Afterlife Q & A with Marc Bolan: Marc Writes Out His Responses

There is a lot of exciting things happening right now in the Bolan-Beaty Boogie camp! About a month ago, Marc began writing but it took a long time for each letter. He had to bring energy into my body for each one. We were lucky to get one or two sentences out an evening. Now, he can write just about as fast as I can. For practice, we have been asking each other questions and we thought it would be fun to post some of Marc’s responses.

But first….we are also working on Marc being able to speak. Right now, he is creating a space for us to do that. I’m not privy to how long it will take but he was a fast learner when it came to writing, so who knows?

If you’ve been reading our blog, you will already know that Marc awakened his human energy a few months ago. Obviously he hasn’t needed it again until now but he has said that in order to write and speak, that step was gonna be necessary.

A few days ago, I kept hearing “Dylan” and “Tangled”. I’m not that familiar with Dylan’s songs but knew he had one titled “Tangled up something”. Since Marc was saying this all day, I figured that he wanted to hear that song. I was right.

(Please excuse any cut off words. Marc is writing smaller on the page, but his writing is still pretty large. I will rewrite his response below.)


(You got it Diane! I want to hear Dylan through human ears again.)

Diane: Can’t you hear Dylan where you are now?


(I can hear Dylan here but it isn’t the same as when I was physical – different vibe.)

He said that as Dylan’s music was technically created in this frequency, it will be best to hear it in the physical. He mentioned that Dylan is a mega creator, like Elvis, Prince and himself so Dylan is bringing his music down from spirit.)

Diane: Dylan sure has taken on a big role this time hasn’t he?

Marc: One of the biggest in the world of music. He’s a genius in human form.

Diane: Well so are you!

Marc: He’s even bigger! I’m not saying one is better than the other, but he is a massive force.

Diane: Yeah just like Elvis.

Marc: Yeah Dylan and Elvis are pretty much in the same league here.

What Marc is doing now in order to create our speech space is moving my arms and hands in order to read the energy of the music. Sometimes, he follows what his guitar is doing and at others, the entire song. When I play Dylan and Elvis to him, he claps afterwards which is so sweet. He doesn’t do that after his own music so I can tell just how much their music means to him.

Diane: Marc are you enjoying listening to Elvis and Dylan? You are clapping afterwards and I think that is so sweet. You are hearing them well then right?

Marc: Yeah Diane, I am and I want to thank you for playing them for me. It’s taking me down memory lane that’s for sure.

Diane: Their music still  means a lot to you?

Marc: Well yeah sure Diane as it was the music that influenced me as Marc. I couldn’t listen to Elvis or Dylan enough. They were my idols. I loved them.

Diane: And then you became an influence for the musicians who came after you. I’m sure that means a lot to you too?

Marc: Yeah Diane, it means a great deal to me to step into their shoes to influence the musicians who came after me. It’s one of the reasons that I came down there as Marc – to be an influencer and to change the world. In my way, I think that I did.

Diane: Well you definitely changed the world of music and the lives of every teenager in the UK and Europe during the 1970s.

Marc: Yeah and then they forgot.

Diane: But they remembered again Marc! So I was listening to a Dylan interview last night (everything here now is Dylan this and that!) and he was talking about something that you’ve mentioned to me. That music made specifically with machines hasn’t any soul. I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with that. You’ve said that you need to really have whatever instrument you are using be one with your body and soul. That your energy has to go through it in order for the music to shine. Machines just can’t do it the same way.

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s how I’ve always felt. I mean, when I started playing music, there weren’t such things. It isn’t like I’m against technology in some things, but having a machine create music would never have been my bag. There isn’t a soul inside of a machine.

Diane: Okay Marc, so let’s share some of the practice writing sessions that we’ve been doing!

  1. Diane: What would you say to your fans who are sad that you have passed?


(Don’t be sad about my passing. I am very happy here. My music will always be with you.)

2. Diane: Do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans?


(Yeah thanks for remembering me and my music. It was  my gift of love to you.)

3. Diane: I’ve been watching some Dylan interviews and it seems fairly obvious that he doesn’t enjoy doing them. I can’t blame him in the least. I think it’s fascinating the human obsession with asking famous people what they think. Did you ever mind being interviewed?




(I didn’t mind normally being interviewed as that was an effective way of sharing Marc. I had spend my youth seeing my heroes in mags, so when I started being interviewed, I knew that my time was coming.)

4. Diane: What is your favorite color?


Scan7(Gold because it has a high vibration to it.)

5. Diane: How did you think of yourself as a guitar player?


(I felt that I was a good guitar player but not up to par with others – like Hendrix.)

6. Diane: What did you like to do in your spare time outside of music?


(I loved to read (or be read to) fantasy novels and escape to the realms outside the earth.)

7. Diane: How do you feel when you hear your songs now?


(I feel as I did while I was Mark (note the spelling of his real name) – brillant! Every song is filled with Marc love.)

Marc pointed out to me that he knew when he was physical that he was pulling these creations from other sources. Now he knows that he was working with several different energies. He sees Marc as a joint collaboration and feels that Marc’s success can be shared by them all.

8. Diane: Who were you in your life previous to Marc and when did you pass over? Scan2

(I was a British soldier. I died in 1933 in Dublin.)

9. Diane: How did you feel once you passed over as Marc?


(I was relieved to be home but was going to miss playing my songs before (an) audience.)

10. Diane: Did you enjoy sports? Scan4

(No I wasn’t a keen sports person. My priority was music.)

11. Diane: What did you enjoy most from performing live?


(I loved the love that I felt from the audience. It was addictive.)

12. Diane: Did you like nature? Scan10

(I loved nature because it brought me into contact with the universe.)

13. Diane: Do you have any plans for another physical incarnation?Scan11

(No plans for another physical incarnation.)

14. Diane: What was your working style as Marc?


(I was a perfectionist as Marc. It didn’t have to take long but I had to be happy with it.)

15. Diane: If you could come down into the physical for one evening, would you do another concert? Scan13

(I wouldn’t come down (to) do another concert because the fans would miss me all over again.)

16. Diane: Who was your greatest inspiration as Marc? Scan5

(My greatest inspiration as Marc Bolan was Marc Bolan.)

17. Diane: How tall were you as Marc and what are you always saying to me about your feet? Scan16

(5 feet 3 inches. My feet were to(o) large for my little body.)

18. Diane: Describe the afterlife in five words.


(Cozy Peaceful Fulfilling Absolute Love)

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

June 9, 2021

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