Bolan-Beaty Boogie Look at Fear Energy: Ways to Recognize, Heal It and Move On

Fear Energy ImageSo about two weeks ago, Marc prepared me for the fact that I had a growth period coming up and it had to do with fear. I thought this must be important, because other than Covid, Marc never alerts me to future events. He said that I would be meeting a new guide Christoper who was my “Communications Officer”. He was going to assist me in the process. Chris would be helping me on the astral because that is where I was going to get my information. I’m going to share the story of what I went through to heal this energy. Afterward, Marc and I are going to meet with spirits who offer advice for us all.

The first night I met Chris on the astral, he had approached me suddenly, I got scared and ran away. He was speaking to me, but all I heard was garbled words. The next night, he came up to me suddenly at a diner, but again, I got scared and ran away from him. I just wasn’t ready to hear what he had to tell me. Turns out, just the fact that Fred was meeting me was one of the triggers that I used to help me look at my fear and eventually heal it.

I had another physical trigger from a man I don’t know, but who I often see in my neighborhood. His energy was not pleasant for me when I saw him but I didn’t understand why. I was getting from him that he was around me to “do a job”. I asked an intuitive friend what she was picking up from him and she said the same thing. That he was focused on finishing a job but that he wasn’t aggressive. Turns out that he and I agreed to have this happen in spirit and he was my second trigger (in case the first one didn’t get my attention).

For many years, I’ve had flashes of a “past” life where I had been brutally murdered. I first saw it when I was getting a soul retrieval and then it turned up again during an aura reading. I knew it was there, but I didn’t think about looking at it further. It was just one of those past lives and I’ve had a lot of them. But I started getting flashes of it again and knew that it was time that I dealt with it.

Then the energy started to come into my house. This was almost too much. I have a strict rule with my guides to not let any energy into my house that I don’t agree to so I knew that I had given my approval for it. I could feel it coming up my stairs and just waiting for me in my living room. I started sleeping with the lights on at night but still didn’t want to delve further. Although I understood this was spirit energy and couldn’t harm me, I just wasn’t able to look at it yet. Finally, I said, this is enough. I have to combat this otherwise, it will never leave.

In this specific incarnation, I was a twelve-year-old Native American girl in the 1800s. I was come upon suddenly (like Christopher who used that as one of my triggers for me to remember) by two white men who continued to savagely murder and rape me. Because I was Native American, they were never tried for the crime. Afterward, they boasted about the fact that they had gotten away with it. After all, I was only a “squaw”. What did it matter! But their lives were never the same. They lost their work and were shunned from society. Even though I was Native American, I was so young and there was not much left of me afterward that was recognizable. Grim. Even society, I guess, has its rules.

Now that I had finally looked into the story, it was time to set about healing it. I called Marc to help me.

Diane: Marc am I ready for this?

Marc: Yeah Diane, you’re ready for it. You have been for quite a while.

Diane: Well I’m not sure why all of this is coming up now Marc?

Marc: Because it’s time. It’s taking up too much space that you want to use for joyous energy.

Diane: Old baggage then?

Marc: Yeah exactly. Time to let it go on its way, Diane. It’s too heavy. It’s holding you down. To continue to raise your frequency, this is one of the things that you have to look at and let go of.

Diane: It’s the elephant in the room.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s it.

Diane: Okay so best ways to go about this? I remember from my training that to look at energy like this, it’s important to stay as neutral as possible. One way to do this is to look at it from above. I don’t want to be down with it because that is too close. I will just feel the pain again and that isn’t necessary. I also focus on staying in my upper chakras which helps me to maintain that neutral stance.

Marc: Right Diane! All you need to do is acknowledge that you see it and then give it away. Say you understand and remember but now it’s no longer part of you. You release it to the universe to transmute it to love energy. That’s all you need to do.

Diane: Okay ready?

Marc: Ready!

Diane: I acknowledge that this happened to me in another incarnation and that I haven’t been ready to let go until now. I no longer need this energy in my space and release it to the universe to be transmuted to love and joyous energy. I let it go. I no longer have any fear in my space regarding it. It has no power over me. I know that I am safe and loved. I can see this energy and the event that caused it and let it go. I also cut the cords with the two men who did this.

(It turns out that they were the spirits in my house. They had been grounded since passing over and were here to ask my forgiveness. They were in dirty, tattered clothing. I forgave them but their expressions didn’t change. They didn’t smile but merely turned around and left. Marc told me that if you don’t heal painful events, they will keep popping up.)

Marc: How does that feel? Does it feel like a weight has been taken off your shoulders? If not, you might need to do more releasing.

I did and then…

Marc: Okay Diane, that’s a done deal. I think that you’ll start to see it move out. It may not be a sudden thing, but you’ll notice the shift in a few days.

Diane: That’s all that I have to do Marc? I won’t have to do it again?

Marc: Not for that event. If others crop up you may have to tackle them but this was the fly in the ointment. This is what started it all.

Diane: Yeah but it’s important to let it go. It might take a few days for it to pass, but then I have to let it go. If I keep focusing on it, parts will start sneaking back even though the two men have gone and my connection to them has been broken.

The next night…..

Diane: Okay Marc, I’m excited to get started tonight. Were you able to find guests who will talk with us about fear energy?

Marc: Yeah sure Diane. They are lined up and waiting to meet us.

Diane: Fear is big energy isn’t it Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, one of the biggest ones I think.

Diane: I’m assuming that fear can be anywhere if you want, but at some point, it has to be too low a frequency to exist in spirit.

Marc: No need for it here Diane.

Diane: I guess you could manifest what it might feel like if you wanted to but it wouldn’t be the same as on a physical frequency?

Marc: Yeah, I mean you could if you wanted, but yeah, you would know it was make-believe.

Diane: Are we going to our studio, Marc?

Marc: Yeah, I set it up there.

Diane: Marc, we’re in the studio but it is dark and empty. I guess we are the first ones here. (Marc started turning on the lights.) I see three chairs besides yours Marc. Just let me know when the guests are going to arrive.

Marc: Oh they are already here Diane. Shall I ask them to come out?

Diane: Please! Marc starts playing some music as the guests walk out (usually it’s fanfare but he must be in a more somber mood). One is Frederick, my guide, the next is a tall, large set middle-aged man with black glasses and the last is a Reptilian woman with pink scales and a long blonde ponytail.

Diane: Marc are you going to do introductions or is it time for me to do my detective work? (Marc said he loves to watch me figure these things out so I had my answer.)

Okay Sir in the center, you look to me to be a middle-aged man who is very learned – much like professor energy. He is saying he is a “Crisis Manager” in spirit. Never heard that term before but basically, he assists spirits right after they cross over if they have passed via a traumatic experience. He is on the front lines so to speak and often meets with the spirits even before they see their guides or soul group.

Did I meet with you or someone like you when I crossed from this life that I’m healing from?

Man: Yes Diane, that is correct.

Diane: Now let me look at the lady. I love her energy! She is not flippant, but casual. That doesn’t mean she can’t be serious about this topic. Confidence oozes out of her. I asked her why she appears as she is and she just shrugged her shoulders. She is saying that’s just how she feels today. Her energy is more difficult to read than the man. Sorry Sir, I didn’t catch your name by the way? Rupert. Very nice to meet you and thank you for coming. The lady’s name is Jacqueline but she says that we can call her Jackie.

Jackie can you please tell me more about yourself and why you are on this panel? Marc, I’m not getting anything?

Marc: Keep at it, Diane. It’s coming.

Diane: Is she someone I know? Oh gosh! I’ve got it! She is another manifestation of the girl who was murdered. Yep, she is nodding her head up and down. She is technically a part of myself then. She is here to give insight into who she is now and how, if at all, that event affected her. They are saying that the long ponytail on Jackie was a clue that she was part of me because I’ve always had long hair and usually wear it in a ponytail.

Marc do you want to start with questions or shall I?

Marc: Why don’t you start Diane.

Diane: Let’s start with Christoper my guide. Chris, you tried to connect with me several times on the astral, but I ran away. You were one of the triggers that set this in motion.

Chris: Yes Diane, that is right.

Diane: Can you give our readers some advice about how to recognize triggers especially if they aren’t used to working with energy?

Chris: Well Diane, I think that most of your readers will feel what we are talking about here. They are going to have some disquieting energy that they’ve experienced from time to time. It could pop up when they see a scene in a film or it could be triggered by something that is said to them or by meeting someone new. Something will stand out for them and feel familiar. Now many people might dismiss this and go about their day. But if it comes up repeatedly, you may want to stop and ask why.

Diane: You are telling me that meditation would be the best place to start?

Fred: Yes Diane. Remember that some of these memories or energies, as you experienced, can be painful to look at so you want to make sure that you look at them from a neutral environment. Meditation is the best way to go about that.

Diane: Yes that is very important. Another way to look at past lives, if you can see energy, is to look for colored rings under your aura. You will see several there. Some will be bright and vibrating and others will be blacked out. The ones that you are using for this life and wish to focus on further will be the vibrating ones. Ask to look at the incarnation that holds the fear energy that you want to release.

Fred: After that, you keep asking questions like who was I in that life and why am I seeing fear associated with that it? If you feel like you are stuck, just relax and, if necessary, try to come back to it another day.

Diane: The information is there for you. It’s just a matter of tuning into it and being willing to look at it.

Fred: Yes Diane, that is right. Sometimes, it may not come to you right away, but if you persist, it will start flowing.

Diane: So we don’t have to go into the process here because I detailed that in my story. Fred, is there anything else that you would like to add from a spirit guide point of view?

Fred: Yes Diane, I would. I want to mention that your guides are more than willing to assist you here and welcome the chance. Your guides are trained to help you in matters such as these. They have the information that you have requested when the time is right. As I think that Marc and Diane have said in previous transcripts, your guides will not do the work for you, but they will offer as much assistance as they can.

Diane: Marc told me about your arrival and hinted at what I was going to experience – a mega growth period and that fear was the main energy.

So this is a question for anyone on the panel. Just how big is fear energy? I mean it can stop us from reaching so many goals in our lives. Not only our own fears but we pick up other people’s fears as well. Who would like to speak on that?

Rupert: I would like to respond Diane. This is why it is very important to know yourself as well as you can. Know what energy is yours. If you are responding to someone else’s fear, acknowledge that and decide for yourself if that’s something you want to hold onto.

Diane: Would you give us an example of this, please?

Rupert: Certainly! It could be as simple as this. Let’s say that you feel that you should be promoted to a new position at your work. You’ve done the work and feel confident. But there could be others who are seeking the same promotion. They could feel threatened by your self-confidence and wish for you to stay where you are. All of their energies could be coming to you at once. You have to decide if you are going to accept them and create doubt in your space or send them back.

Diane: Right so you are saying that these lower frequencies that they are sending you could be enough to create disbelief in your abilities? Or you might even consider leaving your job as the atmosphere is too uncomfortable? What other fear energies are out there?

Rupert: Well there are all sorts. Many of them have to do with self-esteem, personal and religious beliefs, and judgment of others.

Diane: So why are we so willing to hold onto fear, not only from this life but from “past” incarnations.

Rupert: Well Diane, as you know, fear can be very powerful energy if you allow it to be. It can deaden you to the truth and generate much sorrow.

Diane: Yes you must see that a lot in your line of work. So when spirits pass over, can you describe some of the reasons that they might still be holding onto fear?

Rupert: Certainly. Many spirits who cross over feel regret that they did something, didn’t do something or tell something to someone. They tell me that the main reason that they prevented themselves from doing this was fear – fear of rejection, fear of the position that it might have put them in. Most recognize that it was a lack of confidence in who they were and that they didn’t realize how powerful they are.

Diane: Any advice to help us out here?

Rupert: Stepping back and recognizing that fear is an energy and like any other energy, it doesn’t have control over you. You have control over it. If someone is coming at you with a knife, adrenaline is going to kick in and you are either going to try to defend yourself, run or stay and face the consequences.

Diane: Sounds like sometimes there isn’t much time to make a decision? Rely on your gut instincts to help you out? You are showing me that we have set up pathways for any of the choices that might be made in a situation like this and we’ll always be alright in the end.

Fred: Diane, have faith that you have the strength to know what to do. Just remember that you are in your current physical incarnation to create and to experience. There are no wrong decisions. Only new paths opening up for you.

Jackie: I would like to say something here! I think that the best thing that you can do is to just let it go. Acknowledge and let it go. You can feel fear in your gut. Everyone knows what I’m talking about right? You’ve experienced it a million times before and will do so again. Just say to heck with it. Tell it to beat it because you have more to create.

Diane: Right but is fear always a bad thing? Maybe, like in my story, it is alerting you to something that will end up being positive?

Jackie: Well yes, that is another aspect for sure.

Diane: So we have to decide how we want to deal with fear energy. Are we going to let it stop us from obtaining goals? Don’t be afraid to heal when you are ready. Yes, it would have been great if I had healed that incarnation already. This felt so real to me and Marc confirmed that of course, it did because, in reality, it was still alive and current.

Now, Jackie, we haven’t heard much from you. I know that you are some aspect of me and the little girl, but I don’t feel that connected to you. Would that be right?

Jackie: Yes that sounds right to me as well.

Diane: So as a part of the girl who was murdered, how do you feel? Is this something that you are aware of or holding onto?

Jackie: No Diane, because you’ve just healed it for all of us. What I have taken from our experience is that I have deep sympathy for anyone who has experienced a similar fate to the girl. Or to anyone who had a loved one pass over from a traumatic experience and is left with grief.

Diane: So you are telling me that you are a healer in your current physical incarnation (I’m speaking to her from her spirit self) and heal via telepathic energy work.

Jackie: Once I’ve done a healing, it’s up to the individual whether or not they want to stay “fear-free” from whatever had caused it or revert to the space they were in before.

Diane: I think it can sometimes be more powerful to heal yourself if you can but it’s important to ask for help from others if you need it?

Jackie: Yes that’s right. The final decision is yours, but you are encouraged to ask for all the assistance that you might want or need. There are those around you who are willing to help if you just send out the signals that you would like to be on the receiving end of their love.

Diane: That’s a sweet thought! Now let’s talk about letting go. Marc, you haven’t said anything for quite a while! Where are you?

Marc: I’m just sitting back here listening Diane.

Diane: So about the healing process. You have acknowledged the fear in your space, pinpointed its origin, and have sent it on its way. Now what? Marc told me that it may take a few days, if not weeks, to fully let go depending on your situation so give yourself time to heal.

Now, Fred, you came to me on the astral to get this ball rolling. Is it not easier to heal something like this there than bringing it to the physical? For me, was it because I wanted to forgive the earth-bound spirits as well? If I hadn’t brought it here, I may not have tuned into specifically who they were?

Fred: That was part of it, Diane. Also depending on the spirit, sometimes it’s more real to heal from trauma from a physical incarnation when you are in another one.

Diane: Right I think that Marc mentioned that in spirit, sometimes events like these can still be painful but you have a better ability to step back knowing that they can no longer harm you. But maybe that would lead you to feel that you don’t truly need to heal it right away?

Fred: It’s sometimes not until you get back into another physical incarnation that aspects of painful events will keep popping up until you are ready to heal and move on.

Diane: Well I think that’s all for tonight. I want to thank you all for coming and speaking with us about fear. I know that I will sleep better tonight after my healing!

Later on…

Diane: Marc why didn’t you speak much tonight?

Marc: Well Diane, this was your baby and I know that you had specific questions that you wanted to ask.

Diane: You are so sweet! You knew that this panel discussion tonight was part of my healing process and you wanted to give me the space that I needed. Love you!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

March 3, 2021

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  1. I hear you about the fear thing. When I was writing my book about my spiritual awakening with a famous American rock band, past lifetimes as alchemists kept coming up. I believe we did some pretty terrible things in those lifetime(s) with black magic, and I got what I called “funky twisty knotted” stomach pains. I think publishing the book and letting the band know about it (which was the scariest, most gut wrenching thing I’ve ever done) helped me heal the trauma we caused and experienced in other lifetimes. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    And, in your last two posts, I wrote you about the synchronicities that were happening in my life that were connected to your blog…here’s one (in my twisted mind) from this post. Fred said: “Diane, have faith that you have the strength to know what to do.” My mom’s name was Diane, and our last name is Faeth (pronounced faith). So, to me, it’s my mom saying hello as I work on my spiritual project. I need faith to have the strength to know what to do just like you for my project to come forward. I so appreciate your posts with Marc and all of the wonderful spirits you meet. Keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks for your comment! Marc and I love to hear that people are enjoying the posts and have had similar experiences. We also love meeting the amazing spirits who are so generous in telling their stories. So much fun!

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