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So in the past, Spirit has told me about rooms that we keep closer to earth’s vibration where we can store relevant information that we need for our journey here. You can find emotions, past life information, and traumatic events that you would like to dissolve this time around. I also found out that these rooms are our portal to Spirit and that’s how we are accessing the information that is passing from one vibration to another. Here Marc takes me on a journey to visit Nexus 10. I looked up the definition for nexus after the fact, and I  found “the act of binding together, “bond”, “means of connection”, “tie” and ” link”!

Diane: Marc, are we going somewhere tonight?

Marc: Yeah (he says “yeah” all the time), I’m just getting something worked out here. Okay I think that I have it, but we have to go someplace so grab hold of my hand!

Diane: So we are away! Marc, I’m seeing a lot of that space debris out here again!

Marc: Yeah it’s mostly from earth. Well there is some stuff from other planets but not so much, because they don’t dump shit in space.

Diane: So where are we going?

Marc: Hold on….not there yet.

Diane: Are we going to a planet or someplace in spirit? Are we meeting with someone?

Marc: Hold your horses! Okay we’re here.

Diane: Where?

Marc: Can you hear anything?

Diane: I hear water moving, but I usually hear that and follow a stream which helps me see where we are. Okay now what’s coming into focus is a Chinese Temple.

Marc: Yeah keep going with that.

(It’s really not very easy to be plopped down in the middle of someplace and then have to understand where you are. I really have to empty my mind in order to see what is around me.)

Diane: So what is this place called? Is this in Spirit?

Marc: Yeah it’s in spirit.

(I didn’t get the name Nexus 10 right away. Sometimes it’s hard for me to pick up names that aren’t familiar to me. I ask Marc to pop them in my head when I’m not thinking about it and he did later that evening.)

Diane: So what I’m getting is that this is a storage bank for spirits to call upon when they are in the physical to access creations that they’ve already made in Spirit?

Marc: Right! That’s one of its purposes.

Diane: Okay well why would they need to do that? Is this an energy holding bank?

Marc: Yeah well you can use it for more than that. Artists like Prince wrote songs in Spirit and then he would access them from here. It’s not a coincidence that really prolific artists can do so much in so little time. It’s already created and then they just call upon it from the physical.

Diane: So what else can you store here? Does everyone have a box/room here?

Marc: Well yes, everyone in the physical right now has one of these boxes. It’s up to them if they want to store anything in them, but they are all using them to access themselves in Spirit.

(Marc said that when he looks at this area, it appears to be one-dimensional and all of the boxes/rooms are just lights. I guess that I wanted to see them as three-dimensional images because that would be easier for me to understand as I’m used to seeing things in 3D. Someone else could see this place differently I’m sure.)

Diane: So how often do those in the physical know that they are accessing this?

Marc: Well that depends on how tuned in they are. Some of them might understand that they are getting some of what they are doing from what appears to be a “higher” source than themselves but in reality, they are just pulling from what they already have deposited here.

Let me give you an example. You come down to earth as someone like Beethoven. You’re planning on being a genius and you are very prolific. Now you can do this by coming down and starting from scratch, but that isn’t going to be the easiest thing to do. You are going to need to have some kind of reference point for yourself and your abilities.

Diane: And you would probably have to have had many previous lives in music already.

Marc: Yeah to be at that kind of level, you would. You can’t really evolve into someone like that with only a few lifetimes of practice, that’s for sure.

Diane: So go on about Beethoven….

Marc: Okay well like I said, you find that you’ve set up this mammoth amount of work that you need to create and you start bringing it down. Really there’s no way that you are going to pull something like this off if you don’t have it set up already somewhere else.

Diane: I think that Prince told us that right? So how would a spirit know when to pull something from spirit through here?

Marc: It’s called inspiration. For instance, a spirit may know that they have the Sistine Chapel already set up here and so Michelangelo gets the nod to go ahead and do it and he starts feeling inspired. Then he begins bringing down the information that he needs, but he already has it made here of course.

Diane: And you’re also showing me that many people whom you meet along the way in life are triggers for awakening what you want to access? Like someone will come and say “Gosh, why don’t you do a portrait of the Queen” and that will put an idea into your head. But you’ve already done the painting in Spirit, and now all you have to do is just bring it down.

Marc: Yeah, that’s how it can work.

Diane: Well let’s look around and see what else is here besides the Chinese Temple. Okay, this is interesting. I see a glass box and inside is a piece of parchment. I can see an invisible hand writing words on the page and then once the page is filled, if drops down out of sight! So literally someone on earth is writing this as a spirit and then sending it down to themselves? Wow that’s really interesting! Show me something else!

Marc: Well what about this?

Diane: Okay so I see another box and it has designs for clothing and swatches of fabric in it. So Marc, you must have used this when you were creating all your music? This helps explain how you were able to create so much in so little time?

Marc: Yeah Diane, this is how I did it.

Diane: But you didn’t know it at the time right? I think that I remember you giving an interview and someone asked you how your wrote your book of poetry. You said that it was from a previous life as a bard. That would make sense here because you can access past lives as well. It kind of reminds me of the Akashic records I guess.

Marc: Well this is more of a depository for ideas that you want to access for this particular life and you are storing it closer to earth. This is the portal for bringing it down.

Diane: So people may think that they are getting inspired by all these wonderful ideas that are spur of the moment, but they might just be bringing it down and it was already created by them in Spirit?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: So I’m seeing a box with the name “Stanley” on it. What is he doing? I hope that he doesn’t mind if we look at his box?

Marc: No there will be a curtain covering it if they don’t want others to peek at it.

Diane: Okay so Stanley appears to be working with metals and building skyscrapers because I can see photos of them and formulas for the strength of the steel that he is using. What’s so interesting is it’s like their story being played out in these boxes. The stories are changing as I’m looking at them.

Here’s another one marked “Barbara”. She is a teacher and she loves what she does. She comes here to find her inspiration for keeping her students interested in their studies. She’s been teaching young children art for many years. I think that it’s telling me that she has fear that she won’t be very inspirational for her pupils and so she is working on self-esteem here as well.

So here is one that is covered with a curtain. It’s really interesting though because I can see all these amazing lights underneath flashing and lighting up.

Okay so this is one for Bob. He appears to be some kind of Special Ops because I can see him in black clothing. He used to be a spy in WW2 and he is accessing code breaking skills that he used in that life time.

So Marc, who would have access to this information besides yourself? I’m assuming your guides?

Marc: Well it depends on whom you want to allow in. Normally it would be the guides whom you are closest to.

Diane: So let’s look at another. Here is Jeffrey. Now I can see a sailboat going off into a large lake or ocean. Now does this mean that he is doing this now?

Marc: Probably or it could be that he is just thinking about doing it.

Diane: Oh! So these boxes can also how your current thoughts?

Marc: Yes they can.

Diane: Or it could be that he is planning to build a boat like this? Or he wants to take a vacation?

Marc: They usually show your current thought processes at the time.

Diane: So what happens to your box once you pass back over to Source – you know, go home?

Marc: Well you wouldn’t need the box anymore, so you or your guide would collect it or it would just dissolve.

Diane: The boxes stretch as far as my eye can see. How much information would be in these portals and how much are we just winging it?

Marc: Well you can do whatever you want. It isn’t that everything you’ve ever created in life is in these boxes. No… have stocked them with the necessary elements that you think you might need or want for that incarnation. Your spirit can say, yeah I think I have that song there and pull it down.

Diane: How does your spirit access this place?

Marc: It’s on the grid. Your spirit knows how to get there.

Diane: So what about someone who might say that we can’t have individual boxes because we are all one?

Marc: Well we are all one, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your individual self. You can choose to pull from whatever is out in the Collective Consciousness, but you also have the option to pull from what you’ve planned ahead of time. You are in the physical to be whom you want and use whatever means that you like. You are open to unlimited possibilities. You usually want to make sure that you make the most of all that is available to you. What would be the point of coming into a body and then saying “I’m an island onto myself.” You couldn’t do it even if you wanted.

Diane: No you couldn’t. Your spirit would dry up.

Marc: Yeah or explode!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

August 23, 2018

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