Bolan-Beaty Boogie Visit Princess Dynamo – a Mega Healer

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Diane: Marc so what did you do today?

Marc: I went to see Princess Dynamo.

Diane: Did I get that right? Who is that?

Marc: She is a seer of sorts. She helps spirits connect better to themselves and others. It’s like getting a tune-up for your soul.

Diane: Can you send me an image of her?

Marc: Yeah you go.

Diane: So I see an elaborate headdress and a long tunic. (Marc is sending me her information and I’m seeing it as I want to interpret it.) Is she called Princess Dynamo or is that just your name for her?

Marc: Yeah that’s just my name for her.

Diane: What did she do?

Marc: She tweaked some stuff on me.

Diane: Ooh! Like what?

Marc: Well all energy can get out of whack once in a while, and spirit energy is no different. It needs to be fine-tuned just like anything else.

Diane: Well is this like a soul spa?

Marc: Very much like it. Except she is much cooler than just going to a soul spa.

Diane: Oh really? How?

Marc: She has a ritual that she performs and it’s like no other.

Diane: Well can you be more specific? Okay so I see you standing before her and yes her outfit is amazing! Every inch of her is covered in jewels and intricate metals (it looks like). She has eyes like on an Egyptian fresco. Marc, you said she is unique. How so?

Marc: Well she goes back a long, long way. She has created healings that no one does quite as well.

Diane: Well what kind of healings does she do other than tweaking energy?

Marc: Okay yeah, she is good at finding the source of things.

Diane: Well what kind of things? This seems like it’s going to be a question and answer session Marc but I’m intrigued by her. I can see her and I’m getting a sense of her personality. Are you saying that she can highlight the source of things about yourself that maybe isn’t easy for even you to find? Are there aspects of ourselves as spirits that maybe we don’t see even when we are in spirit?

Marc: Well as a spirit, you are holding onto a vast amount of information about yourself, and yeah, some of it can be either forgotten or misplaced.

Diane: Okay so I’m trying to wrap my brain around this. I’m assuming this would have to be by your choice? What I’m seeing is that she runs through your Akashic records somewhat like a computer. She pinpoints energy in your database and sees if you want it healed. So are you saying that going to her is easier than doing it yourself?

Marc: Much easier.

Diane: And this isn’t something that a spirit can do on their own?

Marc: Well sometimes it’s easier to have another look into things like this for you.

Diane: Right so sometimes you can be so wrapped up in yourself that you don’t see something, miss it or prefer to not look at it. I’ve had readings where someone pointed out something and then a light dawned on me because it was something that I had either forgotten or didn’t see from that point of view.

Marc: Yeah that’s right. Sometimes you are too close to the information. Just because you are in spirit, that doesn’t mean that emotions don’t still need to be healed.

Diane: So is this a calling for Princess Dynamo?

Marc: Well I guess you would have to ask her to get an opinion about that but it would appear to be so from what I can tell. She’s really into what she is doing.

Diane: Aww come on Marc are you being silly?

Marc: No man! She really digs herself!

Diane: Well that’s a great thing for sure! So how does one go about booking an appointment with her? Is it like you’ve told me – you just think of whomever you want to connect with and they get the message?

Marc: Yeah it’s like that although she doesn’t make her appointments.

Diane: She has assistants? I bet because she must be very popular.

Marc: Yeah she has a network of them.

Diane: What else might she help someone with? Marc is saying that her expertise is accessing all points of you throughout all time lines and incarnations. He says she isn’t sloppy. Some others might do the same work, but they wouldn’t get all aspects of your soul energy and this kind of work must be as thorough as possible. Why is that Marc other than obvious reasons?

Marc: You don’t want to be lopsided Diane.

Diane: Lopsided? What do you mean? Marc is showing me a bright stone like a ruby. As it turns, the facets light up and shows it’s perfections. The edges are sharp and clear but as it turns, I can also see some that are jagged and broken. Marc is saying this isn’t ideal.
Well Marc can I go to see her? Will you book an appointment for me, please?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I don’t see why not. I’ll ask around and see what they say.

After a pause…

Diane: Gosh what were we talking about Marc?

Marc: Stained glass windows in cathedrals?

Diane: No not that. Silly! I do love them though.

Marc: Yeah so do I.

Diane: So Marc told me that my energy levels were too low at the current time due to the stress of my job, so they were waiting a bit for me to get a healing from the Princess. Huh? Well, wouldn’t the healing help my energy levels?

Marc: Well it will, but there is a mean point that you have to meet before she will see you.

Diane: Well is it my energy or frequency levels? So what I’m hearing is that my frequency level is okay but my energy levels are down and that’s making my energy not ideal to receive a healing. It isn’t that she is prejudice, it’s just that she wants me to feel the greatest affect from the healing and that wouldn’t be the case at this point in time.

After a few days, I got some rest and Marc told me that the appointment with the Princess was made.

Diane: Marc, does she just look at what needs to be healed or can I ask her to look at something as well?

Marc: Of course she is going to take whatever requests you have Diane. She would never negate your feelings.

Diane: Well what I was thinking is that someone might say they want this done or that but when she looked at your energy, that might not be what is needed the most. What would she do? Would she tell them that or would she just do what they requested?

Marc: Well Diane, the quality of her healings is such that nothing that you would receive from her wouldn’t be in your best interest. What she is going to do is to look at your energy and do her thing. Then she’ll take a request from you.

Diane: That sounds like the readings that I used to do. Okay so how do we get started?

Marc: Well you wish upon a star, then click your heels together three times and say “there’s no place like home.”

Diane: Really?

Marc: No.

Diane: Okay then what do we do?

Marc: Well you should grab hold of my hand because it’s a long journey to get to the Princess.

Diane: Great Marc! We are traveling in a black tube which is only about as wide as I feel. I can hear our energies passing through the tube and do not see a light at the end. Oops! I hope that my claustrophobia doesn’t kick in Marc!

Marc: Diane, you aren’t claustrophobic on the astral.

Diane: I know! I’m just teasing. It sounds like we are traveling very fast?

Marc: We are Diane.

Diane: Okay so I’m hearing “do we have the coordinates?” Marc is that for you or me?

Marc: It’s for me. Don’t worry. I have them written down somewhere.

Diane: Gosh I hope so! This doesn’t look like the best place to get lost in.

Marc: We aren’t lost, Diane! I know exactly where we are! It’s just that the Princess moves around and every time you see her, her position changes.

Diane: Okay that’s very interesting. She seems very mysterious!

Marc: She can be.

Diane: We are slowing down. After tuning into my new environment, I can see a large fountain and an inner courtyard – a very peaceful setting. The colors aren’t what you would see on earth. They are very bright but there is something else about the surroundings that I’m being told I’ll find out later. I can hear a humming noise.

Marc: Wanna go in?

Diane: Yeah but Marc, though I’m excited, I’m a bit apprehensive about meeting her after our talks.

We meet a man at a doorway who merely bows to us.

Diane: Marc, is he her receptionist?

Marc: He’s a guard, Diane.

Diane: You mean like a gatekeeper? It’s very dark in the room we enter. That’s what was odd about the courtyard. Is it always night here?

Marc: So many questions Diane! We’ll miss your appointment!

He knocks on a door which opens on its own accord. Marc steps into the room and motions me in.

Diane: Wow! Okay, so I’m not sure how to explain what I’m seeing. There is an energy beam in the middle of the room that is kind of shaped like an eye standing on its side. The rest of the room is lit by candles. Marc, are you staying with me?

Marc: Yeah I might. It all depends upon the energy and what the Princess says.

Diane: Well if you can stay, I would prefer that. I’m seeing the Princess starting to materialize in the room. She is never late. I can feel her energy building up. She is the same image as I was seeing previously – decked out in jewels and absolutely beautiful with blue skin. She has a large stone in her third eye. Her outside lines are not completely focused.

Marc is telling me that the image I’m seeing is my way of relating to her on a human level and she is fine with that. I say that I’m okay with seeing her in her true form if I can. She changes into a mass of swirling energies and I’m being told to approach her. She asks me to put the tips of my fingers into the energy beam. Marc is still here with me, so he must have been allowed to stay. Yay!

I feel the energy going up my arms and I’m seeing myself as pure light. Marc is telling me that I’m merging my energy with the Princess’ so she can see where the healing should begin. This is being done on both spirit and physical levels.

I can see her scanning my many layers looking for what? Misnomers? Disjoints? What am I seeing here? “Mismatched energy explosions” are what I’m hearing. I can see strands of energy that somehow misfire or get disjointed and this causes disruptions in your energy field. I’m not sure at this point what would cause this.

So the first part of the healing is to find these disjoints and repair them. Wow! The scan is complete and now the healing has begun. I’m being told that in our time frame, this might take several weeks to complete although, on the spirit side, it happens instantaneously.

Marc, so she works through this beam of light? He is saying that it’s a very pure light source so only a part of me needs to connect with it. Then I just heard “She is up to date”.

What does that mean? Does that mean I’m done? Marc said that she was done with her bit and now I could make any request that I wanted. I did have something that I wanted her to look into and she nodded. Marc is there more that I need to say to her?

Marc: No Diane. She knows what you are asking.

Diane: Spirit is telling me that she cannot heal anything that I’m not in complete agreement with of course. Her job is to see what I’m ready to release or update and to work with me. So I could technically do this on my own but it would take me longer. I heard a clock ding and she just disappeared! Marc, she is gone!

Marc: Yeah Diane. That’s all you needed.

Diane: Wow! Well, that was an amazing experience but I’m not sure what just happened yet! It might take me a bit to take it all in. Marc is telling me that I should just relax a bit and “hang out”. The beam of energy in the room disappeared when she did.

Now more information is coming to me about the room. I thought it was odd that it was so dark and more light is coming in now. Marc is telling me that the room was always brightly lit, but I saw it as dimly lit with candles because that’s how I, on my human side was going to feel the most comfortable. I love candles! We truly do create what we want all the time, don’t we!

Now I’m seeing the room as it looks in spirit. It’s white with blue and gold healing light all around. I can still hear the humming. I want to give myself the chance to adapt to the truth of the space before I left.

Marc and I return to our regular meeting place…

Diane: Wow Marc! That was an experience for sure! It happened so fast, didn’t it? Why didn’t I see the space for how it was, to begin with? Was I blocking it for some reason or did I just want to add a bit of mystery?

Marc: Diane, your spirit side saw the room for what it was. It was your human side that was adding the air of mystery.

Marc told me that the Princess works with spirits at my frequency level and that there are experts that work in all frequency levels.

Diane: So, Marc, she is a mega healer just like you, Elvis and Prince are Mega creators. I felt so much love and compassion from her but she didn’t stick around for long. I get that she is very much into all of us creating the best that we can for ourselves. Everyone has a passion for what they love to do, and this is hers. I can feel that she is smiling at me.

Marc, I’m not getting that she is someone we hang out with though right?

Marc: No Diane.

Diane: He was telling me that she is very professional. She comes in, does her work, and then she is off. She is very elusive and no one knows very much about her.

After a bit of meditation, I begin to see clouds and at the very top, layers of gold above them. Marc said that this was because of the healing as I wasn’t able to see the energy in that gold layer before! Wow! That’s so exciting! I’m going to be able to tap into information in that frequency now thanks to my healing with the Princess! I love that we are all working together to help ourselves and each other!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

December 26, 2020

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