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Merging Energies

Marc and I often write about the amazing adventures that he takes us on and we are having a marvelous time sharing them with you. Lately, I can’t seem to get him to do anything else but merge our energies! So the only option for a new post is to write about where we are at with the process.

Many of you may have seen mediums like Jamie Butler merging (or trance-channeling whatever term you want to call it) spirits and it looks so easy. For her, it probably is. It isn’t that it’s “hard” but for Marc and myself, it’s taken many months of practice and we are only now starting to make some breakthroughs. It’s been a journey of perseverance and determination not to give up. I actually have many times but Marc knows that in the back of my heart, I’ll come back to it. He is always patient and lets me take it at my speed. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs but now we are seeing the gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

I’m not sure how it works for other mediums, but the process for us is that we go through different patterns or actions and then we build upon them. I remember when we first started, I was shown what it would be like to have Marc’s energy fully in my space, and then the feeling vanished in a second. I felt great afterward! I felt like my consciousness was about six inches on top of my head. But that gave me the belief that yes, it was possible and what to expect. There have been so many stages, I’m not even able to recall them all. It started with a vague sense of Marc’s energy in my space to weeks of nothing but rapid arm movements which seemed out of control.

Now we are at the point where Marc’s movements are precise and he is building one upon the other. His energy comes in repeatedly through the back of my neck. It’s not the most comfortable method. Marc knows this and has told me that this is the quickest way for him to do it. If I can just hold on for a bit longer, the scrunching of the neck muscles will pass.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked him “What’s the delay? Why can’t you just pop into my body and take over?” I always got the same answer “because I’m not at the point where I can do that and you are not ready to release to me completely”. He explained to me that I wasn’t going to let go until I knew that he was able to take over. He often says “Well Diane, I’ve told you about a million times already….”.

Diane: Marc, I feel that I’m always trying to figure out how this works. I think that this has become a roadblock for me?

Marc: Diane, don’t worry about it. What it comes down to is you haven’t been ready to release to me all the way. I know that you feel like you are, but if you were, it would have happened by now. It takes time to let go completely, Diane. It will happen. That’s one of the reasons we went to the Elvis event. What you got there will help you with this. Will help both of us. Just be a little more patient which I know isn’t an easy thing for you to be.

Diane: So you are saying that there isn’t anything that I need to be doing and that I can stop worrying about this?

Marc: Yeah that’s what I’m saying. We are making a break in the pattern.

Diane: Wait did I get that right? Can you say that again?

Marc: Yeah I said that we are making a break in the pattern.

Diane: Okay what does that mean?

Marc: It means that we are loosening up the screws that bind you together.

Diane: Are you saying that I’m wound too tight?

Marc: Yeah part of you is but you know that.

Diane: Yeah, it’s not easy for me to relax. I’m on the go all the time and it is hard for me to calm my mind. Meditating every night for years has helped that so very much. Right now Marc you are telling me to just be and not think of anything? Just connect with you and at this point, you are ready to take over the controls?

Marc: Yeah Diane, just relax and try not to do anything. I’ve got this now.

A few nights later…

Diane: Hey Marc, it seems like more and more is happening with the merging? How are we doing?

Marc: Doing really well Diane. Making great strides lately.

Diane: I think that I’m finally loosening up don’t you think? I can’t wait until you can talk!

Marc: Yeah Diane, that will be a gas! I have a lot to say.

Diane: I know Marc because you left so suddenly and though you knew it was going to happen, others in the world didn’t and it was quite a shock. It would be wonderful if you could talk to people and say whatever it is that you want to say to them. They could ask you questions in return. I’m not quite sure how we would do that, but I’m looking forward to it when it happens.

Marc: Yeah Diane, we’ll have to see how that goes.

A few days later…..

When Marc’s energy comes into my body, as I mentioned, he comes through the back of the neck. That pulls my head back and I had to correct it and move it upright. I know this sounds like small strides, but he has started popping my neck up on his own.

Marc: I have to build up energy in your space until it feels comfortable for me. This takes a long time.

Diane: What I think is great is that you are aware of the neck issue and I was hoping that at some point, you could spring it back.

Marc: Yeah, of course, I’m aware of everything that we are doing Diane, and what you are thinking while we are doing it. It’s just that I can’t respond to some things as quickly as you would like.

Diane: So Marc, you are communicating with me, Diane right now but I must also be in other places as well right?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. You are scattered all over the winds!

Diane: Am I really?

Marc: Yeah but we all are….parts of us are all over.

Diane: Even if I call back my energy every night during meditation?

Marc: Yeah Diane, even then.

Diane: Well that’s an interesting theory, Marc.

Marc: It’s more than a theory Diane. It’s the way that the universe is put together.

Diane: That feels right to me. So Marc, can you tell me how much of your energy is in my space now? Can you put a percentage on it, Marc?

Marc: Well that’s gonna be hard to define Diane. I would say about in the forty-five to fifty percent range. We will start to move faster then we have in the past because many barriers have been broken down recently.

Diane: That is wonderful news, Marc! Sorry, my eyes are starting to water (this happens quite often as my body releases energy). Bodies have so much going on at once, don’t they?

Marc: They do Diane. They are amazing machines and you are fortunate now to possess one. My energy coming into your body does not tire it out but your body needs to adapt to my energy coming into it. Once I leave, it does sap it of some of its energy. You will work it back up quickly.

Diane: It’s more like it possesses me at times LOL! So you and “Body” are getting along better. It isn’t showing any signs of resistance anymore Marc.

I think that you are showing me something else here Marc. Does it have to do with momentum? Is that what you are saying?

Marc: Yeah Diane kind of. You know when you have a guest come over for dinner, your energy gets pumped up because you are excited. You have a great time, but when they leave, all the energy that you spent prepping for the event drains your body. Does that make sense?

Diane: Yeah it does. So I get excited when your energy is coming in and then it takes a bit for me to work up my energy to replace it.

Soon afterward I made a conscious effort to let Marc take over and let him finish all the movements. In the past, I would often finish them for him. I was amazed to see what he could do when he was left to his own devices. If my head was in an awkward position, he could make it right. If an arm was in the air, he could now bring it back.

Diane: Does it feel odd being in a body again Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it does. I feel like a ventriloquist.

Diane: What are you saying that “Body” and I are the dummy!!!

Marc: Not so much that. It’s more that I have the ability to make a body work even though technically I’m not in possession of it. Does that make sense?

The next evening…

Diane: Wow Marc! I got another vivid glimpse into something that happened to you as Marc! I love it when I get those. They put me right into your shoes.

You are sitting up against the wall in a back stage room in a large arena contemplating your life. The lights were out. The only light source was from the hallway. There wasn’t anything else in the room except maybe some empty speaker cabinets.

You told your staff not to bother you there. It was at an extremely rough period in your personal life and you felt like you were being attacked from all sides. This person wanted this from you and this person expected that. You were thinking about where you started as a boy wanting fame to where you are now, hearing the crowds screaming for you to come on stage. You were wondering if the sacrifices that you made for fame were worth it.

You were so proud of what you had accomplished. You were determined to not let others tell you that you couldn’t have your dream and now you had it. At this time, you didn’t realize that your fan base would dwindle. You were on top of the world in some aspects but in the dumps in others. Still, you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Then someone came to the doorway and said “Marc, it’s time” meaning you had to get to the stage. You told me later that you could usually forget what was going on in your personal life once you got on the stage. “Marc Bolan” could take over and you would have a great time. You were wishing that you could just live on stage all the time even though others would probably feel that was make believe. For you, it wasn’t just make believe. It was your reality that you were a rock star and you preferred that life over a “normal” existence.

I don’t often get vivid images from Marc’s life like this but he said that they would be happening more often now. For this particular one, I asked him why I was being shown this now but Marc never responds when it’s something that I need to work out on my own. So as of yet, I’m not sure if this event has something to do with what we are experiencing together or if it’s simply something that he wanted to share.

The next evening after that…

Diane: Marc I listened to “Light of Love” several times today. I just love that song. I don’t know how music is put together very much, but it seems like you had a lot of guitar layering on that one.

Marc: Yeah Diane, it’s layered on that one. I’m glad that you like it.

Diane: I know I have good taste. I’m with you throughout eternity aren’t I? Marc, you told me tonight that because of our merging energies, we are creating a new space. Not only that, we are actually creating a completely new form of energy – a blend of both of us. What should we call it? I suggested earlier either DiMarc or Marcane but I don’t think that you liked either one of those right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, you got that right. Keep working on that.

Diane: Okay! So, Marc, you are pretty much merging with me almost constantly now when we meet. Is there a reason for that? We haven’t been able to do as many posts lately, because I can’t type when this is happening.

Marc: Yeah Diane, there is a reason for it. This is where we are now and this is what we are supposed to be doing.

Diane: Yes so you are saying it’s time now for the momentum to build rapidly?

Marc: Yeah that’s exactly what is happening. To do that, we need to keep focused on it and get in as much practice as we can.

Diane: Right and as I mentioned earlier for you to talk directly to folks. I know that you want to be able to do that.

(In fact, he is SO excited about being able to do that I can’t tell you! No matter what information or words I get from Marc, I’m still a filter. What we want to be able to do is to lessen that filter as much as possible and get my persona out of the picture.)

So, Marc, you are doing the same movements all the time. When we first connect, you have one movement to let me know you are connected and that it’s time to have fun. I don’t have a clue if these movements are ones that you did as Marc or ones that you do as the Marc who you are now. (He told me not to worry about this now as it wasn’t that important.)

Marc: Diane, you are doing a great job. You have let go of most of the control that was holding us up a bit there.

Diane: But you were saying to me before that you wanted me to hold on for a bit because you weren’t at the point where you could take over very much.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right so as I’m gaining in what I can do, you are lessening your hold over the situation.

Diane: So all this time I’ve been like “why isn’t this working to the point I felt that it should be” when in fact it was?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I told you that I don’t know…about a million times?

Diane: I know! You take for granted that you have control over a body but then all of a sudden, someone else comes in and takes over! It’s freaky and unreal but wonderful at the same time. My arms will be in the air, my body will twist back and forth, my head will jerk to the left and back – all sorts of things.

I hadn’t any idea that this whole process was so involved. You told me Marc that we’ve had a blueprint in place but until we experience it in current time, we won’t know for sure how it will all come about right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. Not until we play it out.

Diane: So how long will it be before you can speak? I’m feeling my throat get scratchy so I’m hoping that’s the beginning?

Marc: I’m not going to discuss it with you, Diane. (Marc never gives me time frames so I don’t usually ask.)

Diane: So on a different subject Marc, what’s it like to be home where you are?

Marc: Well Diane, it feels how you want it. If you want it to be pleasant, calm and beautiful then that’s what it will be. It’s no different than your physical life.

Diane: Do you mean that our lives here are how we want them even though that might be hard for us to understand at times?

Marc: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Diane: And you focus on whatever you want to do or whoever you want to be with just like we do in the physical of course?

Marc: Yeah that’s right too.

Diane: If you want to go to the 18th century France and talk to Marie Antoinette you can do that?

Marc: Well yeah a version of me could. If I didn’t have a physical body at that time, then I would have to go in an astral version.

Diane: And you would be invisible to those there right?

Marc: More or less depending on who was there and how much they could see.

Last night…..

Diane: Wow Marc that was an amazing merging session! For the first time truly, I felt like I was inside your skin. I noticed that you jerked because a battery-operated candle and the iPad I’m typing on were bothering you. Your energy is getting so much stronger!

Marc: Yeah Diane artificial light. I’m going to be sensitive to that.

Diane: Oh gosh, okay then I’ll make sure they are out of the way.

Marc: Yeah thanks, I would appreciate that Diane.

Diane: So what does this feel like on your end Marc? From mine, I feel like my mind is clearing and I’m letting go of Diane finally.

Marc: It’s a gas being in a physical body again. I had almost forgotten what it was like. I can recall it, of course, but it’s a different matter once you are truly inside of one.

Diane: Well do you like it?

Marc: At this point, I’m not one hundred percent in, so I’m still getting a bit of this world and yours.

Diane: Can you tell that you are in a female vs male body (not taking into account the obvious differences)?

Marc: Not quite yet. I feel a heavy sensation that I’m not used to and a feeling of confinement. That’s going to be the hardest thing for me to adapt to. I’m not used to that bag anymore.

Diane: Marc are there any fears on your end?

Marc: None whatsoever. How about you?

Diane: Well not that I’m aware of but I feel that the reason we’ve been taking the slow boat on this is so that neither of us has any fears about it. The process has been so gradual that it feels natural now. But tonight was different! I truly felt that I was in Marc Bolan’s body. I’ve never quite felt it to that extent so I call this progress. We should pat ourselves on the back here Marc for a job well done so far. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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September 26, 2020


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