been learning how to use this tool in order to not stop when I run up against a question or feeling that I have that needs further explanation. It’s kind of my own version of EFT – the tapping technique that works like emotional acupressure to quickly release negative emotions and beliefs that are at the root of problems and pain.

I’m eager now every day to use my new tool! It has already helped me release hidden emotions from past lives that I was not aware of in this current incarnation. I know that there is more that I set it up to do and I’m excited to have my new gift from Spirit….and myself!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

April 5, 2018

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