Bolan-Beaty Boogie’s Taker Caper and We Head Back to the Class Room


Diane: Marc has been writing out some very interesting things lately. A few nights ago, he was talking about my graduation, but I couldn’t fathom what I might be graduating from? In addition, I would be changing out some of my guides soon.

Now you know that I LOVE my guides. Marc and I are a special team, but he is still playing the role of a guide for me. I have many amazing guides and I couldn’t be doing this work without them. I speak with them every day (have even been known to give them aura healings) and tell them how grateful I am that they are working with me.

So…even if you may not be familiar with your guides, know that they are there. They love to be acknowledged, so if you feel so inclined, thank them for all the work they do for you (and believe me, they do A LOT)!

Diane: So Marc, very interesting…you told me that I will be updating my Taker guide who is the spirit who helps me move from one frequency to the next. You are saying that the one I have now has taken me as far as he can go. Are you there Marc?

Marc: Yeah Diane, sure I’m here. Yeah, that’s right. You will be updating your Taker within the next week.

Diane: I’m getting the impression that I will be updating more than one guide soon, is that correct? Also that there will be someone who will facilitate these changes?

Marc: Yeah!

Diane: So another guide will also be coming on board?

Marc: Yeah that’s right. A new one whom you haven’t worked with before.

Diane: Would these changes be coming about because of Jamie’s class?

Marc: Yes they would.

Diane: As Marc knows, I’ve signed up to take Jamie Butler’s Trance Channeling course which starts in about a week. I’m so excited! I haven’t worked with Jamie before and it will be great to find out how she channels. It’s hard to find anyone who wants to teach this kind of material but she is really into it. I can see her teaching guides and they are a mighty force I can tell you! I see them lined up in a row and they are shining! Very powerful beings! I can’t wait to work with them!

I’ve been asking Spirit to send something like this my way for a while. It’s interesting to find out how other mediums work and I’ll be exposed to like-minded people and their experiences. Fun! At first, I read “homework” in the course description. Even though channelling is about the only subject that would get me back in a classroom setting, “homework” harkened me back to my college days. I wasn’t fond of homework. For any course, of course, it’s necessary because you have to practice what you are learning. Marc said that he would help me with my homework so that spurred me on.

Marc, I’m getting that these new arrivals will enhance the experience that I’ll get working with Jamie?


(We are going to see changes when her (Jamie’s) team comes on board but we still need to continue on our own.)

Marc: Yeah Diane that’s it in a nutshell. (Marc has been saying that a lot lately.) New opportunities will be arriving.

Diane: Well I knew that I wanted to take this course, but I put off signing up for a few weeks. Is that because of change or commitment?

Marc: It was a bit of both Diane. Working with new guides can be exciting, but there is a learning curve. You wanted to make sure that you were ready.

Diane: Makes sense. I’m not quite sure yet who will be coming aboard. What does a Taker do?

Marc: Well a Taker is a key element in helping you cross from one frequency to the next. They are specialized in bridging gaps in energy frequency levels.

Diane: Oh so I’m not doing it on my own?

Marc: Yeah man, I mean, you are but your Taker would be key in showing you how to go about it. Without your Taker, it would be harder to find the way on your own. That’s their purpose.

Diane: Interesting. Everyone has Takers I’m assuming?

Marc: Well they can go by different titles, but Taker is the most common. Yeah, sure everyone has Takers. Some change them out and some stick with the same one if they don’t need to change. If a spirit doesn’t feel the need to update its frequency, then it won’t need to work with them.

Diane: So I’m changing mine because of Jamie’s class?

Marc: That is the catalyst, Diane. You will need to update your Taker to work at Jamie’s frequency level.

Diane: Okay I get what you are saying. I could work with Jamie and her guides where I’m at now, but I planned to work at a higher frequency and need to be prepared for it. That’s why you’ve been saying that we needed to get up to speed lately and we’ve been working a bit longer than the norm.

Marc: Yeah right. If you started working with Jamie without updating your guides (and yourself), you would be slightly off course.

Diane: Now I’m seeing that someone will be there for the handoff right to make it more seamless.

Marc: Yeah Diane, there is always a guide who transitions one guide out when another one starts.

Diane: Do they have a title?


(They will arrive to do the honors for your graduation Diane)

Marc: Yeah Changers.

Diane: Really?

Marc: Yeah their main job is to handle these kinds of transitions. They have to make sure that the new guide will be a fit with the energy in place.

Diane: But haven’t we figured this out already in Spirit?

Marc: Well yeah, of course, you’ve met them in Spirit, but as I’ve said before, what you plan in Spirit and what is playing out in the physical can be slightly or wholly different. Well, it isn’t usually wholly different if your guides are keeping you on your track, but it all depends on what the spirit has decided to do. You don’t have to listen to your guides.

Diane: Can you tell me more about a Taker?

Marc: Yeah, I mean, if you are looking to transition to a higher frequency, your Taker is going to be the one who assists you with that. They are trained to work within certain parameters. If the spirit has outgrown those frequencies and is ready to move up, then the Taker has to be updated as well.

Diane: Okay so let’s say that a spirit finds him or herself working at a certain frequency and plans to move up. They have their Taker lined up to help them but then they never do it. That Taker would still need to be waiting in the wings somewhere right in case they changed their minds?

Marc: Well to some degree. I mean, the Taker is going to know whether or not their services are going to be needed. They agreed to assist, so yeah, they would have to make themselves available if the spirit changes their mind. You wouldn’t be able to go back on a promise unless all were in agreement. The law of the land.

The next night, I asked Marc what was on the agenda and he said that it was time to meet my new guides. I was excited but a bit apprehensive. It’s a big step! Turns out that I had more surprises coming at me than I realized!

Diane: Okay Marc, so you’re saying that it’s time to transition my Taker?

Marc: Yeah Diane, now would be a good time to do it. Energy looks good. Are you ready for this?

Diane: This IS kind of sudden but I’m ready. I don’t know what to expect but my new motto is “Don’t expect anything!”

Marc: Yeah, it’s more just a ceremony but it’s a very important one.


(Takers show us how to go from one frequency to the next.)

Diane: Where do we start?

Marc: Can you meet me where the ceremony is going to take place? Do you see it?

Diane: Yes! I see a podium in the middle of some clouds and roped off fences on either side. Is that right?

Marc: If that’s how you are seeing it, Diane.

Diane: OMG I hear some trumpets playing a fanfare!

Marc: It’s tradition.

Diane: I see figures coming up along all sides. Some of them look like judges – in robes with long white wigs. I know that my guide team is among them. Is the podium for speech making?

Marc: Saying it again Diane…tradition.

Diane: So I see a figure standing on my left behind the rope and another figure on the other end behind the other rope. They are both fuzzy to me now. Now I’m getting that several different guides are going to be changing over. My Taker and then another guide will be coming on board. Someone is coming up to the podium now Marc!

Marc: That’s the Official Official.

Diane: Right! This is the spirit who oversees this process. You told me about him. Many guides show themselves with white hair. I’m assuming to show experience. He motions me to come over to him.

He waves his hand to the left towards my departing guides and to the right to signal in my new guides. He shakes my hand and then I hear cheering from the crowds! Wow, this must be a big deal!

I see my old guides turn around and leave. I hope they aren’t hurt. I’m being told that they aren’t, of course. They agreed to work with me up to a certain point and now they are free to assist others.

Now the Official Official is motioning me over to where my new guides are standing and Marc is there too! Marc motions me to come over and meet my new guides. He is so cute. He’s dressed in hot pink satin and looks quite the charmer. He says this is a special occasion!


(Very important. This is part of the upgrade Diane. That’s as far as they (my other guides) could take you.)

The Official Official unhooks the rope and I see a young man approaching. He is very handsome, with dark chestnut hair and wearing a burgundy robe trimmed in fur. He tells me that his name is Lucan and is pleased to meet me. (I looked up the name Lucan and it means “Light”). I tell him that I’m very pleased to meet him and know that we will all have great fun working together. I am very grateful that he has chosen to work with me and he nods.

Okay, so Lucan is a channeler guide. I don’t see the exchange between the Taker guides but I’m told they go hand in hand. I ask Lucan how he likes to work.

Lucan: I’m adaptable to work in many different methods and we will see how we feel together as time goes on.

Diane: Lucan is saying that he is, of course, already familiar with how Marc and I work.

The Official Official comes over and puts his hands on both Lucan’s and my shoulders, nods and he takes his leave of the scene. It’s official!

This is so exciting because it’s a new team. Although I’m not sure quite yet how Lucan works, his presence is very strong. His role within the team will be very important.

Marc: Yeah Diane he will be. He may not be working upfront with us all the time, but he will be a vital force going forwards. (This was last night and so far this morning, Lucan was front and centre at my guide meeting so that is great news! He is very eager to start work.)

Diane: Lucan, you are familiar with the Bolan-Beaty studio where Marc and I sometimes work?

Lucan: Why yes, Diane, I am. Marc has taken me there and showed me the layout.

Diane: Great! So I’m assuming that you are up to date on all of our adventures and posts? What do you think of them?

Lucan smiled.

Lucan: I feel that you and Marc are bringing forward inspiring information but in a fun way that many people will relate to. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to come on board.

Diane: Really?

Lucan: Yes I will enjoy the format that you work in, and I’ll blend in quite well.

Diane: I’m sure that you will. So where do we start Lucan? I don’t remember having such a formal ceremony for meeting a guide. I know that Marc has told me that your arrival is extra special for several reasons but most importantly, to raise my frequency so that Marc and I can do more with our trance channelling.

Lucan: It was Diane. As Marc mentioned, if you hadn’t done this transition before your lessons started, you would have been at a disadvantage.

Diane: Right and by disadvantage, you are saying that I would have been fine but this way, new opportunities will be available to me.

Marc, you are showing me an Oscar? Is that for me? I know in the past, you’ve given me gold stars but this seems extra special?

Marc: Yeah Diane, that’s right. That’s why the ceremony happened as it did.

Diane: Well you told me that I had a graduation coming up. I’m not sure what this all entails, but I’m very excited. So how would this play out for someone who isn’t working as closely with their guides and on a name to name basis with them?

Marc: Well Diane, it might happen in the same way, but they probably wouldn’t know it at the human level. They could feel lighter in their step, notice that they are perceiving “Spirit” more etc.

Diane: Right so you are telling me that they might start picking up more psychic type happenings, and feel their perception about things is more acute. They could feel a closer bond to the earth and/or with other people, maybe see a more positive outlook on their lives. It depends on the individual.

Marc: Yeah Diane. Whether or not you can perceive these transitions isn’t as important as the effect it has on you afterwards.

Diane: So Lucan, what’s our first steps? Do new guides get a 30-day trial period to see if they want to stick around? I mean, as adorable as Marc and I are, you deserve an out if you want it.

Lucan: That won’t be necessary Diane. I’ve done my homework.

Diane: Marc told me that you have a great deal of experience so we are very excited to have you with us.

Lucan: Thank you, Diane. That is very generous of you.

Diane: So if our readers aren’t used to working this closely with their guides but want to start, any advice for them? I know that this is more than we can cover in this post but just a few ideas? They are saying it’s imperative to already be meditating and in a good place for the best energies to happen.

Okay, so they are telling me a good place to start is to acknowledge your guides – yes that they exist. Open up to meeting their energy. Ask them to step forward and introduce themselves. You will probably feel either a male or female presence because guides know that will make us feel more comfortable. Then you can ask for a name.

Now I’ve read in books that often recommend that you envision steps leading up to your guide and then a door. Now I get the steps leading up because you will have to raise your frequency to connect with them on a more personal basis. But what I think happens is that many might take this to mean that guides are elevated or more important than we are. I think that when I first started, I felt that and it made them seem a bit unapproachable to me. I did put them on a pedestal. Now, of course, I realize what rubbish that is. They might be focused in a different frequency, but we are all the same. Guides don’t want to be considered above us in any way. That will not put you on a equal footing with them.

So set your intention to work with the highest frequency guides that you can (which also means experienced to me) and see who shows up! You are already working with guides so you might as well get to know them better. It truly helps your working relationship with them and is so much fun! I can’t tell you how often I almost leave the house when  Richard, my guide who helps keep my day to day stuff going, reminds me of something I’ve forgotten.

Later that evening…

Diane: Wow Marc that was a thrilling experience! I’ve met new guides before but not like this. I guess it’s because it was a double whammy right? I was meeting new guides but also graduating to new frequencies?

Marc: Yeah this was extra special Diane. Working at new frequencies is right around the corner for you. You’re gonna be grooved!

© Bolan-Beaty Boogie

July 29, 2021


(We are in the process of speaking and being able to communicate at higher frequencies.)


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