Bolan-Beaty Boogie Speak with Intergalactic Beings (From Planets Whose Names We Can’t Pronounce)


Diane: Marc, you look a bit different today. What do you say about that?

Marc: Yeah I’m Marc circa 1974 today.

Diane: Oh! Okay right. I had a thought. I was imagining a Marc Bolan/T Rex fan who comes to our site because it says that I’m talking with you in the afterlife. Who knows what they expect to read, but if it’s gossip, stories about sex, drugs and rock and roll, they are going to be disappointed right? Here we talk about love, spirituality, sci-fi and “aliens”. Of course, these are the same topics that you wrote about as Marc right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. I don’t know what people expect when they visit us either. (He was saying that he could read their energy, but he doesn’t do that.) If they knew even a tad about me, they would know that I’m still talking about the same things that interested me as Marc.

Diane: If you had had the chance of being beamed aboard a UFO as Marc, would you have taken it?

Marc: Yeah, maybe, if they could have promised me that they could get me back in time for the next gig….

Diane: I always see you looking up to the stars and the sky and wondering as Marc, what was going on up there. You were fascinated by it, weren’t you?

Marc: Yeah Diane, and I still am.

Diane: Even though you have access to so much more?

Marc: The amount of information here is infinite. You could never discover everything available to us.

Diane: Okay great! Marc are we going to be interviewing someone tonight? Let’s make our way over to our studio. You are turning on the lights, so that must mean something?

Marc: It means, let’s get this show on the road! I have some special guests for us tonight. Do you want to meet them?

Diane: Sure! I’m seeing two chairs set up. Okay now I see a bouncing ball of gold light coming towards us and it’s hovering over one of the chairs. Oh wow! It turned into an amazing looking woman but she is not human obviously. Her skin is shades of green, blue and purple and her hair has highlights of gold. She has what appears to be reptilian features on her forehead.

Now I see a man walking out. He is extremely tall. His features aren’t coming in as detailed as hers. I’ll try tuning into his energy more. He is smiling and has skin like alabaster. I’m getting something about “Vikings”.

Marc: Well let’s just start the discussion and see if you can pick up more.

Diane: Marc you are in charge of introductions since I haven’t a clue who they are.

Marc: Okay so let me introduce you to Polara and Zolmack.

Diane: Zolmack? So I’m getting that the Vikings were partly descended from his race?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: Let’s start with you Polara. Can you please tell us more about yourself?

Polara: We are beings who have not had much contact with your race outside of fairy tales and literature.

Diane: Really?

Polara: We are nomadic and tour the galaxy. We often take different forms than you see now.

Diane: Right so I am seeing large ships and something about you don’t have a planet to call home anymore?

Polara: Yes Diane that is right. My planet was destroyed many of your earth years ago.

Diane: I’m very sorry. Can you tell us what destroyed it?

Polara: It was a dying planet.

Diane: How so?

Polara: Just like any life force that comes to the end of a physical incarnation, our planet used up all of its natural resources. It lost the will to survive.

Diane: Gosh you don’t often think of a planet just giving up do you? But you are right. They are a life force just like any other. How did you know that it was dying? You must have had a chance to leave then? Marc, did you have questions?

Marc: No Diane, this is your time here. I already know the answers, but I’ll pitch if something is interesting that you didn’t cover.

Polara: The ecosystem started dying. Trees and flowers were drying up. No new animals were being born. The air was like acid. The once lush landscape had become a desert.

Diane: Had it looked like earth, to begin with?

Polara: It was quite different than the earth, especially the sky and the colors. On my planet, they were much more vibrate and the air had a sweet fragrant odor no matter where you were or what the season.

Diane: Wow that does sound lovely!

Polara: It was.

Diane: So were you there when it died?

Polara: I was not.

Diane: Now she is showing me something interesting. Although she was never on her planet (so she was born on a ship or another planet), she can see images of it. Her race is capable of playing images through their heads like movies. Memories can be stored and you can replay them over again. They can send these images to each other. So for us, it would be like sending a video through an email. Wow, that’s great! I can see what she is looking at and it’s so clear! These are images then that your family has passed down to you?

Polara: Yes.

Diane: Marc so she is saying that even family members who have passed over to spirit can send her these videos! Also, she says that they don’t forget so if she views one of them, there is a database in her brain that stores it so if she wants to see it again, she can just pull it out.

You are physical, but when you came out, you looked like a bouncing gold ball?

Polara: I can present myself in many different forms. I have a large repertoire.

Diane: Okay so were you changing your form or was it that I was seeing you in the shape that you wanted to present yourself? (She told me that I was picking up the energy form that she wanted to show me. She wanted to make a grand entrance and she did!)

Well, thank you! We haven’t heard from our other guest yet – Zolmack. So far, all I’ve picked up from you is that the Vikings were your descendants. Let me describe you to our readers. As I said, you are extremely tall and have very slender fingers. You are wearing what I would call a grand ceremonial outfit. You have medals around your neck and pinned to your jacket. Your clothing is subtle colors like white and grey but it’s the detail that is so amazing! The fabric is three dimensional so I see pleats but it is also embroidered with ornate swirls. Are you some kind of warrior or are you royalty?

He told me that he is both. Marc? Is he going to speak or am I only going to get his responses telepathically?

Marc: Well let’s just see what he prefers to do.

Diane: Okay. I think he is going the telepathic route. He is saying that he is both a warrior on his planet but also royalty. He says that he is not a warrior in the sense that we might understand. On his planet, warriors are those who champion the cause of a greater future for their race.

Zolmack, you are telling me that your planet is still a thriving one? Do you rule part or all of it? Are you rulers in the sense that you govern or is it more symbolic like the British royal family?

He says that his family is at the forefront of leadership but it is very much a democracy.

Are you elected? He says no they are not elected. His family did govern the planet for many generations. In the old days, when the planet was brutal and young, they ruled much like our medieval kings. Now that is just a faded memory in their minds. He tells me that all planets go through a similar progression.

Does your family play a part in governing the planet – the whole planet or only part of it? He is saying the whole planet but it isn’t as large as the earth. His family is spread out. He says that they are more looked upon for advice and assistance than laying down laws.

Can you try and give me the name of your planet? What? Okay, I don’t think that I’m going to get that. It looks like it has 20 consonants in it without vowels! Marc, can you help?

Marc: Well there isn’t an English equivalent Diane.

Diane: That’s what I thought. I’m not even going to try and pronounce that. Maybe he will give me images or feelings then instead of his home?

He is showing me the wind and how it sweeps over the planet and it sends messages to everyone on it. He said that all are connected and share this energy. No one there is a stranger to each other even if they haven’t met. Wow, that’s lovely! He is showing me water and mountains. They have seasons and it has a sun and several moons.

Can you describe your race for me, please? He says that yes the Vikings were partially descended from them, but it isn’t likely that you will find that anywhere on the internet.

He says that he wants to talk about the essence of his planet.

Marc, are you going to ask any questions?

Marc: I think that you are doing fine Diane!

Diane: Well I am awfully curious about this yes! He is speaking again about their connections and how important that is for them. No one is lonely on his planet because they have an inner core that knows about this connection. They are born feeling this so it is something they have always known. This inner core is something that humans can feel too if they wish because we are all connected as well. He says that no one would harm each other or cause another to feel pain.

What about animals? He said yes they do have animals and the society is completely vegan. He says that they have evolved to where it isn’t necessary to have an overpopulation of any species. He said, if you do, then others would suffer because of it.

Marc, how did you find our guests?

Marc: I took out an ad in “Intergalactic News”.

Diane: Right silly! Polara anything else that you would like to say? You said that you were nomads and travel in ships now?

Polara: Yes we do exploration. We travel from one planet to the next to ascertain where we might help and learn.

Diane: Okay so I think I’m getting tired because everything is coming telepathically now (versus me seeing mouths move etc.). She is saying that they go from planet to planet as an exploration team but they also do rescue work. They want to prevent, if they can, what happened to their planet. Okay so my question would be, if that is the normal evolution for a planet or species, would you still try and save it?

She says that they take that into account. Often, they will use their best judgment if it is something that can’t communicate with them. She said that since they are highly evolved beings, they can pick up energy at a level that humans cannot.

Marc, can you ask something now?

Marc: So this is for both of you…what kind of music do you have? Any dance? Theatre?

Diane: Polara is saying that during certain times of the year, they had a bug or beetle that would hum a beautiful melody! She never heard it herself in person but she can playback what her ancestors have sent her.

Zolmack? He says that they do have theatre and plays that are very popular. They have their version of Greek tragedies but more like Norse gods. The plays can fill stadiums so they are very popular.

Marc, I know that you are dying to ask them if T-Rex ever made it to their planet so go ahead! They are saying that unfortunately, you didn’t reach their planets but that they can tune into who you were and your music.

Marc: What do you eat?

Diane: Polara is saying that they get food from the various places that they visit and can create what they need on the ship. Zolmack says that they have a grain, much like rice is to us, that is their staple. He said they eat a lot of nuts and fruit.

Marc: Well I think that we’ll call it a night because Diane is getting tired. We would love to thank our guests Polara and Zolmack for coming to visit the Bolan-Beaty Boogie Comedy Hour!

Diane: The what? Comedy hour?

Marc: Did I say that? I meant the Bolan-Beaty Boogie Show.

Diane: Marc you are so silly.

Marc: We hope that you both have safe journeys home.


Diane: Marc so can you give me more information about how Polara’s planet died? You are saying that it got off its orbit and the ecosystem started failing? In spiritual terms, whatever source energy that was in control either stopped or wasn’t able to continue. In scientific terms, I don’t know how to describe that.

I can see the residents were bewildered because the night was turning into day and vice versa. It wasn’t an eclipse and no Marc! It wasn’t turning into Sweden. (He literally japped me in the side with that one!). So the ecosystem started to die and the people perished. The planet lay bare and then at some point, it collided with a meteor or star. Gosh, that’s a sad story, but they are telling me that though the universe creates and destroys, it always has a purpose.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 8, 2020

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