Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Afterlife Chat with David Bowie About “Davent 12” a New Healing Process

davent 12

Sometimes when Spirit contacts me regarding something new, I’m like “Huh?” That happened in this case, and I needed to go back for clarification several times. What they want us to know about are the possibilities that await us, which is sometimes more important the actual details.

Marc and I start at the Gateway that we used for our post on the Sirian Starship.

Diane: Should I start in the white box?

Marc: You can if you want.

Diane: Now I feel like I’m in a present since you said that last time.

Marc: I love presents!!

Diane: Okay so we’re in this box, and I’m checking which sides move. One door opens and we are in a conservatory again. Okay…in the black room with runway lights. Boy it feels humid in here. Let’s take the path that is straight ahead. So the door is opening up at the end of the path. Is there someone here you want me to meet?

Marc: Can’t tell! You have to wait!

Diane: Of course I do! Now we are walking on an English hill and I can see ancient ruins among us. Marc…who would be here to meet us? Everything is a rich dark green and there is just a narrow sandy path to walk on. Do we keep going?

Marc: Yeah we keep going.

Diane: Oh damn! Now this path splits into two! Ugh! Okay the one to the right feels warm and cozy and the one to the left feels more distant and fuzzy, so I’ll take the one to the right. This path leads to stairs and I can see a beach cove. There are two suns in the sky here Marc! Where are we?

Marc: No tellin’ Diane. You always want to know everything ahead of time. You want to be told everything. You miss out on the journey that way.

Diane: Well I don’t really because you never tell me anything in advance anyway! So now we’re on sand. I see a beautiful ocean, but the light from those two suns is pretty bright. I need a little parasol. Now I’m getting that there is some kind of cave that I’m supposed to find?

Marc: Isn’t this like a treasure hunt!

Diane: Yes very much so! So up ahead to the right, I see the cave. I guess I’ll go in there and see what can be found. We’ve travelled to caves before Marc, haven’t we? Usually they are for healing or crossing into another realm. I’m not even going to ask where this one leads because that would be a waste of time right?

Marc: Yeah…waste of time.

Diane: Hmm the entrance isn’t very large. You know that I’m claustrophobic right Marc?

Marc: Not here you’re not!

Diane: If you say so. There is a little wooden boat up ahead. It looks like a Viking boat done in miniature. I guess we get in it right?

Marc: Think we can fit?

Diane: Well I’m assuming that we can both fit since it has been sent here to take us somewhere silly!

Marc just grinned at me. The end of the cave opened into an immense land. It was tropical, beautiful and not of the earth. The little boat stopped on a narrow, small beach with very large pebbles. There is a set of stairs heading up at a very steep angle.

Diane: Well…I guess we don’t have much choice about where to go. I think Dave Bowie is here right Marc? Isn’t this the back entrance to his wonderful house in the mountains? I’ve really missed Dave, even though you’ve talked about things that you’ve been doing with him.

Marc told me that you can’t always access Dave Bowie in an easy way. He puts you through a trip in order to find him. He often prefers to be a bit out of reach. Only good friends like Marc are usually given the coordinates of where he is located.

Diane: Okay we are in the same house where we came before to talk with him. Ah there he is!

Dave comes out smiling. Again he is a beautiful outfit. It is basic in its lines and colors – mostly tan and black. What I love most about it was the high black collar which was on the front and back of the shirt. It was so elegant. Dave had very short red hair this time.

Diane: Dave! It’s so lovely to see you! I was wondering when we would get to see you again.

Dave: Diane and Marc….welcome. Please find a place to sit.

Diane: So Dave, what have you been up to? I know that you and Marc have gotten together quite a lot, but he hasn’t really gone into details about what you’ve been doing. How is Bowie TV?

Dave: It’s moving along quite well. So much so, that I’ve been able to take a bit of a break from promoting it. I’ve gotten some others helping me with it now. We’ve come a long way with it since we first talked about it.

Diane: That’s wonderful! So you’re taking a break from work. What are you doing here now?

Dave: I’m experimenting with a form of energy movement that can be used to heal.

Diane: What’s it like?

Dave: It’s a form of telepathic movement that changes the vibration of energy so it can heal.

Diane: Marc did I get that right? (Like I said, sometimes I just want to confirm the information.)

Marc: Yes he is working on a method of healing whereby you literally change your energy with specific movements or images. He said that the process isn’t new at all. It’s been around forever, but he is looking to adapt it and create his own method.

Diane: Wow that’s great! What else is involved?

Dave was showing himself sitting in a chair. There was an elaborate swirl of energy around him going in different directions. The patterns were all carefully thought out and each had a specific purpose. It looked like he was conducting a symphony, it was so well choreographed. It seemed rather complicated.

Diane: So this involves light, vibrations, images, thoughts and what else?

Marc: Okay so he uses dark and light reflections, vibrations akin to music and a good deal of thought and concentration.

Diane: I’m hearing that he wants to develop this so it can be brought down to places like earth. It will be a way for people to heal themselves and help bring awareness about health care. Marc have you been helping him with this?

Marc: Yeah….I’ve been doing the boogie version of it. All positive vibes and dancing!

Diane: Well you’re a good dancer Marc! Does this have a name like the Bowie healing method of something?

Marc: I don’t know. Dave have you got a name for this one yet?

Dave: Haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m still in the preliminary stages for it.

(Since then, I’ve been told that a working title for it is “Davent 12”)

Diane: This still sounds like work Dave. I thought that you were taking a break?

Marc: He never takes breaks Diane. He just changes his thought focus from one thing to another.

Marc and I go back to chat with Dave to get more information a few days later. He is in the same place with his lady friend, who is always there when we visit.

Marc: Dave so Diane just got the very basic idea of this new healing process that you are creating. Can you give us more of an idea of what is going on there?

Dave: Sure Marc. So what I’m creating is a method of healing a physical body that starts out in spirit.

Diane: So this is something where you can work on your spiritual body and it will transcend down to a physical one?

Dave: Yes right now, most people are only working on their physical bodies without imagining that if they work on their spiritual one first, that may prevent illnesses from stopping before they come into the 3D atmosphere.

Diane: Now is this very complicated?

Dave: Well it can be in order to master it completely. There will need to be study for anyone who wants to use it. (He was saying that the future of healing like this will one day be a regular class taught to children.) Of course, we are aiming for basic steps so any novice can get results.

Diane: So Reiki focuses on the body but uses spirit or universal energy to heal and this will be focused more on the spirit body and then send the healing energy down to the 3D? Do you have people on earth helping out with this and if so, are they aware of this?

Dave: We are working in tandem with those in physical even though they aren’t aware of what they are doing and that it is being sent to us. They did agree to help out at this time before they came into a physical incarnation.

We left Dave at that time as he had a meeting on the “other end of the universe”. Marc and I continue the talk elsewhere. He is with Dave often and knows more of the background of the process.

Diane: So what does the “12” stand for Marc?

Marc: Well there are twelve basic processes that are used.

Diane: So this method is targeted to work first on the spirit body and then bring the energy down into the physical one. Now is this because by the time energy gets into the physical, it will be a lot harder to transmute into something different or higher?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. This is a daily maintenance program where you keep your spirit body as clean as possible. You fill up with your own energy so that the physical body with be stronger and less likely to have foreign energy in its space. Does that make sense?

Diane: Yeah so you can make it work with these twelve basic combinations. Can you explain more in detail how it works?

Marc: Okay so let’s say it’s morning and you want to do this method. You connect and focus on your spirit body. You see certain steps and concentrate on…..let’s use for an example – cleansing your spirit bod with the color yellow or drop any red energy in your space. You can use images, colors or emotions.

Diane: Well let’s say you feel like you’re getting a cold. Would there be a certain combination that you would follow in order to release that and get it out of your space? But my question is…if this is focusing first on the spirit body, you aren’t really going to know from that viewpoint that you are getting a cold. By the time you are feeling it in your body, won’t it be too late?

Marc: Well that’s where the daily shot of maintenance comes in. It would be a routine just like you go to work in the morning. Everyone will be doing it. Families will be doing it together. Children will learn it in school just like a math course.

Diane: How do you know if you need to do a color or image?

Marc: That’s up to the person and the method that they’ve been taught. Dave’s will not be the only one out there. There will be many more, so I guess it just depends on which process will make it down and be more popular. The general idea is what’s really important.

Diane: It can be a mix of images, colors, and feeling you’re saying, but you would have to go through a set routine daily in order to clean out your energy? If you wanted to do more, you could focus on whatever issue you felt you might have….or illness?

Marc: Right! Chances are that if a cold comes into play, you might spend more time on the healing side. There will, of course, be practitioners out there whom you can go to who can help.

Diane: So the general public will have this available to them, but then they can go to experts as well just like we would a doctor today, but they wouldn’t be given any medication?

Marc: No medications. Right now, if you are human and you want to heal your body, you probably wouldn’t start with your spirit body would you? You would start with the physical one.

Diane: Yeah then I can see that this might be awhile before it hits mainstream earth, but I hope it’s sooner vs later!

Marc: Yeah it’s really up to the inhabitants of earth who are there now and those coming in the next fifty years or so.

Diane: So how long will this take to be here?

Marc: It could be fifty yeas and then it could be a hundred and fifty. It all depends. We can’t predict that too closely here because so much has to play out down there still.

Diane: So this is done by mental or some kind of visual energy process correct?

Marc: Yes it’s energy work, but it’s also a visual art form.

Diane: Now we talked about this a bit before, but would you need someone who was trained to help you with this?

Marc: Well that’s Dave’s point. He wants everyone to be trained so that they can heal themselves. Right now, yeah if you wanted a Reiki session, you would go to someone trained in it.

Diane: So it would be similar to Reiki in that you wouldn’t necessarily need to be spiritual or “psychic”. Anyone will be able to do this?

Marc: Yeah that’s what he is driving at so it would be available to everyone.

Diane: Might put doctors out of business!

Marc: Well it’s putting the power to heal yourself into your own hands where it really belongs.

Diane: Yeah it sounds like a wonderful concept! So what is the “12” part of it again?

Marc: Well he told me that there are basically twelve main attributes to the healing process. So within the framework of these categories, you should be able to help heal whatever ails you.

Diane: Do you mean like cancer?

Marc: Well he hasn’t gone quite that far with it to see if something that extreme would work. I think he’s just gotten to the cold and flu.

Diane: Okay so let me get this straight. So say you get a cold. Now there would be steps that you would envision that you would do in your 5D body that looks much like a choreographed ballet. You would know where to move or transmute that energy in order to get the cold out of your 3D body?

Marc: Well yeah…something like that. What’s a cold?

Diane: It’s foreign energy in your space.

Marc: Exactly and if you don’t want it there, the thought is you should be able to get rid of it.

Diane: Okay well let me ask you this….would you need to be able to see the energy first before you could get rid of it?

Marc: Well it would be easier if you could see it as a color, shape or feel what it’s about, but Dave’s selling point on this is that you don’t need to have above normal psychic ability to do this.

Diane: So let’s get back to the cold. I would know what the steps would be to move the energy out of my body and get rid of it?

Marc: Yes that’s the jest of it.

Diane: But it might be all over your space and how do you know that a certain method would work for everyone?

Marc: Well you would identify it as foreign energy and in general, a cold is going to look or be a certain kind of energy. It’s going to be different from other kinds.

Diane: Okay then what about cancer again? How would that work – something more extreme?

Marc: Well that is what he is still working on. His thought is that by the time this makes it down to where those on earth will be using it, the vibration of the planet is going to be much higher and so is the general vibration of those living on it. So we are talking in the future here. Those coming into physical bodies when this will be up and running will already be more in tune with themselves and their spirit side. It won’t be such a big jump as it might be for those on the planet now.

Diane: So Dave mentioned that he wants to have this taught like any other school subject. Will illnesses that we have now still be floating around when this comes down?

Marc: Well that’s another story I guess, but where it looks like from here, yeah there will still be illnesses that will need to be healed. Some of the diseases and illnesses that you have now will be wiped out by then of course.

Diane: So again….what is the time frame? (I never give up on wanting to get more information if I can!)

Marc: Well, like I said, it all depends on how fast everyone catches up to the higher vibration that the earth is moving into. Dave wants to have his version ready to go as soon as it would be possible.

Diane: So you’re saying that by then, some illnesses that we have will be gone, but there will still be those who would benefit from this? Won’t medicine be more advanced by then too?

Marc: Well yeah but the whole point of this is that you can prevent things from happening before they start.

Diane: I clean out my energy everyday, but I still got sick a few weeks ago.

Marc: Well this is the direction that everyone over here knows the earth is heading. Where people will take the responsibility to heal themselves and prevent illnesses. They won’t rely on medication or harmful drugs to keep themselves alive. In turn, this will lead to happier people because they won’t be in pain or feeling ill. Look how many people are roaming all over the planet now with pain in their limbs and they can’t breathe because of allergies?

Diane: Okay well what about diet? I think some of the causes of illness are the foods and water that we drink?

Marc: Well yes, that is a big cause. People don’t really know what is going into their food, although they are getting wiser and making better choices.

Diane: Well I hope that in a hundred years time, food will be healthier for everyone??

Marc: Well yes, we hope so too and in general, that will be the case. You need to start that push now if you want things to be better for those who come after you.

Diane: Will medicine still play a big part in the general public’s life by the time this comes down?

Marc: For some yes, but for most….no. The goal is to divert the monies that are feeding the drug companies and put them into more viable options like better health care and food for everyone. If everyone is eating better and living in better conditions, many of the illnesses that you are now faced with will go away.

Diane: Yes that makes sense. So it sounds like what Spirit is helping us with is a better way of life for us and for those coming after us?

Marc: Yes that’s what the plan is. Many on earth are working on this as well, but yeah, there is a lot of help coming from Spirit right now.

Diane: Well it all sounds very exciting! You would think that this kind of thing is going on over in Spirit, but it’s nice to hear about it first hand and that Dave is in the forefront of something. Does he ever stop?

Marc: No not really. Once he starts on a cause, he generally doesn’t back down until he sees it through all the way.

Bolan-Beaty Boogie

January 19, 2019


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