Bolan-Beaty Boogie On Spirit Guides: Our Connection and What Part Do They Play in Our Lives


My spirit guides often ask me to write about our relationship with them because if we work on connecting with them, it can only enrich our lives and make it easier. I talk with Richard (my main guide) and Marc about how we can go about opening up to our guides and what they give us in return.

Diane: So let’s talk about our connection to our spirit guides and the agreements we have made with them. I know that we have detailed plans coming into every incarnation, and that our guides are not here to make decisions for us but to assist us. What would happen if in spirit you told them that you wanted the minimum about of help but when you get down to earth you said “Heck no! Changed my mind! It’s tougher down here than I remember and I want all the help I can get!”

Marc: Well Diane, it probably isn’t going to be that extreme a difference between how you felt in spirit and how you feel now because you were provided with quite a lot of information about how things would be for you. Nevertheless, it does happen that it is different than you anticipated and you change your mind.

Diane: Yes but how would you respond to that?

Richard: Well Diane, we adapt. We know that what you think you might want to do is going to change when you get down there because of your free will. What you plan in spirit is only a guideline. You want to experience yourself fully and that wouldn’t be possible if you place limitations upon yourself.

Diane: So you adapt to whatever our current wishes are? What if someone said, “No matter what I tell you when I’m in the physical, I want you to stick to the plan I made in spirit?”

Richard: That wouldn’t be very usual Diane because you would know that you would be limiting yourself with that kind of thought and why would you want to do that?

Diane: Can you talk more about what the role of a guide is?

Richard: A guide is there to do just that – guide you on your physical journey. You have planned the road map – your main goals and when you want them to happen and the major players and when you want to meet them. Of course, all of these things can change when you incarnate, but we try to keep you as close to your plan as possible.

Diane: Yes you aren’t going to do any of the work for us. What happens if we veer off that path?

Richard: Well we let you go on your way because usually, at some point, you get yourself back on track. We like to call them “detours”.

Diane: Marc and I were talking a few nights ago that guides don’t like to show future events for us, but they will assist us in seeing these events for ourselves?

Richard: That would be something that I would be more comfortable with yes.

Diane: Okay so let’s do a simple example of that. You are planning on taking a vacation but you can’t decide where to go. Let’s say that you want to meet a trigger person at this time who is currently in Canada. Would you try and steer them there or what?

Richard: Well if they said that they wanted to meet that person at that time and it had a strong meaning for them, then yes, I would see it as my job to coax them there.

Diane: How would you do that?

Richard: Maybe make sure that they came across pamphlets or photos on the web that shows what a beautiful country it is or have them run across a sale on airfares. We pop songs into people’s heads as well because that always brings up strong emotions.

Diane: Now they could always ignore you and head to Brazil instead. They might have a great time but that would mean that their meeting with that person would be postponed. How would you go about arranging that again?

Richard: Well it’s probably too involved to go into now Diane, but that’s our job – to help you on your quest. We can sometimes pull off amazing feats of what you would term “magic” to get this done.

Diane: Marc was telling me that it isn’t an easy job to be a guide. Marc, how well do we know our guides before coming in this life?

Marc: Yeah the odds that you have worked with them many many times before would be pretty strong. This is a very important role that you are giving them and you have to fully trust them and their methods. You have to know that you can work together and they will have your highest interest as their goal and beacon at all times.

Diane: Also no judgment of what we are doing.

Marc: Well we might wack ourselves on the side of the head (if we had one) when we are amazed at what you are doing, but no….we don’t make judgments. We know that you have a reason (or not) for what you are doing and it’s your choice always.

Diane: Yeah I can picture you guys sitting there thinking “What the hell is Diane doing now” and laughing!

Marc: Yeah that is a funny picture but we don’t do that very often. (Although Marc was quick to point out that it has happened! LOL!)

Diane: I’ve heard that we have all probably been guides for our guides at some point in time. How true is that?

Marc: Well at the level that most are on earth, I would say that’s highly probable. Every soul is at its stage of development. There is quite a lot of training that needs to be done to be a guide so you want to make sure that you have someone who knows what they are doing.

Diane: Yes but you’ve been showing me trainee guides who might work with our guides to learn the tricks of the trade?

Marc: Yes that’s right.

Diane: I’m assuming that I would have approved this spirit but I know that I’ve given Richard, as my main guide, the authority to bring someone like that in. I understand that we can change our guides whenever we want. I’ve given a few guides the boot in the past who weren’t doing much of anything. I feel that the higher our vibration goes, that it’s important to bring our guides up to that level as well. I met Richard after I did my clairvoyant training and I know that he’ll be with me till the end. What is it like when you pass over and meet your guides?

Marc: Well it’s a happy occasion, Diane. It’s very much like “job well done” for both of you. It’s an important and very involved process to take on a physical life for the person doing it but also for your guides.

Diane: What advice would you give to someone who felt that the guide they are working with is outdated and they want a change?

Marc: You can ask to have them replaced at anytime Diane. You don’t have to work with guides whom you aren’t comfortable with any longer. You may have planned on working with them at some point, so you might want to ask yourself why you’ve changed your mind. You could have progressed beyond what they can do. You can request another higher level guide to help you. You will have one ready, prepared and waiting in the wings.

Diane: I’ve read about some people who felt that they had guides who weren’t very friendly and I didn’t understand why they just didn’t get rid of them? I think that they felt they didn’t have any choice in the matter. I know that I’m in charge of my destiny and if they aren’t working for me, I’ll ask them to go and be replaced. Life’s literally too short.

Marc: Yes Diane, that is the way to look at it. Remember that you are in full control of whom you are at all times. If it isn’t working then it’s up to you to send them on their way. No one else will have the power to do that for you.

Diane: I’ve held interviews with guides in the past so I know that means that I haven’t always chosen to work with them one hundred percent before I left Spirit right?

Richard: No not at all. You can choose your guides at any time.

Diane: It was as if I was interviewing a new business associate. What would be good questions to ask a perspective guide?

Richard: Well you should find out how flexible they are because to be a good guide, you have to be able to adapt to change. You have to be able to put your needs aside to be with them full time.

Diane: I set up a meeting with you, Nat and Marc almost every night. I know that you can be in two places at once so I don’t feel that I’m taking up too much of your “time”.

Richard: That’s right Diane, we can, but I like to give our meetings my full attention and I know that Nat and Marc feel the same way.

Diane: What other qualities should we look for in a guide?

Richard: As Marc mentioned before, trust is a very important factor in the relationship. If you feel that you can’t trust them, you will not have a solid work foundation.

Diane: That’s true. I know that I can trust all three of you without question. What else?

Richard: Well it’s a good idea to have someone on your guide team you’ve worked with before. Many of your guides will be spirits you know quite well.

Diane: How involved is guide training?

Richard: It takes a vast amount of training to be a good guide. You have to understand how energy works, both physical and non-physical. You have to acquaint yourself with everything that has happened in their past and future lives.

Diane: You can’t keep a secret from your guide, can you?

Richard: No and would you want to? That’s why I’m saying it’s a very intimate relationship because they know everything about you.

Diane: I can hear you guys laughing at stuff I’m saying – mostly when I’m on the highway yelling profanities at other drivers (with the nicest intentions of course LOL).

Richard: Yes, Diane, you have many interesting sayings that you shoot out there and you do make us chuckle.

Diane: So I talk to you and can understand your response. Maybe there are those out there who don’t feel that they can receive direct communication with their guides. What advice would you give them if they wanted to grow that relationship? Marc and I did a “Meet Your Guides” audio lesson awhile back. I’ve also heard about walking upstairs to a door and opening it. Your guide will be there to meet you on the other side. What do you think of that?

Richard: Well that is one way of doing it, but not everyone is going to have success with that. Now all should be aware that they are interacting with their guides at all times even if they aren’t aware of this.

Diane: Yes, for instance, Richard, you are always popping words or images of what I’m leaving behind in my house. It saves me so much time and trauma! Some may feel that it’s just a coincidence but I know it’s you because we’ve worked on this. What suggestions would you give for getting better acquainted with our guides?

Richard: First you must acknowledge that they exist and then begin a conversation with them. After you meditate, ask your guides to come and meet you. It’s no different than meeting a new friend on the street. You can ask that only guides come forward from the highest light source. Their energy might be very subtle, so you may have to pay attention to what you are receiving. If it’s too light, then ask for them to make their connection to your stronger. Ask to receive an image or a sign. This could be a thought, a feeling or a soft touch. Guides will give you whatever they know will be easiest for you to receive.

Diane: I find that getting a name is easy for me and ask if they want to appear as male/female or neither. What I think is important is to not give up if you don’t feel that you are getting anywhere right away.

Richard: Yes Diane, that’s very important. Building a relationship with your guides is something that you don’t want to rush. Think of all the relationships in your life that mean a great deal to you. They were built over time and it’s no different with your guides.

Diane: I feel that’s it’s also important to get to know your guide’s energy because then you can tell them apart from other energy. I’ve had to get rid of energy that wasn’t conducive to my well being and was not making me happy. It’s important to isolate that kind of energy to get it out as soon as possible. Let’s say that you feel that something or someone is in your space and you want them out. That would be something that your guides can help with?

Richard: Definitely Diane. We have to be careful to respect any agreements that you might have with that particular energy though. You have many soul contracts with beings and we cannot override whatever might be in place.

Diane: Yes but we can break agreements and we can ask you for help?

Richard: Yes of course.

Diane: When I do my meditation and connect to spirit, I always ask that our conversation will benefit us all for our highest good. I feel that putting that intention out there is very important.

Richard: You are correct Diane. It’s a very important and a wise thing to do.

Diane: So I’m being told that guides can be close friends but they can be more remote. For instance, you may have a guide on your team who is not necessarily a close acquaintance but you know that they are good at what they do, you trust them and they get the job done. We have guides for everything and if we are opening up to a new subject or energy, we can ask for the guide with the most knowledge to step forward.

Richard: Yes there are an unlimited amount of guides who will work with you.

Diane: Yes but like we said earlier, they might have knowledge but not all are that experienced or adept at what they do so pay attention to whom you are dealing with right?

Richard: Ask them to give you an image of them and make sure it’s something that you are comfortable with seeing. You don’t want a guide who is what humans would term “high maintenance”. You are working with them to assist you and that should be their priority. They are receiving experience and knowledge for their work so you are helping them as well.

Diane: So how would this work? Let’s say that you want information about a certain topic and you want to receive an answer from Spirit. Would you go to your guides or the Collective Consciousness?” For example, I want to expand my ideal of patience. Will someone on my guide team respond or will I just pull from the Collective energy?

Richard: Well there could be several energies that respond. Your guides will always respond but you can choose to pull from the Collective source as well. It’s up to you to take any of the assistance that is being offered to you.

Diane: So there is an endless amount of choices that are in our power to make at all times. What if someone does something and afterward feels that it was the wrong decision. Perhaps they feel that this has ruined their lives. What might a guide do to help them?

Richard: Well that is a pretty broad question and a rather hard one to answer because it would depend on what they chose to experience. Maybe whatever they did was an act that they needed to experience for their expansion. In that case, even though by all accounts to them, it was an unfortunate occurrence, it is now who they are. As guides, we would do whatever is within our power to help them get back to a place of calm and peace, but we will not take on any of their experience for them.

Diane: I took a class on connecting with Spirit once and I remember someone asking the teacher where the information was coming from. The teacher responded, “Does it matter?” To him it didn’t but that didn’t ring true for me. I want to know where the information is coming from if I can. I want to be able to tell if it’s positive and high vibrational energy connecting with me because if not, I want to choose to say “No thanks”.

Richard: Yes Diane, that is one of the goals that you wanted to achieve and you have.

Diane: Well most of the time I think. Marc you aren’t saying anything here?

Marc: I’m just listening to what you are saying. I’m rather new to the guide boogie so it’s a learning experience for me.

(I think that Marc was a bit uneasy about being termed a “guide” but one night he showed up at the meetings that I was having with Nat and Richard and he’s never left since. That means, that we had to stop talking about him (hehe) but it’s so much fun!)

Diane: Another thing I’m getting from you is that you should have fun with your guides! They are like anyone else and they enjoy humor. Of course, they are willing to adapt to whatever is going on with you, but they are telling me that we shouldn’t forget about the fun. They also stress to me that they will work with you even if you don’t know they are there but our lives will be more enriching if we take the time to get to know them. They showed me someone approaching another, speaking and wanting to get to know them. The other person doesn’t respond and walks in another direction. They show me this to illustrate their experience. If the other person can see them and interact, it makes sense that your relationship with them will be deeper and more rewarding.

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August 20, 2019


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