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Unseen Painting

Marc and I chat a bit about this and that before we begin our journey…..

Diane: So hey Marc! I was thinking that we probably have different groups of readers for the blog. Some are your fans, some are into spirit stuff and there is probably some overlap there huh? What do you think?

Marc: Yeah Diane. I think that’s a pretty good assumption.

Diane: I say that because I like to ask you some “being Marc Bolan” questions in your fans’ honor.

Marc: Okay so what’s your question or questions?

Diane: Well for one…I get that you were into doing what wasn’t expected. For instance, the melodies and the lyrics on your songs. You liked to change the words in the chorus around a bit. Not enough that if you weren’t paying attention, you would notice. Obviously this was intentional on your part. Does this have anything to do with people underestimating you? We’ve talked about that in the past or is it something else? The “people underestimating me” has been popping up lately so I thought maybe there was more that you wanted to say about that?

Marc: Wow! That’s a fucking long question Diane!

Diane: Really?

Marc: Okay so…

Diane: Sorry Marc…lost the connection there for a bit. Can you repeat?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. I’m saying that yes they are interrelated. For one, I did want to catch people out, so to speak, and wake them up. Get if they were really listening to what I was saying, you know. Were they paying attention? You are obviously because you’ve caught this. And yes..I did it both in my lyrics and melodies. Man, I wanted to be different! Nothing that I wrote that got out into the public wasn’t something that I truly felt inside. (He is saying that he felt some songs were stronger than others but he didn’t let something go out unless he was happy with it.) Yeah I could do a song that maybe wasn’t a deep thinker, but I still dug what I was saying. Sometimes once a song got put together, you didn’t need to have the vague, well what some people termed “vague” lyrics nor the funky rhythms. Just a simpler song could do it for me.

Diane: Did you have more that you wanted to say about people underestimating you? I know that we’ve talked about this before. It wasn’t only the media, but people you knew personally? Was there more about that?

Marc: Yeah Diane…there was. You know that I was keenly aware of the fact that I was being underestimated and it pissed me off at times. No one believed that I was going to be famous. I proved them wrong on that. Not many people thought my voice or guitar playing was as good as some others, but I still sold millions of records and had my face on about every wall in Britain. I would read stuff that was written about me and want to scream because man, they got it all wrong. They just didn’t get who I was man.

Diane: And that was important to you?

Marc: It was because I was putting myself out there and then they were misrepresenting who I was. Sometimes they had a completely different persona than whom I truly was as a person. I do know that being a rock star, yeah, you have to have an image to uphold and I admit that I did play that up.

Diane: Okay I think what you are saying here is that you could fun around with the rock star part of it and you didn’t care about that so much but when it came to the music and the lyrics, you took that very seriously.

Marc: Yeah right. What I’m trying to get across is that underestimating people is a jive thing because you can’t know what goes on inside another person’s head. You may think that you know them well, you may even be intimate with them, but you can’t get under their skin. Can you see what I’m saying here?

Diane: Yes I can. I don’t know….Underestimating people seems like a form of judgement to me and as much as possible, I like to steer clear of that. It’s a hard habit to break but I think that it’s important to just be aware of what you are thinking. Is that what you want to say as well Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane. It’s important.

Diane: Right! So we also have some readers who are interested in trance channeling so I thought we could bring what we are doing up to date. We are currently on the “brain/no brain coordination” part of it. Can I call it that?

Marc: Yeah sure! Call it whatever you want Diane.

Diane: So what is happening now is that my arms are doing all of these incredibly fast movements – circular/up and down – and in different directions. You told me about two weeks ago that we were going to begin doing repetitive movements and to not get bored. Now as a baby, you strive to have your brain control what your thought impulses are and soon you don’t even know that you are doing it. Now I’m trying to unlearn that. I don’t want my brain to be aware of what my arms are doing. Marc, you are telling me that this will enable you to move more freely into my body and take over “mission control”?

Marc: Yeah that’s right Diane.

Diane: So would anyone who wants to do this with a spirit go through this part of the process?

Marc: Well yes..anyone would need to go through this step, but how long they do it would be different. Could be a matter of seconds but could be weeks.

Diane: Gosh well I hope we move onto something else sooner than that. Okay so let’s start the channeling!

What’s up for tonight Marc? I know it’s my turn to come up with an idea. How about tuning into energies of beings or places that are hidden from view? Did you come up with anything Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane I went on a treasure hunt just like a pirate and came up with some booty for us.

Diane: You are so cute! I’m picturing you now in a pirate outfit looking for lost treasure! Okay where do we start? Are we going to our studio or are we going on a journey?

Marc: Let’s go on a journey.

Diane: I take Marc’s hand and away we go! I’m getting ancient Egypt and something about a tomb. We are going down deep to a pharaoh’s tomb. So you are saying that even though the Valley of the Kings as been excavated almost to every inch of its life, there is still a tomb down there that people aren’t aware of right? Why is it still hidden? I’m seeing that there was some freak climate change that happened and for that reason, the earth above the tomb has almost solidified. If you happened upon it, you would suspect that nothing could be underneath it. You are saying that it won’t be found in most people’s life times but if you are around five, you might live to see it.

This is like that Ripley’s Believe it or Not show that was popular in the 1980s!

Marc: No Diane. It’s much better than that!

Diane: Anything else here to pick up? I’m being told that the scholars just assume that this tomb was a goner but actually it’s still intact. I can see inside of it. It’s not full of riches like Tutankhamen’s. It’s one room basically and very shallow – probably about six feet high. I see the tomb off to the right. It looks fairly bare and I’m not sure if it was looted at some point. The air is completely unbreathable.

About the man inside the tomb….He was middle aged when he died and not very kind. He treated his family like servants. Politics was a big deal for him as was a strong army.  His life was filled with intrigue and he had a lot of enemies. I bet that could all be said for many of the rulers though. I think that he actually died of natural causes and no one was sorry to see him go. That’s sad.

Okay Marc where to next?

Wow! You just popped into my body and gave me a hug! So sweet!

We are traveling down a long tunnel and moving very fast! This means that we are going back in time I’m suspecting. Marc you keep coming back into my body. Does this mean that you are building up energy or what? You usually haven’t done this in the past when we’ve been doing a channeling like this?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s because I couldn’t get this far into your energy before. Now that I can, I’m helping you steer.

Diane: Okay great! Thanks for the help!

Now this is odd. At the end of this tunnel looks to be a petri dish and I don’t know yet what that means. I feel like I’ve landed on my chin and I’m one of the substances in the dish. I have some kind of body I guess. I can’t be very large if I’m in a petri dish. What’s up with this Marc?

Marc: Keep looking around you Diane for more clues.

Diane: Gosh okay. I’m not the only one in the petri dish and my sole goal is to find another like me and to join up with it. This obviously seems like reproduction of cells?

Marc: Can you look even further back than that?

Diane: I don’t know. Can I? What’s before that?

Marc: You don’t know unless you try….

Diane: So the petri dish is just a reference point for me. I feel like I’m a sperm trying to find an egg. Why am I getting this is my question? So Marc, you are saying that this is “time before time”. I’m not getting what that means so can you help me out?

Marc: There is time as you know it, and then there is time as you don’t know it.

Diane: Huh?

Marc: Time is an aspect ratio of linear things that don’t really exist and thus it is an illusion.

Diane: Gosh I hope that I got that right. More help please.

Marc: Yeah Diane. Let go of what you know about time and it’s relation to your world and yourself.

Diane: I’ll try but being human for as long as I have been, that isn’t exactly easy.

Okay I’m floating about in space. I’m turning upside down and feeling very disoriented. I don’t know now which side is up or down. Are you saying that this is what happens to humans when their notion of time is taken away or is this leading me to what you want to show me?

Marc: All in good time Diane.

Diane: Now I’m floating backwards away from my starting point. This is a very odd sensation.

Marc: You have to work to get anywhere nowadays right Diane.

Diane: Thanks for keeping me laughing Marc! So I’m backing away from that reference point which I’m feeling was also my comfort zone. I’m heading into unchartered territory here. I’m feeling much lighter in weight which I didn’t expect to feel because there isn’t any weight in space. I’m seeing slivers of whatever body I have flying off of me but I can’t feel it.

I’m very far away now from where I started. Wherever I am isn’t space anymore as there aren’t planets or any kind of light around me. Where am I? I’ll figure this out. I’m not getting that it’s even something as easy as say the beginning of the galaxy.

More images please Marc or can you pop some words into my vision? Light reflection? Am I some source of light reflection? No wait! You are saying that I’m experiencing THE source of light reflection! Oh got it! This is the energy that began light reflection because I can sense what it is planning. I’m seeing prisms shooting off of me and saying to myself that is what I want to experience. Wow that’s amazing Marc! I’m planning out how it will work and looking forward to accomplishing it. Wow that’s wild! So what is being pointed out there is that there was at one time, a single source for this and it expanded or reproduced itself.

(I had to stop typing here because Marc was really coming into my body strongly. He told me that in order for me to be able to connect with what he wanted to show me next, I had to up my vibration. His energy coming into my body would do this.)

So right now, I’m seeing what looks to be dark grey clouds and then a streak of lavender and then white above that. I’ve seen this before. I asked Marc if there was anyway to see this with the human eye and he said you would have to have pretty amazing eyesight so in other words….no. Once in awhile, I see gold lightening flashing.

Marc is this between the spirit world and ours?

Marc: Not just spirit but other dimensions.

Diane: Okay so this is the highway for energy to travel between dimensions. I see globular entity sources moving very quickly through it. It appears to only be about an inch wide even though there wouldn’t be spatial relations here but I think that’s to give me some idea. They are trying to tell me that it’s either flat or very narrow. I’m starting to feel very claustrophobic now. Is this a portal Marc?

Marc: No it’s more than a portal. Think of a portal like a door but this is a highway.

Diane: So I’m getting that depending on what kind of energy you are, not every road will be open to you? Is that correct?

Marc: Kind of yes.

Diane: Can you adapt yourself in order to go where you want?

Marc: Well yeah, you could but that could or could not be instantaneous. Usually it isn’t.

Diane: Yeah but there isn’t any time here right?

Marc: I’m not talking about time here Diane. I’m talking about development.

Diane; Right! Anything else that I can see here? It is fascinating to see these energies moving about so quickly. They know where they are going and have a purpose. So I’m asking what happens if you want to go down one road and you can’t? It’s as if you just come up against a wall. They are saying that it wouldn’t be news to you. Everything here is apparent to you. You know that you wouldn’t be able to proceed and it’s up to you to get frustrated or not. I’m seeing some of these energies try to pass and then just head off in another direction. So Marc, you wouldn’t linger then?

Marc: This isn’t a place to linger Diane. You would do that elsewhere. This is a means of getting from one place to another.

Diane: So I’m getting that if you want to linger or deal with thoughts, you would exit this area?

Marc: Yeah that’s right.

Diane: Okay Marc anything else I should see here? They are saying that we are all familiar with this place and you can experience it as well if you focus and set the intention to be here. It’s very fast paced. It reminds me of the highways on earth except no one is running into one another and there isn’t road rage.

Okay Marc so I think that’s all the time that we have for tonight. Thanks so much for setting up another amazing journey for us to share! Any last words from you Mr. Bolan?

Marc: Yeah listen to T-Rex.

Diane: Well that’s par for the course.

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 10, 2020

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