Bolan-Beaty Boogie Meet Auspicious Spirits on Stage Set Seven

Old Film Set

Diane: Marc I saw that a documentary from 2017 was on the tele a few nights back called “Becoming Marc Bolan”. I haven’t seen it, but it made me think of a few questions to ask you.

Marc: Yeah shoot!

Diane: Did you put conscious effort and thought into becoming “Marc Bolan” or was it something that just happened?

Marc: Well I put conscious thought into becoming the best musician and artist that I could be.

Diane: Of course! But did you consciously put energy into transforming yourself into the persona of Marc Bolan? Did you consider him another person or just part of who you were? So was he just a stage character for you?

Marc: Diane, Marc Bolan was fantasy. He was my fantasy world. I never forgot who I was, although, at times, I’m sure many people around me thought otherwise.

Diane: You were telling me earlier about the things that changed you. I think you mentioned money. Did fame change you as well or not?

Marc: Well yeah, Diane, of course, it did. It was so important to me. Fame equaled love to me and I wanted to be loved and a lot. I also wanted to be accepted. I spent a childhood and teenage years feeling different than everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that I was different and I wanted to be.

Diane: Yes you were Marc! Okay so when you were becoming famous during the early stages, did you put thought into transforming into Marc Bolan? I’m not sure I got an answer to that? And another question, do you feel differently now about it than you did when you were physical?

Marc: Okay so yeah, I mean, I did transform myself into Marc Bolan but it was just the path that I was on. I did think about being a rock star, how to act and look, but it was all part of who I was in a way. It was the “okay” from the world that I had been looking for all along. It gave me an out to be different because the world expects rock stars and artists to look and behave differently from others. It’s amazing what famous people can get away with. I tried not to take too much advantage of that, but I had my moments.

Diane: Very interesting…thanks! do you feel differently now from the viewpoint that you had then?

Marc: Yeah what do you mean? That is my view from where I’m at now!

Diane: Oh okay! So, Marc, I think that you said that you had an idea for a post for us tonight. I just looked and our last post was about three weeks ago! Time flies when you’re having fun. We talk about doing one once a week and then we do other things.

Marc is merging his energy with mine which helps me raise my frequency. I’ve been working on that myself but it does help to have friends in “high” places. I take Marc’s hand and off we go!

This is a new one. We are in a ski lift going upwards. I must need the extra boost tonight. I’ve been going through a major growth period kicking fear out of my space and my energy is all over the place. We stop. I see Marc and behind him is a golden horizon. It looks like a desert. Where are we, Marc?

Marc: You know I never tell.

Diane: Well it feels like you are standing in front of an old movie set backdrop that is painted to either be an old west town or the desert. Marc is sending me images of himself dressed as Valentino as the Sheik! The horizontal line that I was seeing starts to waver and I’m getting that is a good sign. “Nothing is as it seems” is what I’m being told. Okay, Marc, where to?

Marc: Do you have any sense of your surroundings yet Diane? It’s better that you do that first before we continue.

Diane: No I don’t other than what I’ve already said.

Marc: Keep looking. You aren’t quite at the optimal place.

Diane: Gosh okay.

Marc: That’s okay. Take your time.

Diane: I must have hit it eventually because we start moving towards the right. I see one of those rope dividers that you see at movie premieres to keep the public away from the celebrities. Marc is opening it up so that we can pass through. Behind it though, all I see is darkness.

A floodlight just turned on from up above somewhere! It’s lighting the path for us. Okay, wait. I get that someone is up ahead waiting for us Marc. But who? I know that it’s a man. I love being on this old movie set! Off to the left, I can see large monster heads, Roman soldier armor, and over to the right is a horse-drawn carriage. So cool! I love stuff like this! Marc is saying that the person we came to meet is just up ahead. I can see the back of his head. He’s sitting in a director’s chair. I wonder if that means that he was a director in physical life? Would make sense huh?

We walk around to the front of the chair. I’m excited to see if I recognize him and…I don’t. Marc, is he a guide for me? I met my “Communications Officer” Frederick just last week. I love meeting guides! The man is saying sorry to disappoint, but he isn’t one of my guides. He looks to be a man in his late fifties to early sixties which patches of salt and pepper hair. I’m looking for a word to describe him and he is telling me jokingly “distinguished”. He is wearing casual clothes.


Okay Marc, are you going to introduce us, or do I need to figure out his identity on my own? Marc says I need to figure it out on my own. He says what’s the fun in this if he tells me everything? Sigh! The man is smiling at me waiting for me to get the information. Marc is suggesting that I focus more on his energy vs his outward appearance. He has very pleasant, worldly, “been there done that” energy. I’m not getting offhand that he is associated with movies but we are on a movie set and he’s sitting in a director’s chair. He says “good point Diane” and that I may want to rethink that. Marc suggests that I ask him some questions.

Diane: So your appearance is not familiar to me. Were you a famous person at some point on earth and is this appearance new for you? He is saying that he was well known and that this appearance is not new for him. Did you work in the movies? He is saying that yes he did. I’m getting that he was a powerful person in the sense that he could get things done. Were you a director in Hollywood? He says yes among other things. During its heyday? He is saying yes.

Have I heard of you? He is saying yes. I’m getting the mid-1950s and hearing okay I’ve got it “Mankiewicz”. Yay! He is Joseph Mankiewicz. The man who made All About Eve, The Philadelphia Story, and the infamous Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

He is telling me that who he was in that life is immaterial to us anyway because he hasn’t come to talk about that life. He said that it was good enough that I placed him in his occupation and the era. Why is that I wonder? Okay so if we aren’t here to interview you about your past life, then why are you here?

Joe: Marc wanted us to meet.

Diane: Any special reason? He tells me that it’s because he has unique access to a place that Marc wanted to take us all to. Well, that does sound very appealing, doesn’t it? He holds up a key with a long ribbon on it. Sorry, what did you say? He says that having access to unusual places is “key” (no pun intended) to who he is. Marc says that I should ask him a few more questions.

Okay so where is this place or places that you have access to and why are they so unique? He says that it is only one place that is hidden and though it has a singular reputation, not many spirits visit it. He said it’s like a hidden movie set. I ask if this place is one of his creations and he says that no. He is only the keeper of the access.

How did you meet Marc? He said that Marc gets around and knows all the interesting places to go and who to connect with in spirit. That’s the truth! He asks me if I would like to see this place and of course, I said yes!

We head over to a wall in the sound stage that has a door that he opens with the key. He insists that I go through first. I walk through and can’t make out much of anything. It looks like we are on a disused movie from the silent era. That makes Marc smile because he loves that time in movie making. I look over to my right and I see a transparent image of Charlie Chaplin. He is moving about talking but I don’t see anyone around him. I’m told that he is working on the movies that he will create in that incarnation. So is this some kind of pre-physical life on earth creation station for Hollywood legends? Is this an incubator soul space for mega creators like you Marc, Prince, and Elvis but the film version? I heard a bell ring ding ding so that means I’ve cracked the code! Yay!


This is all starting to make sense! Marc, I was asking you earlier if there was ever a chance that you wouldn’t have been famous. You said that with mega creators like yourself, there is a “nil to slim” chance that you wouldn’t have accomplished what you set out because you planned it to perfection. Now, Marc, you’ve taken me to the place where lives like these are planned in the astral!

Marc did you plan on being Marc here then? He says no that was in a different place. He shows me a film of him sitting in tall grass with butterflies flying over his head. So perfect Marc! You are so funny! Marc says that this place is appealing to those who want to work in the movie business. He said that technically anyone who wants to create a life in entertainment or fantasy is welcome here.

I ask is this a club for members only? Joe says that no, anyone is welcome but to feel comfortable, you will want to match the energy around you. He is saying that if, for instance, you decide to be a banker or lawyer, you might feel more comfortable elsewhere. I ask him if a career path is the only thing that is considered here and he said not necessarily. But he said that many spirits place a large importance on the profession that they want to have. To some, that is the most important aspect and everything else in their lives revolves around it.

I ask if there is a name for this place? Section what? No that’s not right. Can you say that again, please? Stage Area Seven? Stage Set Seven? It’s something like that. Is this only for spirits who are planning lives on earth or can ones who have finished them hang out here as well? He said that you can come back and help others who are in the planning stage.

I ask if he can show me other Stage Sets for other professions but he says that he only has access to this one. Would you have to come here if you wanted a high-profile career? He said no but you can make many important connections and he says “Hollywood is all about who you know and how successful they are”.

I ask if we can venture forwards and see who else might be here? Could we speak with any of them? He says yes we can and it would be up to whomever I approached if they wanted to interact. That’s true. We walked by Charlie Chaplin and he didn’t even notice us. I’m not seeing anyone in their physical forms, just energy right now. Okay, James Dean is over to my left. Marilyn Monroe is over towards my right in a corner with a group of others. She is the life of the party. I’m hearing that many of these spirits had lives being mythical personalities, much like I was asking you about earlier Marc.

Oh here is Judy Garland! I know it’s her but she looks different. She looks to be in her twenties, with a long blonde ponytail with 1960s eyeliner. So far, she is the only one showing a human appearance. She is laughing up a storm with her friends. I’m wondering if I can approach her? I think she will be amenable. Yes, she turns around to notice us. Joe is introducing me. Marc she already knows. She is willing to answer questions. Wow!

Judy Garland

First off, can I call you Judy? She says that’s fine. I say that I’m sorry to interrupt her as it looks like she was having fun with her companions. She says that she understands that I wasn’t expecting to necessarily see Judy Garland with a bubbly personality and laughing up a storm, but she says in reality, that’s who she is. She tells me to not forget that Judy Garland was a manufactured persona. One which she created. Yes, I said that I’m aware of that but yeah, that did surprise me to see you so lively. She said thank you. That means that she did a good job with acting while Judy.

I say that I know that there isn’t any time here, but if we had to place this conversation in some form of time, are you pre Judy or post? She says post.

Judy: Boy that was a heavy life wasn’t it?

Diane: Yes it appears to be.

Judy: I would never plan on something that deep again for quite a while. Too much inner conflict.

Diane: Yes but you created an amazing entertainer with a one-of-a-kind voice. She smiled and thanked me for the compliment as that’s what she intended. I asked her if she had also planned to have the conflicts that Judy experienced and she says yes.

Judy: They were necessary for me to reach the depths and heights that I needed for that life. If I had chosen to lead a life “on the horizon” (not much up and down) then I wouldn’t have had the capacity to soar and obtain the heights that I did.

Diane: Can some performers reach the same intensity without the ups and downs?

Judy: I suppose that they could but if you look at the people who were considered “legends” most of them had “demons” (which she said is just a way for them to reach that intensity) whether it be substance abuse or lack of self-worth etc. They want to experience as much as they can and being an entertainer gives them a wide berth to do just that.

Diane: I said that I’m sorry, I hope that I got what she just said correctly as I am getting tired. She said “Never mind. That is fine” and turned around. Gosh, I was just saying that to Marc and myself. I hope that I didn’t offend her.

Marc: Yeah Diane, your energy levels are dropping. Let’s head back.

Later on…

Diane: Gosh Marc, that was an amazing place! Thank you so much for taking us all there!

Marc: Yeah it is an interesting place to visit isn’t it?

Diane: Have we been there planning lives? No, I think not. Marc reminds me that we’ve spent most of our spirit career planning in the “Royalty” stage set as we’ve been European royalty for most of our past incarnations. He said that’s Stage Set Ten.
(Those lives weren’t as glamorous as they might sound. Marc got beheaded once. There were also many bloody battles as soldiers and being held hostage.) I’m assuming instead of a stage set, that would be castle interiors and throne rooms? Haha! Well, I guess that’s all for tonight then Marc! See you soon.

Marc told me not to be upset at Judy’s reaction. I didn’t offend her and she is just matter of fact.

Another fun fact. I didn’t have any idea what Joseph Mankiewicz looked like, but afterward I looked at his photo and that’s exactly how I was seeing him!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

February 26, 2021

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  1. Ok. This is getting fun! Last time you talked about a treasure map, and that was a connection to a bunch of pirate synchronicities I was having. Last week, when I described the spiritual project I’m working on to a friend, she said it’s like I’m following a treasure map. Today, I found a tag in the parking lot that said “Burton” and I thought, Richard Burton? And then you mention him today with Liz Taylor. So, I’ll see if your next excursion with Marc brings me another “coincidence.” Thanks Diane for sharing your adventures. 🙂

    • Yes, totally! I won’t “expect” anything to show up, because if I try to focus too much on something, then it doesn’t usually happen. But when I’m open to whatever the Universe brings, synchronicities usually occur.

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