Marc Reawakens His Human Consciousness and We Speak with the Universal Force in All of Us!


Spirit has been advising me to delve deeper into the energy that created me. I am always one for finding out more about myself (and healing whatever is necessary) so I was all for this new adventure!

One of the energies is called “HC” or human consciousness/connection (I’ve heard it said both ways) which is an energy that I was amazed to see that I share with Marc. This is the energy that connects spirit to the human body. Depending on this energy, it can also define personality traits and set ambitions.

HC first appeared to be a little gel-like being without defined limbs. He was adorable. For the first week, he would be seen getting ready for a nap. He wore a dressing gown monogrammed with his initials (in fact everything he wears is monogrammed) and little slippers that he would put by his bed. He is childlike in his outlook on life but also a very learned and experienced soul. He liked to have a planet nightlight in his room, cocoa by his bed stand and the curtains had to be open in order for moonlight to shine into his bedroom. He loved to hear bedtime stories especially This Little Piggy.

I wasn’t sure why HC needed to nap at first but I just loved him. He had all the wonderment in life that most adults lose when they leave childhood. The more I got to know him, the more he seemed like Marc to me. That’s when I discovered that Marc and I share this energy and the reason that he was napping is that Marc has just woken him up again. Marc told me that I first needed to isolate his energy to find this out. So no matter what happens, we will always be able to find each other via HC.

Another energy that I discovered was my Universal Energy – one that every living thing on earth possesses. It’s also known as Life Force. Here’s what happened when I learned more about this.

Diane: Marc so tonight we are going to look at another energy that makes me whole. I get the feeling, unlike the other two I’ve already met, that this one won’t appear in a human form. Why is that?

Marc: Probably because it isn’t a human form and wouldn’t need to present itself as such.

Diane: What would be the best way to meet his one Marc? It feels like one of those massive energies we’ve met in the past.

Marc: I would ask it to come forward and meet you how it wants and in a way that you can comprehend.

Diane: Right! I’m seeing a mass of energy and asking it to come forward and describe how we are connected. I’m getting something like “the glue that binds me together”? Not sure yet Marc.

Marc: Yeah Diane, keep trying. This one might be more difficult to get as it’s much more complex energy than the other two you’ve already met.

Diane: Marc does this energy have a name?

Marc: It’s more like a force.

Diane: I’m getting that this force is stoic and maybe doesn’t laugh a great deal? It’s friendly and pleasurable but maybe jokes aren’t quite its style? (So I’m thinking that unlike the other two energies I’ve met that make me up, this one appears to have no human characteristics.)

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. Keep going.

Diane: Well Marc, I’ve looked at energy like this before right?

Marc: Yeah sure you have. It might be a little more difficult because this is part of yourself.

Diane: That’s true. It’s always harder to see into yourself. Well if it can’t talk telepathically, I have to find another way to communicate right? Any suggestions?

Marc: Well don’t be so quick to rule out telepathic communication with it Diane.

Diane: I feel like it wants to meet me, Marc!

Marc: Yeah Diane, of course, it does! It’s very eager to say hello.

Diane: Well does that mean that I have to adapt myself in some way to speak with it? Is this my body’s energy Marc in some form?

Marc: You’re getting closer Diane.

Diane: Wait! Is this universal physical energy that we all share?

Marc: Bingo Diane! You’ve got it!

Diane: Oh so everyone or thing who has some kind of physical form would have this energy in them? So this energy is not specific to me. Am I pulling this from the whole?

Marc: You are pulling this from the whole Diane.

Diane: Oh wow then! Can I communicate with it now that I understand what it is?

Marc: Yeah try again.

Diane: Okay so Universal Energy (UE for short), I am getting that you are the force that not only created my body but heals and regenerates it. So yes, you are Life Force energy. This is what we have to tap into to be a physical body. Is that right Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, you’ve got it. That’s right. There’s an incredible force in this energy. Can you feel it?

Diane: I can Marc! It feels like this is just part of it though. I couldn’t bring all of it in, but then I feel like I should be able to?

Marc: Well that’s good that you feel that you can Diane.

Diane: Yeah but that’s not what I’m doing right?

Marc: Well you are Diane. Even though you think that you are seeing only a fraction of the energy, you are getting the full force of it. This force will not digress or fragment itself in any way.

Diane: Yes I’m seeing that. So this is so important because it’s connecting me to the universe and spirit to my body?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it can do both. Whatever form you are focused on whether or not you are a butterfly, a flower, a rock star, or a baker, you have this force within you. This is how we connect with one another.

Diane: So this is a mouthpiece for the universe and it wants to speak with us more and more. It’s a major creative force.

Marc: It’s THE major creative force in the universe and it wants to know everything.

Diane: Gosh Marc this is amazing! So Marc you still have it with you in spirit right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, you never lose it. It might take a different form when you are back in spirit because your journey here will be different.

Diane: So it will adapt to what form you are in and what you are doing?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. This is a very complex energy.

Diane: So it has my Akashic records in it?

Marc: It has everyone’s records in it. It’s the universe.

Diane: So Marc, now that I’ve met it, person to person so to speak, will it open up new information for me? Will my energy work take on a new form?

Marc: Well Diane, it’s your awareness of this energy that’s going to be different. Before you didn’t put too much thought into how you were able to talk with me and connect right? You knew that there was a universal force, but it was still something far out there. Now you can see it and connect more tangibly.

Diane: You are also showing me that every time I ask you or my guides for assistance, I am asking this force as well. So Marc are you calling upon this force in your day-to-day life as well?

Marc: Yeah Diane all of the time. You are as well but as I said, you might not be aware of the fact.

Diane: Can you just give me an example of how we use this?

Marc: Yeah to connect and be part of the universe, when you use your “sixth sense” as they call it, and all of your senses as a human and spirit. Your abilities as a spirit are only transcribed into a body and you continue to use them in a different form.

A few nights later, I was listening to Marc’s music during our merging sessions. HC was bopping up and down on my right but then I saw him join with Marc’s energy. I knew that HC wasn’t going to be isolated for long.

Diane: Marc, I miss Little HC but I know that he is with you again. I think it’s so sweet that he didn’t want to be “Little”. (I was calling him “Little HC” until he stamped his wee foot and said he didn’t want to be called that.) Is that why you were so small as Marc? Did it bother you when people called you an elf?

Marc: Yeah it bothered me sometimes that I was so small, but most of the time, it didn’t. I knew enough to realize that it made me unique. Mostly I felt awkward around girls when I was young because most of them were taller than me. I never felt the “he-man” type of bloke and I think girls were more attracted to that.

Last night, I asked Marc if he could pull the energy we’ve been talking about into the studio for a chat.

Diane: Okay Marc are we ready to head to the Bolan-Beaty studios? Marc is HC going to show up tonight? Is he going to come out for this?

Marc: You’ll have to wait and see Diane. No telling…

Diane: Ooh Marc! It looks like we are doing candlelights in the studio tonight! We love candlelight! Where do you want to start tonight?

Marc: Well we’re going to have a few guests so let’s start by welcoming our first one.

Diane: I see one chair for you and another three chairs. I see a booster seat on one of the chairs so it MUST be that HC is going to join us tonight!! Yay, I’m so excited!

Marc: Here comes our first guest. Are you ready to take down impressions?

Diane: Ready Marc! I’m seeing swirly wind energy coming in. Very dramatic I must say! It’s hovering over the first chair. This energy appears to be male. I’m seeing expansive movements but so far, no figure or arms.

Marc wants the next guest to arrive so here he comes. Aww, it is! It’s HC and is being brought into the studio on a chair carried by doves. Hi HC I’ve missed you!

HC: What’s the booster seat for? I’m too big for this!

Marc: It’s okay HC. You’ll have a better view of the proceedings from there. Relax, please.

Diane: Oh gosh Marc is he upset?

Marc: No he would prefer the higher chair but he wants to keep up the front that he’s a big guy.

Diane: Right. We’ll keep that between us. His chair has a writing desk attached to it. What is he going to do with that?

Marc: More on that later.

Diane: Marc the first guest just said we can call him Henri? Who is the last guest Marc?

Marc: This guest might upset the fixtures a bit because it’s a big, very big energy!

Diane: I recognize this energy! It’s UE! Marc so all of our guests are here. I’m dying to see what HC is writing!!

Marc: So our first guest is known by the alias Henri. Can you tell our readers who you are and why you are with us tonight?

Henri: Oui! Bien sur!

Diane: Oh gosh Marc. If he is going to speak in French, I’m a goner. Can he translate into English, please?

Henri: Yes I can Diane. I can communicate in any language that you have on your earth and even some beyond.

Diane: I appreciate that very much!

Henri: My pleasure dear Lady.

Diane: Well you are a charmer that’s for sure! So who are you, Henri? I think that you are saying that you are an “Energy Coordinator”? He oversees how our energy will align and work together when we are planning a physical incarnation.

Henri: Yes Diane. That is my chosen profession and it is an honor to be able to be of service.

Diane: Yes this seems very important!

Marc: Can you tell us how you go about doing what you do?

Henri: Oui. When one plans an incarnation, you gather about yourself energy that you wish to work with. It is, at first, a puzzle, and to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit, you would turn to someone like myself.

Marc: What happens if the energy doesn’t pair up?

Henri: I would work with the energies and see if we could work it out or I might make alternate suggestions.

Diane: Okay, so let me get this straight. Let’s use me as an example just to make it easy. I know that I have five energies that are combined to make Diane. Now let’s say I go to you pre-incarnation and say, this is the plan do you foresee any problems with us fitting into and working in a human body?

You are saying that first, all the energies have to be primed to work in a human body and they have to make sure that once they are joined, that it basically won’t explode. They are telling me that you might hear about someone who just doesn’t feel comfortable in a human body. Now, this could manifest itself in various ways. Usually, it involves some form of self-destruction or high risk-taking. Sometimes, it even leads to suicide. They are telling me that it could be that the energies working together were not the best fit. I’m asking them if they wouldn’t have been cautioned about this? Wouldn’t it have been better to work with energies that meshed better?

Henri: Well sometimes the parts are never going to blend in such a way to make that existence comfortable. That could be one of the reasons that they are making this choice. The energies would know this ahead of time.

Diane: I’m seeing a group sitting in a large room with a screen and they are looking at a diagram of a human body. They are saying that those who might wish for a calmer existence, might be more apt to go with similar energies. On the other hand, they might want to shake things up and choose opposites. How often do we keep working with the same energies? Over and over again?

Henri: That all depends on what the ultimate goal is for that incarnation. If you have been joining with the same energies again and again, then you probably have a good idea of the result. There probably aren’t going to be many surprises.

Diane: How do you decide how many energies to work with? For instance, I have five but Marc has seven.

Henri: Well we caution about not having too many. You want to be able to accomplish what your main goals are and you don’t want to be ill-prepared. If you have too many energies, there can often be conflicts or personality challenges.

Diane: Well Marc, you had a lot going on as Marc so it would make sense that you wanted as many as possible.

I have to go over to HC and see what he is doing! He looks so involved. I don’t think he has noticed anything that we’ve said.

HC! What are you doing? He is saying that he is writing in his Marc Bolan tome. I can see words, music, and drawings! Are you going to speak with us HC?

HC: Well Diane, I’m not the only energy that made Marc so great.

Marc: I’m blushing!

Diane: HC so you are showing me all the work and preparation that went into Marc?

HC: That’s right! He’s all here Diane. A masterpiece.

Marc: Stop already!

Diane: Now Big HC, you were asleep for a while right after Marc passed back to spirit. He woke you up about two weeks ago. I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know you. You and Marc have been going on all these wonderful outings – boat rides, going to amusement parts, walking in nature. I might add that you’ve had complete outfits on every occasion.

HC: Yeah Diane, it’s been a gas, hasn’t it! I’m being pseudo-physical again and it’s been a lark.

Diane: For the first week, you were taking it easy though. A bunch of naps as I recall? You even had a bunny stuffed animal.

HC: I had to adapt my wake-up, Diane. I wouldn’t have been able to start functioning without it.

Diane: Why?

HC: Well because I’m still a very precious part of Marc and I wouldn’t want to do anything that would harm him.

Diane: You are so sweet! I’ve already told our readers about you a bit HC.

HC: Yeah I know.

Diane: So what was it like being part of Marc Bolan?

HC: I’m still part of Marc Bolan, Diane. You used past tense.

Diane: Oh so sorry! Okay, what is it like being part of Marc Bolan? Can you describe it?

HC: Marc is very complex but simple at the same time.

Diane: Okay by “simple” I think you mean very open and honest.

HC: Among other things.

Diane: Marc you are pointing to your heart. You are saying that you are heart-centered at all times.

Marc: Yeah that’s where I’m coming from always Diane.

Diane: I know that.

So HC, Marc woke you up recently. Can you tell us why? He has only alluded to a few things with me. I think that he wants to surprise me with something soon?

HC: That’s right Diane, he does. For him to surprise you, I had to be awake again.

Diane: So does some of these reasons have to do with Marc wanting to be more physical or the need to remember being physical?

HC: Marc doesn’t need to remember anything Diane. He is in current time.

Diane: Of course! So is one of the reasons for Marc to be able to access or get closer to the physical dimension.

HC: Yes that’s one of the reasons.

Diane: Can you share another?

HC looked at Marc.

HC: That’s all that I can say at this point.

Diane: HC you are still writing in your tome?

HC: Diane, I have to because as you can see, Marc is still with us. His story hasn’t stopped yet. I have to keep composing.

Diane: Marc what do you think of all of this?

Marc: I’m used to it.

Diane: Well for the past few weeks, I’ve seen you and HC holding hands and were never out of each other’s sight. They are a great fit right Henri?

Henri: Marc and HC work very well together oui.

Marc: Okay I think it’s time to bring on our next guest.

Diane: Marc so we’ve talked a bit about Universal Energy. UE would you also be part of non-physical things?

UE is saying that they do work with anything that is currently in a physical state on earth but this particular energy that we’re speaking with now is more partial to any being that regenerates.

Marc, I think that UE is just going to channel right? I think that these massive energies prefer to work that way.

Marc: Yeah they prefer to not isolate themselves to present as an individual. It’s just not their thing.

Diane: UE is saying that for any physical life force to grow, heal, expand, it would need their assistance. So when you cut your hand, you need it to heal and you will be calling upon their help for this.

Marc: Its vibe is expansion, Diane.

Diane: Yes I can see that. So to have a physical life of any form on earth, this energy would have to be present. They are saying that they stay with the life from its start to when it passes back to spirit. How does that work?

I’m seeing in the planning stages, maybe you can help here Henri, you get the bits of energies that you want to work with. For two of mine that I’ve already met, they pretty much make up my personality including likes, dislikes, etc. So for a human, you would need at least one of those, and HC, and this Life Force. Would three be a minimum?

Henri: That would be on the low-end Diane but it would be doable.

Diane: You are telling me that it isn’t necessarily the number of energies involved, but their experience is very important. Henri told me that you could work with just three but they would need a good amount of experience behind them.

Marc, you have seven?

Marc: Yeah I have a lot going on with Marc, Diane. He has to be able to pull from a vast amount of knowledge and resources. In the physical, I wanted to have access to a wide variety of energies and I could do that because the ones that I worked with had that access.

Diane: That makes sense. Okay, Marc, I think that I’m coming to a close here. Can you please thank our guests for stopping by tonight?

HC are you going back with Marc now? Marc, I think that he enjoyed his little bit of freedom there for a while.

Marc: Yeah he did but I need him back with me now. He’s fine with it.

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April 23, 2021

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