Bolan-Beaty Boogie Contemplate the Multiverse and Earth’s Ascension

Parallel Universe

So I asked Marc if we could discuss the theory of the multiverse and this led to a panel discussion with spirit members that also included the ascension of our planet. Every person will see this information differently, and I don’t know if anything presented here would convince a physicist but here goes.

Diane: Okay Marc so I’ve been getting this image in my mind for about two weeks now, which I realize has led to what we will be discussing tonight?

Marc: Yeah Diane….I know.

Diane: So what I’m seeing are earths side by side and then in between each planet, it looks like pieces of folded rice paper. To me, this is representing our universe with the multiverses in between. I believe that you’ve gathered together some guests who would like to give us some more information about this?

Marc: Yeah Diane…that’s right. That’s what they are here for…for sure…yeah baby!

Diane: So as I enter our studio (where we have our interviews), I see four chairs set up to the right and another to the left which means we will have five guests. Marc can you invite them in now? I’m ready to start taking it all down.

Marc: They’ve been waiting in the Green Room until we were ready.

Diane. Yes I see. Okay so I see a Caucasian lady in her late fifties or mid sixties with bobbed red hair, then next is a Caucasian woman, then an African woman (both young), an older Caucasian man with glasses and frizzy hair and an Asian man in his thirties. I think it’s very interesting that they’ve chosen to represent themselves in a multi-racial platform. So this is our panel correct Marc?

Marc: Right Diane….that’s correct.

Diane: Okay then Marc introductions if you please.

Marc: So on our left, we have Professor Zilko, the next lady we will call Earth One, the next Earth Two, the third man is the sun and the last is the moon.

Diane: So I take it that all of them are spirit representations of the planets and then there is the Professor who will make her position clear to us I’m sure. Can we hear from them now?

Marc: Sure Diane. Let’s start with the Professor. Professor can you tell us who you are and if you are a spirit representing someone in the physical world?

Professor Zilko: Hello Marc and Diane. I am not representing anyone from the physical world. I am here in the capacity of one who is knowledgable about the topic being discussed tonight from the viewpoint of Spirit.

Marc: Okay great. Earth One? Is it okay if we call you that?

Earth One: Yes Marc. I am fine with being called that. I am the spirit form of what Diane is seeing as the “first” level of the vibrational evolution of the earth.

Marc: Okay great! Earth Two?

Earth Two: Likewise, I am the spirit representative of the evolution above Earth One.

Marc: Okay Sun?

Sun: Yes Marc, as your readers will probably have figured out, I am the spirit form which represents the sun starting with the first evolution on up.

Marc: And the young guy at the end?

Moon: Yes I am representing the spirit form of the moon in all of the evolutions.

Diane: What I’m getting from this is at some point in the earth’s evolution, the spirit energy guarding the earth will change from one to the other, but the sun and moon are pretty much the same. Now I’m only seeing about six levels to the evolution so I don’t know what happens afterwards. There are some previous to the one that we are at, but they are grayed out for me. Of course, this is all happening at the same time, so it does get a bit confusing.

Marc: I’ve asked you all to come forward to talk about a topic that I’m sure is on fire down on earth which are there multiverses? Yay or nay?

Professor: Well Marc, I think that we on the panel are all in agreement that yes there are multiverses and we are here to present aspects of these to your readers.

Marc: Yes great! So that big question is out-of-the-way.

Diane: So Professor, you are showing yourself to me as a spirit of high learning and specifically science based. Is that because you have had experience in a physical life on earth or did you study elsewhere?

Professor: Yes I have held positions of high learning on your planet earth Diane and I also specialize in quantum physics on the spirit side as well. (At least that’s the closest term I could get to what she was saying.)

Diane: So I’m being shown an image of about six earths with these folded rice paper looking panels in between. Can you explain what they are?

Professor: Diane what you are being shown is the evolution of your own universe with the multiverses in between.

Diane: I’m getting that these other timelines also have their own evolution and if we tuned into one of them we would see that as well. You are showing me that all of this has to do with actual physical matter but the energy involved also plays a major point in this. Now I’m seeing something that I’ve seen before. That is that each person on the planet has what looks to me to be a bubble around their head which contains the universe of their own creation. So if you spoke to one person who believes in a Higher Source or God that would pop up in their bubble. Then you could go and talk to another whose bubble would say “No Higher Source or God”. So everyone has their own bubble and all of these bubbles help to create our universe. Each person’s belief system is as valid as the next. I’m not sure why I was being shown that now other than that they want to confirm that everything affects each other.

Marc: Okay so Earth One what would you like to talk about?

Diane: Marc just like in the supernova post we did last time, she isn’t speaking in words but giving me this information, so I’ll just take down what I am being given. She is saying that since she is the first evolution of the planet which is closest to our own but stresses that she is at the tail end of this phase, it makes sense that there is not as much of a dramatic difference between us as you would see in Earth Five or Six. She said that her earth is more lush and keeps showing me more rain forest. They have reached a point where their energy is becoming more and more “green” so they have learned to clean up their act. She says that the oceans are beginning to be looked after and they are on the road to understanding the importance of land. So they are growing more produce and plants grown without harsh chemicals. She said that they are also realizing that growing food shouldn’t be controlled by huge companies that are only looking to make a profit without the concern for the harm that it can cause the public who is not aware of what they are eating. She said that this came about because people became more involved and started questioning what was going on. Okay Earth Two? I’m not sure if she wants to talk or if she will just show images.

Okay so she says at her level, there are no longer gas-powered vehicles. She said that the forty hour work week is caput, so there is the realization that if you want to work that much, you can. Is isn’t that they don’t feel that work is beneficial to the planet as a whole, but she is saying that you don’t have to if you don’t want to. She said that if you decide to work less, your standard of living is not necessarily going to change and I’m asking her how is that possible? She said that there are many ways that people can contribute to the planet and society. For instance, maybe someone is a doctor and they love to work a hundred hours a week or feel that they should. Another person might be a teacher and feel that they only want to work thirty hours a week. She said that in their off time, they might choose to volunteer at a community farm or non-profit. So she said that there is a shift to move away from what we would term “the rat race” and spend more time giving to those around you. She said that where we are now, many people would probably like to be able to do more in their communities, but after spending a week working, they don’t have the energy to do anything else on the weekend. Or it may be the only time they have to spend time with their families and socialize and they don’t want to give that up. She said that they have worked out a system where those who want to work can and those who choose to do other things will also be able to survive at a standard of living that isn’t dire. She said that when you aren’t in fear of losing your home or your life style, you can take time to look at your life and perhaps make other choices. So I was asking, well if they aren’t working as much, how can their standard of living not drop? She said that because they are building up communities that in turn prosper and can support themselves. So maybe if you work at a community farm, you start selling some of the produce and then can help make income that way. If you volunteer at a non-profit or a business that gives back to the community, that might enable it to be more productive and that profit goes back into society. So it’s more of communities learning to support themselves because they have the people power to do so. She said, of course, that if you decide that you just weren’t going to work or contribute at all, then your standard of living would still not be that high unless you had other means of support.

So Mr Sun, what would you like to tell us about your place in the universe?  He is actually saying that he is more in tune with Earth One and Two – that’s where he is vibrating. He is saying something about the seasons being different. Because at this level, they are reverting back to growing crops – not buildings and planting more trees. This in turn is helping the ozone replenish itself and the sun’s effects are not so harsh. They are working together in order to make this happen in a positive way. Okay Mr Moon?

What he is saying is that of all the planets represented here, he is the closest to what we have in our universe “now” and he really didn’t say much more than that, so I’m assuming that he might not be changing as much as the earth and sun. He is saying that since there is such a high rate of diverse energies on earth, it makes more sense that it would be the one which is changing the most.

What about space travel at these higher vibrations? Is that still important? They are saying that in our future, believe it or not, more countries will be banding together to collect information and share it amongst the planet. So that leads to less pollution in space. I don’t know what is out there now, but it doesn’t feel very nice. He is saying the word “refresh” a lot and showing me the ocean waves. So he is saying that there isn’t much difference between how the planets revolve around each other, but it feels like they are interacting more efficiently based on the fact that there is less pollution and abuse. They are saying that they are all able to do their jobs more effectively without so many hindrances. What we are doing now is making it harder for them to work. I’m seeing the energy literally dragging and that they are gasping for air. They are strained is what I am seeing.

I’m assuming that each of these multiverses (the folded rice paper) have their own spirit realms is that correct? So the Professor is showing me the “Push and Pull” me from Doctor Doolittle. One affects the other but that they work in unison.

As I’m looking down the line at the earth’s evolution, the interaction between humans and the ETs is much more pronounced. By the time we see Earth Three/Four or thereabouts, interaction between us is common. On the next level, ETs come back to live on the earth and those on earth spread out to other planets. So it’s like would you like to be an exchange student on another planet? It will be as easy as someone now on earth going to live abroad in another country.

Okay so is there more that we can learn about the multiverse?

Professor: Yes Diane so you have your universe correct? There is also what you would term other time frames to your universe that are different because the energy that didn’t play out in your time frame has to happen somewhere else. Now because of these other possibilities, outcomes are going to be reflected differently. (She said that this also happens on the other time lines as well. Whatever didn’t play out there will go someplace else.)

Diane: Okay I believe that many physicists believe that there isn’t any interaction between these timelines and that may be true in the physical sense – for instance, we cannot take a ship to one of them, but I think that they also feel that there isn’t any energy exchange between them but I’m seeing that there is. To me that makes sense because I can see the energy from one affecting all the rest. I’ve turned into other time lines so it doesn’t feel right to me that we cannot share information. So Marc, why were these parallel universes set up?

Marc: To give creation more opportunities for expansion.

Marc kept saying “expansion”. It all has to do with “expansion” and he was showing me that it happens at an amazing rate.

Professor: So a parallel universe to your own would be a universe that is occupying a different mass. You are correct that energy is passing between these universes even through they can’t physically exist in the same place.

Diane: I’m seeing that thoughts are energy and with every decision, the energy associated with that is going to go somewhere. Where it goes depends on the vibration of the energy at the time the thought was created. It will either go to a timeline that is vibrating at a faster/higher rate, a slower/lower rate or it will stay where it is.

They are showing me the electron theory about the gun and the dead cat. If you aren’t aware of it, you can look it up on the internet. If you put the electron theory into place and look at it from the sense of color, the electron that moves clockwise is white and the one which moves counterclockwise is black. The theory states that they are doing this simultaneously and that where they overlap creates a new energy which is grey. (At least I think that’s the basic premise.) What the spirits are showing me is at the grey color point, that’s where the vibration of what is happening at that time moves. Each of these timelines is going to have its own evolution, growth and vibrational range.

So Professor, I think I understand this theory but how does this relate to the earth’s evolution? At what point would a higher vibrational energy decide to transcend up to the next “level” of our evolution or move to another time line?

Professor: Yes Diane, we see where this might cause confusion for you. So what we are saying is that your universe is in a constant state of fluctuation and movement. Nothing in it is standing still and can’t at any time. So you see when this energy comes and says “Okay, I’m a little too high to stay where I am. I need to find another place where I can feel at home”, it does so. Now that could be on another timeline or it could go to a higher frequency to where the earth is now. It has to go someplace you see.

Diane: What would make it want to go to another time line instead of staying on earth?

Professor: Because of the composition of its properties. So let’s say that you are walking down a street and see a tiger. You could decide to run or you could stand frozen. Now let’s say that a man comes down from another direction and sees this happening. He could choose to stop or he could go about his merry way. He could choose to say “Beware don’t move!”. At some point, you will have to make a decision. Since everything has a vibration, the energy of running would be different from the energy of staying. Now since the man came into the scene, your vibration might change because now you feel that you aren’t alone in this scenario. By his presence, you may feel a bit of release. By seeing him, that might change your perspective as he might know more about how to react in this kind of situation. At least you may have the hope of that being the case, but still that will affect what is happening. The man approaches you and tries to calm the tiger down. He motions you to go in one direction and says that he will go in another in order to distract the tiger and cause confusion. At some point, if all remains the same (i.e. the tiger doesn’t move) you will both be out of the tiger’s viewpoint and the tiger might lose interest.

Diane: So how does that relate to the electron/dead cat theory?

Professor: Well it just goes to show you that there can be many outcomes for any situation. You could have decided to flee from the tiger and maybe in another time line you did and that would have its own set of consequences. For instance, that may have startled the tiger and it may have run after you. You could have just stood there and done nothing in another. The man walking into the situation has changed the scenario again and that will bring more and more outcomes because another factor is involved. It could be that you both fled or that you fled and he stayed. You see that every time something like this is confronted, it has to play out someplace.

Diane: So does that mean that there are unlimited parallel universes? I wasn’t getting a definite answer for that one, but she did say that these timelines have a range of vibrations and energies will go to the range that they correspond to and in turn, the time line will expand accordingly.

Okay Marc well I think that helps explain some of this to me. Please thank our guests for coming and helping us out here. I feel that we will be looking into more of this in the future, but this is a great starting point!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 12, 2019





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  1. Incredible information! I often wonder Marc Bolan -Beaty what our connection was in a past life or in this one? I used to dance to your song “Get it on” when it came out in 1971 as a young girl and now out of the blue I have discovered your interaction as a Channeled Spirit. I have heard there is no such thing as coincidences?!

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